Best Corporate / Enterprise Learning Solution

Recognizes the best platform, service or provider that supports the efforts of organizations (business, government, academia) to educate employees about specific knowledge that aids in the successful execution of an employee's job. Includes applications that educate on internal processes, practices, expectations and objectives of workplace assignments. The successful platform helps organizations train, develop, and engage their staff from onboarding through talent development, coaching and mentoring, often offering certifications and/or badges for completion.

Accenture Future Talent Platform , Accenture - Accenture

Accenture's Future Talent Platform is a transformation powering platform which due to the huge success and track record at many transformation projects is fast becoming an anchoring element and a default change and talent management component in many deals. Easy to deploy, integrate and use, the software as a service can reskill and upskill resources at speed and scale.

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  • CapsimInbox Authoring Platform, Capsim Management Simulations Inc - Capsim Management Simulations Inc

    The CapsimInbox Authoring Platform is a Software-as-a-Service (Saas) solution that enables academic and corporate authors, instructional designers, and learning and development professionals to create Inbox Microsimulations. These day-in-the-life experiences provide learners a hands-on way to practice soft and technical skills in a real-world context without the risk. Each microsimulation is self-directed and customized to the needs of the learner. Learners typically assume the role of an employee at a real or fictitious company. As learners interact with other characters and gather information, they must face and respond to situations through emails and instant messages. With every reply, CapsimInbox assesses pre-defined skills. After completing the simulation (typically 15-45 minutes in length), learners receive immediate and actionable feedback based on their performance. Included in the feedback report is:

    • an overall score as a percentile, comparing the learner's performance to others who have completed the assessment
    •  a developmental index demonstrating the proficiency and consistency of the learner's performance
    • a skill-gap analysis visually comparing self-ratings on each skill with proficiency levels determined by the simulation. With CapsimInbox, educators can turn any course or program into an experiential learning opportunity that engages learners and provides the practical experience and feedback needed for career success.
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    CFA Institute Learning Ecosystem - CFA Institute

    The CFA Institute is a global association of investment professionals that sets the standard for professional excellence and credentials with more than 178,000 members in 162 global markets. The chartered financial analyst is one of the most strenuous and highly regarded financial designations that has a rigorous examination. However, the CFA Institute was grappling with low adoption rates, high drop-off rates, and elevated test anxiety and needed a way to improve the candidate experience by pivoting to a fully digital experience by partnering with BenchPrep. With CFA's Institute Learning Ecosystem, studying for high-stakes financial exams is easier, faster, and more personalized than ever before. Candidates have convenient, on-the-go access to personalized study plans -- whether they're studying on their phones, tablets, or desktops with offline mobile access. Study plans serve up tasks, curriculum, study tools, and a countdown to exam day. Candidates can monitor performance, identify strengths and weaknesses to plan accordingly, and choose from an adaptive or structured plan based on personal preferences. User-friendly digestible lessons with features like bookmarks, highlighting, flashcards, and notes help to make the learning experience more interactive. Candidates can also take complete mock exams to assess their readiness. Interacting with peers is made easy with discussion boards and a game center where students can test their knowledge against other learners. Since its inception, the program has seen nearly 5 million candidate activities with a 4.6/5 star average rating.

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  • 'The Generator' Course Authoring Technology - Global eTraining

    Global eTraining’s 'The Generator' is a collaborative course authoring technology that allows organizations to capture and transfer knowledge by building and customizing eTraining, workflows, and processes.


    'The Generator' is a collaborative course authoring technology that allows organizations to capture and transfer knowledge by building and customizing eTraining, workflows, and processes.


    ‘The Generator’ remains the most flexible course authoring solution available, allowing users to:

    Build Any Course

    • Create interactive training with a simple to use drag-and-drop course builder
    • Build content from any starting point (Adobe Captivate, PowerPoint, .CSV Template, Global eTraining, or from scratch!)
    • Translate into over 25 languages
    Learn Any Way
    • Automatically create a personalized learner interface
    • Include interactive elements to drive learner engagement and comprehension
    • Toggle between dark and light mode for visual preferences
    • Leverage custom learning paths for competency based training
    Share Anywhere
    • Distribute content freely with complete control
    • Access a fully functional learning management system (LMS), complete with administrator tools and API access
    • Publish on any LMS with SCORM compliant files
    • Access automatically published content and course updates regardless of the LMS
    Measure Everything
    • Access all data from course content built with ‘The Generator’, monitored and displayed on robust reporting dashboards via PowerBi
    • Measure ROI and make data-driven decisions with complete visibility and tracking
    ‘The Generator’ offers easy-to-build, professional-grade course authoring tools, designed to support multiple learning styles, extreme customization and ultimately maximize learner engagement, comprehension, and retention on-the-go. 


    There is simply nothing you can’t build with ‘The Generator’.


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    MobyMax - Best Corporate/Enterprise Learning Solution , MobyMax - MobyMax

    MobyMax has been a pioneer in harnessing emerging technology solutions to help students learn twice as fast. Since its inception eight years ago, MobyMax's suite of digital tools and unusual differentiated learning/blended learning model have enabled students to consistently gain more than one full grade level after just 20 hours of work.


    The company has developed the only complete and comprehensive K-8 curriculum for 27 subjects, including math, reading, phonics, language, vocabulary, spelling, writing, science, social studies, and state test prep.


    Integrated and automated classroom tools save teachers precious hours with comprehensive assessments, grading and markup tools for writing, accurate diagnostics, IEP reporting, messaging, and real-time progress monitoring. This year, Moby released Assessments, allowing teachers to drill down to discrete skills to get an instant snapshot of where students are.


    MobyMax’s built-in incentives, such as badges and contests, encourage students to use the program at home. The interactive curriculum personalizes learning, allowing educators to combine face-to-face education with online learning and resulting in remarkable gains.


    The MobyMax differentiated learning/blended learning model enables students to learn twice as fast. In August 2018, a large-scale independent research study of 4,000 students concluded that students using MobyMax Math showed 53% more improvement than students in the control group who did not use MobyMax.


    MobyMax was recently recognized as a finalist for the 2020 SIIA CODiE Award for Best Corporate/Enterprise Learning Solution.


    MobyMax was the most awarded EdTech company in 2020, racking up 65 industry awards including the 2020 SIIA CODiE awards for Best Mathematics Instructional Solution for Grades PK-8, Best STEM Instructional Solution for Grades PK-8, Best Summative Assessment Solution, and Best Use of Emerging Technology for Learning in Education.


    MobyMax is used in more than 82% of all K-8 schools in the United States, with over 28 million students registered by teachers.


    Supporting demo or intro video link

    MobyMax Student-Driven Learning (4 min video):

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    Georgia students get a jump start on math at the beginning of the school year: 

    MobyMax Victories in ELA: 

    MobyMax Mastering Math Fast: 


    Case Studies:

    MobyMax Press Page:

    Research: In the first quarter of 2018, MobyMax conducted a large-scale experimental study with 4,000 students in 230 U.S. classrooms. The study showed that students who spent just 20 hours using MobyMax increased a full grade level more than students in the same classroom who did not use MobyMax.  

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