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Recognizes the best search technology that delivers added context to end users and drives a more productive, intuitive search experience by leveraging ontologies, taxonomies, semantic analytics, text data mining and industry or application specific concepts across data, text, geography and time for both structured and unstructured content sets. The category includes enterprise search, insight engines, knowledge discovery, enhanced discoverability, and cognitive computing.

Nexis Newsdesk, LexisNexis / RELX Group - LexisNexis / RELX Group

Nexis Newsdesk is an all-in-one media monitoring and analytics solution designed to help PR and communication professionals discover actionable insights with the most comprehensive, global content collection in the industry. Offering access to both licensed and open web content newspapers, websites, broadcast news sources, blogs and social media from a simple interface, Newsdesk improves visibility of media coverage and uncovers business-critical intelligence. The broad range of content allows organizations to monitor what's being said in near real-time ensuring quick, agile responses to trends and crises. Plus, Newsdesk simplifies analyzing complex data sets then visualizes findings in easy-to-digest charts and graphs that can be shared using alerts, customizable newsletters and live, embeddable charts into a company portal or Web site. At its core, Newsdesk empowers users to search and analyze, but its power is in helping professionals make faster, more informed decisions that drive value for their businesses. Newsdesk users can quickly and easily uncover competitive intelligence, measure campaign coverage & share of voice, monitor media sentiment & reputation, and uncover industry hot topics and opportunities. We're proud of what our users are saying: An excellent resource for keeping us up-to-date with our clients, competitors, projects and opportunities. It gives you up-to-the-minute information from trusted sources, which is invaluable.

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  • Practical Guidance for Market Trends and Standards - LexisNexis Group

    Practical Guidance for Market Trends and Standards provides a repository of summaries for publicly filed deals with powerful data visualization tools to compare terms and features across multiple deals and provide quick access to the underlying public documents of public deals. See a more complete and up-to-date picture of the market with a data-driven practical guidance solution that offers a deeper dive into transaction provisions, equipping your search with greater precision than other M&A deal analyzers. -Tap into More Content - This M&A attorney solution mines 33,000 deals and posts new deals within 48 hours of public filing with the SEC, giving you a truer view of the market and faster access to the latest information. Get a deeper dive into transaction provisions with over 150 deal points, equipping you with a more granular view than other M&A deal databases. -Harness Powerful Search Capabilities - Access intuitive deal point organization and filter your results at the level of detail you need including industry, deal size, agreement type, deal structure, earn-out metrics, escrow types, and more. Easily access pre-identified, granular deal points to extract on-point language for your deal. -Compare M&A Deals in One View - See deal points across transactions side-by-side to quickly examine the same agreement provisions across multiple deals. With the flexible manipulation of results, pinpoint deals comparable to your transaction for more effective M&A negotiating.
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