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SIIA Logos

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Looking for for SIIA Anti-Piracy logos and banners?

Color breakdowns for SIIA logo:

Silver: C|0 - M|0 - Y|0 - K|40; Pantone 877; R|152 - G|153 - B|1553; #999999
Blue: C|100 - M|68 - Y|0 - K|12; Pantone 287; R|12 - G|46 - B|130; #003399



SIIA logo for Print Use:

Download SIIALogoVarietyPack.eps with assortment of logos (1.17 MB)
Download SIIALogoVarietyPack.pdf with assortment of logos (269 KB)



SIIA logo for Web Use:

Click your right mouse button over the image of your choice below and choose the "save as" option to save the image to your hard drive or network.
Associated HTML link:
<a href="" target="_top"><IMG SRC="file name here" WIDTH="pixel width here" HEIGHT="pixel height here" alt="Software & Information Industry Association"></a>
(Replace blue fields with appropriate file names and numbers.)

SIIA Logo, no text (64x64 pixels; black.gif, blue.gif, silver.gif)

Software & Information Industry Association Software & Information Industry Association Software & Information Industry Association

SIIA Logo, with text (225x75 pixels; text_left.gif, text_right.gif)

Software & Information Industry Association Software & Information Industry Association

SIIA Logo, with text & web address (225x75 pixels; web_address.gif)

Software & Information Industry Association

SIIA Logo, with text & street address (225x75 pixels; street_address.gif)

Software & Information Industry Association



By downloading, copying or otherwise reproducing the SIIA LOGO, you agree to be bound by the following: SIIA owns all rights in the SIIA LOGO, which is protected by copyright and other laws. The SIIA LOGO is licensed, not sold. SIIA grants you a non-exclusive license to reproduce the SIIA LOGO on your World Wide Web Site and in printed publications or advertisements and to distribute on packaging for disk based software so that interested parties may be linked to, or receive additional information from, SIIA about SIIA's programs and services. You agree not to make any other uses of the SIIA LOGO. You agree that you will not use the SIIA LOGO with any other logo or title, nor will you incorporate the SIIA LOGO in any other design, or in any way that alters, distorts, mutilate, or otherwise modify, or in any way make a derogatory use its meaning, including but not limited to falsely suggesting a connection with, sponsorship of, or endorsement of any company, entity, organization, product, service or individual. You agree the legal notices now incorporated in the SIIA LOGO will appear in any copy of the SIIA LOGO you will reproduce, distribute, display or otherwise use. The SIIA LOGO is provided as is without any warranty of any kind, either express or implied, and the risk arising out of the use of the SIIA LOGO remains with you. SIIA may, at its sole will and discretion, terminate your right to use the SIIA LOGO.