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Mobile Essentials Webinar Series

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Mobile Essentials is a new webinar series brought to you by the SIIA. It is dedicated to helping individuals understand the strategies and tactics of mobile first publishing specifically for publishers, media companies and information services providers. This series is produced by the SIIA’s Business & Niche Information group – the Content, SIPA and ABM divisions - & the SIIA’s Software Division. Below is a calendar of events within this series. The best part - its FREE to Members.


August 15 - Mobile Essentials: Making the Business Case

Why move to mobile? It sounds like an obvious question, but when you are in the B2B information business --- it’s not. While you may have optimized your website for mobile, getting your customers and/or readers to adopt mobile applications is a completely different story. During these challenging times, you can’t invest time, money and energy in mobile products without a solid business case. So how does a publisher know it’s time? There has to be a better reason than “everyone is doing it.”

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September 19 - Mobile Essentials: Monetization and Business Models

There are currently 1.5 billion mobile users in the world. Internet traffic from mobile devices is increasing 150% each year. It's more likely that a visitor is accessing your web site via a mobile device than a computer. The need to be on mobile effectively is clear. How to do so is less clear. Are you mobile-first, or mobile-second? How do you integrate your mobile platforms into your overall business models and strategy? Free, paid, freemium, advertising - which pricing model is right? What are the most common operational challenges and how do you best address them? Please join our webinar "Mobile Essentials: Monetization and Business Models" to discuss several case studies presented by industry veterans that will inform and enlighten your mobile strategic plans.

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October 24 - Mobile Essentials: Understanding Your Mobile Customers/Readers

Who is viewing your content on mobile and when? Are they getting the service they expect? What data can you use to see how the content is viewed and make the user experience better? This webinar will discuss the types of analytics available, and how they can be used strategically to improve your business.

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December 19 - Mobile Essentials: Technology Primer

The days of the digital edition are over. Creating a successful mobile product requires understanding the full spectrum of tools that are available to support content, design, subscriptions, data and advertising, not just flowing existing content into a mobile environment. Join us for an easy-to-understand primer on the technologies that unlock the full potential of the mobile platform, from the basics of getting started to tools that streamline the content flow while still capitalizing on the native capabilities of apps; audience and performance analytics; design tools that not only optimize user experience but also preserve advertising impressions; and social media monitoring and community tools that take the user experience beyond just smartphones and tablets. Bonus: If 2013 was the year of responsive design, what’s around the corner for 2014?

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January 16 - Mobile Essentials: Case Studies

It remains early days for mobile media in b-to-b yet already our marketplace is filled with groundbreaking examples of serving customers in new and valuable ways on smartphone and tablets. See the best of the best in business information and media from companies both big and small, from cutting edge, multi-media apps that are redesigning the concept of “magazine” to utility apps that offer customers critical on-demand data and information to SMS and texting services that are jump-starting the social experience on mobile.

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