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About the Software Division

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The Software Division provides a forum for companies developing the applications, services, infrastructure and tools that are driving the software and services industry forward. Through the division, executives of member companies meet to brainstorm, collaborate, and discuss the industry's latest challenges. The division's many programs offer excellent vehicles for companies to develop partnerships, boost their profile, and gain strategic insight on key issues.

Working Agenda
Through the Software Division, executives from companies large and small, public and private, come together in various working groups, committees and forums to address strategic issues facing their companies. The results: industry-leading best practices, guidelines, case studies, standards and development opportunities. The working agenda evolves in conjunction with industry trends and at the direction of members.

Industry Trends & Information
SIIA works with companies on the cutting-edge of the industry. That allows us to provide a comprehensive picture of the evolving digital landscape. Through bulletins, strategic research, member events and other information resources, the Software Division keeps members up-to-date on key issues and provides a rich array of exclusive resources.

Strategic Consulting & Research
As an advocate for the entire industry, SIIA closely monitors critical trends and issues. That puts our staff in great position to provide members with valuable insights into market shifts and new opportunities. Our Research Department keeps members up-to-date on how and where to find information on key topics, saving members time and money.

Networking & Partnerships
The Software Division members encompass the entire breadth of industry's ecosystem, creating an environment that fosters networking and ultimately the partnerships that drive business. In no other locale do companies find such a range of potential partners. SIIA staff can make key introductions as appropriate.

Advocate for Industry
Working with the SIIA government affairs and anti-piracy staff, the division is a leading advocate on policy issues before governments and regulatory organizations around the globe. The division provides policymakers the "industry perspective" as they develop policy and enact law. SIIA also provides members with key information and update on fast-evolving legal and regulatory issues.

Why Should You be a Member?
Simply put, SIIA is where the action is. Our members form a global consortium of companies at the fore of the software and services industry. From the largest firm to the smallest start-up, members have the edge in finding the information, collaboration and alliances that can propel them forward. Shouldn't you get involved?