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Honors the best customer training or extended enterprise LMS that help users engage with the product and elevate customer engagement.

Adobe Captivate Prime, Adobe Systems, Inc. - Adobe Systems, Inc.

Adobe Captivate Prime A comprehensive learning platform - now reimagined to meet the needs of every unique learner. Adobe Captivate Prime gives you complete control to deliver personalized learning experiences to your employees, customers and partners. Take advantage of AI-based recommendations to deliver a hyper personalized learner home page experience. Embed learning in the flow of work by taking advantage of out-of-the-box integrations with popular martech platforms such as Adobe Experience Manager Sites and Marketo Engage. Why choose Adobe Captivate Prime? Train your customers effectively with a modern digital learning platform. Deliver a personalized learning experience that encourages discovery and consumption. Take advantage of rich analytics that enable effective decision making. Embed learning in the flow of work by integrating the LMS with other enterprise platforms via a robust API framework. Now with Adobe Captivate Prime you can: Accelerate product adoption with effective customer education programs. Manage customer onboarding and improve retention by keeping track of their progress. Gather deep insights from detailed reports to drive retention marketing campaigns. Take proactive decisions based on learning patterns and boost customer satisfaction. Deliver personalized content to customer groups. Keep your customers engaged by taking advantage of seamless customer onboarding, automatic content recommendation, personalized experiences and social learning. Create engaging experiences. Adobe Experience Manager Learning Component: Now integrate Captivate Prime courses right within Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Sites by taking advantage of the new learning component. Elements of the learner home page such as My Learning and course recommendations can automatically be synched to the AEM Sites front end using a nifty drag-and-drop workflow that avoids complex coding and expensive implementation costs. Track content consumption & take action. Stay updated about your users learning interests and maintain content relevancy. Keep track of learners' performance and encourage proactive learning with badges and certificates.

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    Brightspace, D2L - D2L

    D2L is helping transform the way the world learns. With over 20 years of experience, this mission has never wavered. Working with customers all over the world, D2L is supporting millions of people learning online and in person. D2L is a learning company first—building technology that paves the way, instead of getting in the way. Our more than 900 global employees are dedicated to making the best learning products to leave the world better than they found it. D2L's Brightspace platform is a cloud-based learning management system built for people who care deeply about helping all learners reach their potential. It is designed in close collaboration with our K-12, Higher Education, and Corporate customers—building innovative and pedagogically rich feature sets to improve engagement, retention, and learning outcomes in learners of all ages and abilities, helping them achieve more than they dreamed possible. Brightspace delivers worry-free technology with 99.99% reliability and world-class security and data privacy. It's an open platform offering standards-based integrations that provide the ultimate in learning flexibility. It's fully accessible, customizable, and looks beautiful on any mobile device—making it easier to reach every learner. Brightspace makes it easy to support exceptional learning experiences in person and online by providing educators and learners with tools they'll love. With Brightspace, you can set up individualized learning paths for learners, keep them on track with automated nudges, and engage them with video, game-based learning, awards, badges, and other powerful features. Brightspace also makes it easier to complete assessments and provide meaningful feedback. Learning data and analytics reports are readily available, providing up-to-date information and insights that help answer questions and inform decisions to take action and improve learning outcomes. D2L is a dedicated partner in the learning journey—genuinely committed to supporting our customers to help them leverage Brightspace to achieve, outperform, and succeed. In a rapidly changing educational landscape, partnering with D2L and taking advantage of our supportive community and broad ecosystem of partners can help our customers navigate change and differentiate their offerings. D2L's team of learning experience experts can address both strategic and tactical needs, including implementation, support, instructional design, courseware development, learning strategy, technical account management and data consulting—and this can all be done virtually today and into the future.

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    Thought Industries platform, Thought Industries - Thought Industries

    Our customer training learning management system was founded and purpose-built to handle complex extended enterprise learning operations at scale to empower growth (unlike traditional LMSs). Lauded by analysts and learners for program design flexibility, security, customer-focus, and ease of use, the platform helps organizations improve their efficiency, consolidate technology, author & manage content, & grow global online learning capabilities to drive performance & success.

    The platform has differentiated itself as a leader in the customer training, external training, & extended enterprise markets through blended learning experiences that accelerate time-to-value, reduce churn for software and technology clients, & increase engagement & monetization for businesses selling training content.

    After naming us the #1 B2B/B2C customer training platform this year, Craig Weiss, LMS analyst, Craig Weiss Group, stated: "Thought Industries offers an outstanding system and has a deep understanding of how to achieve results for a sector that many play in, but so few really get.”



    • Drive engagement with personalized learning experiences, interactive courses, certifications, webinars, events, learner assessments, notifications & recommendations, communities for peer-to-peer engagement, adaptive learning paths to adapt to learners’ unique customer training needs, & gamification to incentivize.
    • An integrated learning stack portfolio of full lifecycle technology partners to power customer training program performance, streamline program management, optimize CX, and monetize learning with built-in commerce & CRM capabilities. 
    • Delivering dedicated, branded learning microsites to specific cohorts across a customer training ecosystem (clients, partners, resellers), including personalizing content and a fix once, deliver everywhere model, while ensuring a unified experience in a secure environment that drives success & ROI through our innovative multi-tenancy capability, Panorama. 


    New innovations & integrations this year:


    • Gainsight PX integration for personalized customer training content experiences directly in-product help users learn how to be successful faster. 
    • Zendesk integration to display real-time completion and progress data, giving Support a deeper understanding of customers’ knowledge & progress within the learning system. 
    • Reporting Hub, built on Google Looker technology, provides access to out-of-the-box or customizable, real-time analytics & actionable insights on performance of the overall program against KPIs to deliver more accurate, actionable information driving faster results. 
    • Linked Reflections offer learners a prompted resource- worksheet, job aid, assessment - leveraged for future reference; personalized for each learner to expand & assess their knowledge. 
    • Adaptive Learning Paths. A major step towards competency-based learning & branching logic. Administrators guide learners through content relevant to their competency, maximize engagement and retention.


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