Best Customer Service Solution

Recognizes the best tool, platform, or service that helps businesses enhance their customer service and support. Includes help-desk services, live chat, social media tools, technology enabled service providers, etc. Note that it is helpful to provide solution access to the judges during the review period for this category.

Conversational Support from Intercom - Intercom

Intercom's Conversational Support is the next generation way to resolve customer questions through a messenger-based experience. The modern approach lets businesses meet their customers where they are with the personalized, convenient and fast experience they expect, without sacrificing team efficiency. Using Intercom's Conversational Support, support teams can have personalized and contextual conversations with customers in a way that feels far more lightweight and convenient than the channels of the past, like email or online forms.

Intercom's Conversational Support uses a combination of human, self-serve and proactive support:

  • Proactive support: Known customer questions can be answered proactively using tools like a business messenger for in-app and outbound messages or interactive product tours.
  • Self-serve support: Common or repetitive customer questions can be answered and resolved automatically using chatbots and help center content, like knowledge bases.
  • Human support: Complex or VIP customer questions are routed to human agents, who are equipped with management tools like an easy-to-use team inbox and powerful teammate workflows for greater efficiency and shorter reply times.

This is delivered through key features including:

  • Business Messenger - delight customers with fast resolutions, exactly when it’s needed – proactive, self-serve, and human support seamlessly delivered by one flexible messenger with automation and bots.
  • Management tools - boost productivity with a multi-channel team inbox, workflow and reporting tools, and an integrated knowledge base.
  • Customer data platform - get the right context for every conversation with past support interactions and customer behavior data at your fingertips.
  • Apps & integrations - deliver a seamless and efficient support experience by connecting tools like Salesforce, Jira, Stripe, and more.

Intercom's Conversational Support builds the support experience that support teams want, and customers are asking for. Businesses can deliver a simple, powerful and incredibly fast messaging support experience for customers, scale their support without increasing their team headcount or adding costs, create an unmatched customer experience by solving issues before they arise, and consolidate their support tools on Intercom for a more efficient and seamless support experience. 

Upmarket customers across industries are using Intercom's Conversational Support, including:

  • Living Spaces: The home furnishing brand is using Intercom to provide proactive support to get ahead of known customer issues and frequently asked questions, while leveraging the Business Messenger to have personal, real-time conversations with website visitors and customers. They’re achieving an under 1 minute first-response time—something that was not achievable through their previous phone and email support.
  • Hostinger: The web hosting provider’s average customer response time has gone from 2 hours to under 2 minutes. Their CSAT score has also risen to 95%—and continues to rise–since using Intercom’s conversational support.
  • Grover: The tech subscription platform has reduced their first response time by 79% and manages over 37K monthly conversations through Intercom. Intercom’s Resolution Bot is also automatically resolving 30% of commonly asked customer questions, saving the support team time and resources and providing customers with instant answers.

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  • LivePerson's AI-powered Conversational Cloud transforms brand-consumer engagement with real-time intent detection, responses, and analytics - LivePerson, Inc.

    LivePerson’s Conversational Cloud Delivers Outstanding Customer Service Results


    LivePerson’s Conversational Cloud empowers brands to instantly respond to messages, answer questions, resolve customer intents, and route inquiries to human experts as needed. Conversational AI — which communicates in a human-like way by recognizing speech, text, and intent — is at the heart of the Conversational Cloud. It provides the personalized, high-touch experiences that consumers demand — all on the same messaging channels they love using every day with family and friends, like SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, Google RCS, LINE, WeChat, and messaging on brand websites and apps.


    In general, brands using LivePerson’s Conversational Cloud have seen results including:

     - Higher qualified leads that are 2.5x more likely to convert to sales.

     - Up to 20% increases in average order value and online sales conversions.

     - Labor costs reduced by 50%.

     - CSAT scores increased by up to 20%.

     - 50% decreases in agent attrition.


    In 2020, LivePerson also integrated with Google's Business Messages to help brands connect with customers directly from Google Search and Maps, as well as Instagram to help them message with customers at scale on the social network. By launching on these extremely popular entry points, brands can now provide instant access to virtual assistants and experienced agents to get customers what they need more seamlessly than ever before.

    While many of the world’s largest brands already used LivePerson’s industry-leading LiveEngage platform, the new Conversational Cloud platform, launched in 2020, includes powerful new tools, including Intent Manager and Performance Optimizer.


    Intent Manager — a real-time intent recognition and classification engine that analyzes consumer intentions at every point in the conversation — lets brands instantly understand what consumers want, then take the appropriate action to respond. It is powered by LivePerson’s proprietary natural language understanding (NLU) capabilities and machine learning algorithms, which are grounded in 20+ years of conversational data and more than one billion messaging transcripts across a variety of industries. Intent Manager is currently being used by top brands, including Chipotle Mexican Grill, to gain real-time insights and take immediate action to improve customer service, marketing, and sales automations. 


    Key benefits of Intent Manager include:


     - Automatically understands about 50% of consumer intents with preconfigured, out-of-the-box intent models customized for telco, financial services, retail, airlines, and other industries.

     - Enables data scientists, content creators, and even nontechnical employees like contact center agents, to fine-tune or configure custom intents from an intuitive interface. 

     - Empowers brands to make important policy, process, and product-related decisions. 

     - Routes conversations to the agent or bot best equipped to resolve them at high satisfaction levels.


    Performance Optimizer’s 2020 launch provided brands with a new, AI-powered tool to measure and manage the health of their conversational operations. It is the only measurement tool on the market empowering brands to do all of the following in one self-service dashboard: 

    - Measure critical key performance indicators (KPIs) for conversational experiences

     - Use AI to automatically assess performance and provide actionable insights.

    - Easily track, for the first time ever, conversational performance against internal targets and industry benchmark.

    - Deliver robust executive reporting data with clear recommendations for improvement.


    As the COVID-19 crisis meant brands were replacing old ways of measuring the effectiveness of phone-based customer service and needed new ways to measure conversational experiences, the launch of Performance Optimizer meant they could accurately assess how they were helping customers, then make real-time changes to ensure their connections were as meaningful as possible.


    As automation became a key part of brands’ strategies for reaching customers at scale, data from the Conversational Cloud demonstrated the rapid growth of automation on the platform:

    - The volume of automation-powered messaging conversations is up 100% from the end of 2019. 

     - Over the same time period, the volume of messaging conversations fully contained by automation (completed with no human agent needed) has tripled.

    - Automation now plays a role in approximately 70% of all messaging conversations on the platform.

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  • SupportLogic SX Platform, SupportLogic - SupportLogic

    SupportLogic directly enables service teams to deliver great customer service experiences by using AI to extract and analyze customer sentiment signals from both structured and unstructured data across multiple service channels. It then provides recommendations and intelligent collaborative workflows so service and support teams can take actions to improve the customer experience. SupportLogic SX helps global enterprises like Qlik, Nutanix, Databricks and Rubrik evolve from reactive to proactive service delivery. SupportLogic has enabled these organizations and many others to reduce customer support escalations and appeasements by 40%, reduce customer churn by 25%, and reduce operational costs by 35%, while helping them to increase customer satisfaction.


    Today, in the 'everything-as-a-service' economy, every business relies on great customer service to result in long-term healthy and profitable customer relationships. Salesforce cited that 77% of their revenue in 2020 came from retention and upsell to existing customers - yet many companies still invest more in acquiring new customers and struggle to protect and grow revenue from existing customers.


    Companies can only grow and protect their revenue if they understand and act on unbiased customer sentiment in real-time from every service interaction. But the problem is today companies are limited in being able to understand and act on the true voice of their customers. Many challenges exist - from service teams often operating in a firefighting mode and being considered a ‘cost center’, therefore limiting the investment companies make to improve. Service and support teams are often limited to using survey based KPIs like NPS and CSAT, which are a snapshot in time, backwards looking and are not actionable in real-time. 


    Yet there’s a lot of rich customer sentiment data that exists and can be acted upon - it just resides in unstructured data that gets submitted through emails, voice calls or chats. And the existing service and support ticketing systems (“systems of record”) don’t process and analyze it. That’s where the SupportLogic Service Experience (SX) platform comes in.

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    Wix Answers - Wix Answers

    Wix Answers is the industry’s first customer support technology to offer a true consolidation of all support channels into a single platform. The solution takes a whole new approach by enabling companies to do more when it comes to running and scaling a support team. The platform doesn’t rely on add-ons or separate tools. Wix Answers gives agents a 360° view of a customer’s support journey, unifying interactions from all available touchpoints, including calls, emails, live chat, social media and knowledge base, as well as third-party platforms, like Salesforce and Jira. All data is presented chronologically, in a single-view, which empowers agents to serve customers in a more cost-effective way. Information and feedback that we capture can be segmented by country, language, geography, product, and more. We empower users to capture Voice of Customer where they want to, when they want to and how they want to. We are fully adapted to support any business model (B2B, B2C, D2C). Our single-timeline view helps agents boost efficiency and always be in-the-know when engaging with customers. Agents can see all customer interactions, details and history without having to shuffle between tabs. Wix Answers is redefining customer and agent experiences with the first platform to have all support channels working together right out-of-the-box from day one.

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