Software Boards & Councils


Software Division Board
The Software Division Board of Directors is comprised of twenty-one individuals, who shall be elected or appointed and serve in their individual capacities. The Software Board represents the voice of the full-member firms in the Software Division. All programs and initiatives shall be developed and approved by the Software Board.

Public Sector Innovation Group
Kicking off in early 2012, the Public Sector Innovation Group is made up of members with an interest in government procurement. The broad adoption of cloud technologies across the Federal Government is changing the traditional procurement process. Technology companies of all types need to keep abreast of these changes, work with key Federal guiding agencies such as NIST, OMB and GSA, as well as Federal CIOs towards implementation of effective procurement policies and practices.

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Mobile Enterprise Committee
The SIIA Mobile Software Committee was formed to address the business issues of software companies entering and growing in the mobile marketplace. The explosion in mobile platforms has profound implications on how software and services should be delivered. The committee's mission is to guide businesses in building & delivering apps, managing & measuring their infrastructure, and demystifying the process of selling through carriers & app stores.

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