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There are numerous ways to get in involved in the Education Division of SIIA: Participate in webinars, speak at a conference or an event, help mentor innovative companies, contribute to our publications, and nominate your products for CODiE Awards.

SIIA's Committees and Working Groups are a great way to: get involved, leverage your membership, stay in the know, and get to know your peers. Participants work closely with leaders from other companies to create initiatives that address priority issues facing the ed tech industry. The Education Division Board of Directors has named the following committees and working groups to address the Division's priorities in 2014:

2013 Education Division Committees

2013 Education Division Working Groups:


Industry Surveys
Vision K-20
SIIA's Education Division member companies are the providers of the software application, digital content, and other technology tools that are essential for education in the 21st Century. The SIIA Vision K-20 Initiative promotes the best uses of technology to ensure that all U.S. students have access to a teaching and learning environment capable of preparing them to compete globally and lead the world in innovation.

Market Surveys
The U.S. Educational Technology Market: PreK-12 report is an annual vendor study conducted by the SIIA's Education Division in order to measure the size, scale, and ongoing trends in the U.S. institutional market for educational software and digital content/resources. Here, we limit our definition of the market to digital content, educational software, and related technology products and online services used both in and outside of the classroom, including professional development, but excluding hardware. This survey examines those results in the context of the larger policy, funding, and technology industry environments.