Best Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Recognizes the Best CDP marketer-managed system that offers a persistent, unified customer database that is accessible to other systems. The winning CDP should create a comprehensive view of each customer by capturing data from multiple systems, linking information related to the same customer, and storing the information to track behavior over time. The CDP contains personal identifiers used to target marketing messages and track individual-level marketing results, offering marketing teams relevant insights needed to run marketing campaigns.

Amperity Customer Data Platform - Amperity

Amperity Customer Data Platform is purpose-built to solve the full spectrum of customer data challenges facing enterprise brands. Amperity is a multi-patented end-to-end platform with three distinct products.

AmpID is a complete first-party identity product with transparency and flexibility that is radical in the identity management category. AI-powered identity resolution creates a stable, universal first-party identity graph and then flexibly tunes it with critical features such as householding, data hygiene, and standardization for full utility across every use case. This graph is the foundation for accurate insights, personalization, and measurement.

Amp360 is a modern Customer 360 that gives every team across the enterprise real-time access to the customer data they need. Amp360 breaks down silos, expands audiences, and gives teams and systems direct access to holistic customer data, powering use cases from data science, analytics, and marketing, to customer success, finance, and compliance.

AmpIQ is a brand new point-and-click marketer hub for customer intelligence and omni-channel activation that drives immediate ROI gains. It has a complete suite of tools, comprising four components: Metrics & KPIs, Customer Insights, Predictions & Segments, and Campaigns & Measurement, representing the integration of technology and expertise from Amperity's 2019 acquisition of customer intelligence firm Custora.

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  • Treasure Data with Treasure Boxes 2.0, Treasure Data - ARM Treasure Data

    Treasure Data enterprise Customer Data Platform handles billions of data points—online, offline, and even from IoT devices—to create individual customer profiles. Unify data across your organization into one solution and discover realtime insights that drive growth through better targeting, customer profile unification, and personalized customer experiences. Treasure Data CDP and its pre-configured Treasure Box solutions for specific marketing problems and environments, help marketers to: * Orchestrate campaigns from more than 150 different data sources and platforms * Understand rapidly shifting customer preferences and buying habits * Connect with customers through every marketing channel * Easily target and segment customers based on behavior--in realtime * Generally take back their own destiny, with easy-to-understand dashboards and analytics that make it easy to shift strategy and tactics, quickly and easily

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  • BlueConic - BlueConic

    BlueConic, the leading pure-play customer data platform, liberates companies’ first-party data from disparate systems and makes it accessible wherever and whenever it is required to transform customer relationships and drive business growth. Over 300 companies worldwide, including Hearst Newspapers, Heineken, ING, T-Mobile, and VF Corp, use BlueConic to unify data into persistent, individual-profiles, and then activate it across customer touchpoints and systems in support of a wide range of growth-focused initiatives, including customer lifecycle orchestration, modeling and analytics, digital products and experiences, audience-based monetization, and more.

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    Medallia Strikedeck - Medallia, Strikedeck

    Medallia Strikedeck enables businesses to measure, manage, and monetize the customer experience they deliver. It starts by creating a 360-degree view of the customer by seamlessly weaving together customer data from a multitude of sources – CRM, Marketing Automation, Finance, Billing, Contracts, Support, and Product Usage. Its intelligent algorithms glean valuable insights from the data and present them to users in intuitive dashboards that are not only easy to use but also focus the user’s attention on tasks that matter most. Medallia Strikedeck empowers Customer Success teams to transform their customer communications with out of the box playbooks and workflows for common events in the customer lifecycle. It enables users to segment customers and deliver service that is appropriate to the needs of each segment. Teams are enabled to provide an appropriate level of hand-holding as customers traverse each phase of the customer lifecycle – from initial onboarding to stabilization, all the way to expansion. Medallia Strikedeck equips CS teams with the right tools to scale their customer base by intelligent automation of responses to common events. It works silently in the background, automatically responding to triggers while alerting CS professionals to the events that need their attention. This means that the Customer Success team can focus on delivering the best experience to customers, instead of wasting their time on mundane and repetitive tasks.
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  • Omeda's Customer Data Platform (CDP), Omeda - Omeda

    Omeda's CDP provides an all-in-one data and marketing technology solution purpose-built for professional content creators. Omeda's CDP provides a data management platform that combines disparate data silos from online and offline sources to provide a 360 degree, single view of their customer in a fully managed and governed database. By combining contact, product, demographic, behavioral, and contextual data points into a single record - Omeda's clients can create actionable segments that connect to a variety of activation channels including email, social, display, and on-site targeting.

    Omeda's CDP uses a unique, persistent customer ID that combines products and behaviors as well as multiple email addresses, mailing addresses, and browser cookies into a single ID. As the third-party cookie landscape evolves and companies embrace owning their first-party data, these rich behavioral profiles connected to various activation channels is a unique and powerful asset. Omeda's marketing automation canvas provides a sophisticated orchestration tool to build multi-channel efforts through email, content metering, and on-site targeting as well as through third-party integrations including Facebook, AdRoll, and Google Ad Manager. Omeda's CDP provides a powerful, all-in-one solution built to drive audience engagement, convert subscriptions, and convert known website users. By simplifying the MarTech stack, Omeda's clients are best equipped to grow and monetize their audience.

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    Tealium AudienceStream CDP, Tealium, Inc. - Tealium, Inc.

    Tealium AudienceStream CDP is not only a pioneer in the category, but uniquely helps brands leverage data to produce deeper insights. It is only with a unified view of the customer across multiple touchpoints that brands can truly build better customer experiences. The Tealium approach empowers less technical business users while allowing configurability demanded by developers. Exemplifying this approach are Tealium’s integration marketplace, patented Visitor Stitching technology, and machine learning analysis features. 

    • Tealium has built a marketplace with over 1,300 integrations, allowing brands to support many use cases, including integrating customer data for personalization, providing data operations efficiency, and supporting customer analytics. In Tealium’s 2020 State of the CDP report: How Organizations Buy, Implement, and Use CDPs, consumers noted the number one reason for switching CDPs was a lack of third-party integrations. By offering an abundance of integrations, Tealium allows organizations to build their best-of-breed technology stack that aligns with industry-specific needs, offering support now and in the future – even as vendor choices and priorities change. In its wide range of third-party vendor availability, Tealium’s strong integration ecosystem allows organizations to connect their CDP to solutions like Mailchimp, Google Ads, Facebook, AWS and Marketo. 
    • At the heart of Tealium AudienceStream is Visitor Stitching, which resolves customer identity across platforms and channels to build a unified profile. Identities managed in Tealium are bespoke views of the customer specific to the company and its business rules. When two profiles are recognized as the same customer, the profiles are “stitched” into a new profile with all data recalculated in historical order, leading to greater accuracy and insights into the customer journey.
    • Tealium AudienceStream now features machine learning capabilities for business users to discover and automate data-driven customer insights. Any behavior tracked in AudienceStream – like purchases or call center communication – can be predicted. Tealium Predict ML, the solution powering these capabilities, scores these predictions that are used in AudienceStream to trigger actions and/or define audience segments to provide a personalized customer experience. Through its Behavior Readiness Rating, which identifies the strength and readiness of a particular data point for prediction, business users can gauge what behaviors are good candidates for prediction without being a data engineer. The prediction is a 0 to 1 score that gauges the likelihood of a user to achieve a business-designed goal and populates customer profiles for usage. Tealium’s customers use Predict ML to make predictions, like identifying users most likely to apply for a credit card or join a loyalty club, or analyzing customers who are more than 50% likely to make a purchase and then target them using that insight in real time.


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