Best CRM Solution

Recognizes the best software solution designed to expand a company's knowledge about, and relationship with, its current or potential customers and/or partners. Includes CRM, PRM, SFA, marketing automation, personalization products and services.

Accenture Software for Consumer Goods (ASCG) Retail Execution (RE), Accenture - Accenture

Companies can craft unique experiences for consumers by connecting manufacturers with ecosystem partners and gaining relevance. Accenture Software for Consumer Goods (ASCG) Cloud Retail Execution (RE) provides a 360 degree view into retail execution management, cycle and visit planning, order taking, performance monitoring & more.

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  • AppFolio Investment Management - AppFolio

    AppFolio Investment Management is a smarter, all-in-one software solution designed for real estate investment management that empowers General Partners with flexible tools for fund and syndication management. The complex workflows that investment management includes require top-notch organization, but doing so effectively is a resource drain when handled manually. In a market that has traditionally been weighed down by manual processes with little automation, AppFolio Investment Management represents significant innovation in the industry by digitizing critical workflows.

    With AppFolio, investment managers benefit from a robust CRM system to streamline fundraising processes and better communicate with investors. AppFolio’s innovative CRM tools include an investment manager dashboard, investor database with important contact information and fundraising history, and communication tools that include document signing and sharing.

    From the investor perspective, they have 24/7 access to the self-service AppFolio Investor Portal to view at-a-glance dashboards of their investments, performance metrics, and important documents including K-1s.  

    This technology not only sets the stage for a much-improved investor experience but also streamlines the processes so that more time can be spent on strategic work instead of administrative tasks. In fact, real estate investment managers that use AppFolio Investment Management can reduce their fundraise time by up to 50%. 

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