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Content Division Member Benefits

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SIIA's Content Division provides a forum for companies that publish and distribute online content, or offer technologies and services that facilitate the licensing, presentation, and distribution of digital information products. The division works with its members to develop effective approaches to emerging issues and to produce deliverables of special interest to the membership.

Content Division—Benefits of Membership

  • Thought Leadership
    Leverage thought leadership opportunities to drive industry issues and strengthen company credibility and positioning.
  • Best Practices
    Learn how leaders in the industry are addressing common challenges and leverage their collective expertise, while vetting your own practices against the larger industry community.
  • Access to the Financial Community
    Build connections with VCs, M&A experts, bankers, and accountants so you know the right people when it comes time to take your business to the next level.
  • Business Development and Networking
    Meet potential and existing partners and customers, and industry peers.
  • Strategic Intelligence
    Surpass the competition by getting early insight into emerging business models, the latest trends, and innovative companies impacting the content industry.
  • Visibility and Branding
    Raise the profile of your company, its leadership, and your products within the content community and its extended ecosystem.
  • Public Policy/Advocacy
    Let SIIA serve as your company's eyes and ears on legal and regulatory issues at the global, national and state levels.
  • Intellectual Property Protection
    Your business is distributing information; SIIA's business is protecting it.