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Recognizes the platform that best enables organizations in developing, deploying, operating and managing a big data infrastructure/environment including deep analytics, AI and machine learning.

Aparavi, the Data Intelligence and Automation Platform - Aparavi

Firms are required to handle endless amounts of data and manually classify sensitive or private data for compliance purposes. As data creation, usage, and distribution are obviously expected to increase, data becomes a major risk as it is replicated and stored on employee computers, smartphones, and cloud drives putting the company at extreme risk of breaches, loss of intellectual property, and massive regulatory fines. Aparavi is a SaaS-based platform that enables users to easily find data across the enterprise with advanced classification policies for corporate and regulated data. Additionally, the Platform enables enterprise data optimization to reduce costs and complexity while also providing secure access to data assets to put your information to work. Aparavi moves beyond current approaches that lack data intelligence, inflate the cost, increase complexity, and are unable to manage the data lifecycle end-to-end. No major on-premise infrastructure is required, but software for data collection is and the Platform can be set up in minutes. Additional configuration for data source access can be adjusted by IT. Scalability is a core design principle for the Platform of which is part of the QA program including size, distribution and search times. Current customers have data ranging from distributed terabytes and petabytes. The Aparavi Platform discovers the hidden jewels and redundant, obsolete, trivial data (ROT) data that can be disposed of or relocated easily. The Platforms intelligent search works on all content and 70+ metadata fields across multiple data sources/types, devices, and cloud storage to provide rapid insight into what data organizations have and where it resides, with automated classification to rapidly ascertain value to the business. Unlike competitors, Aparavis Platform can index unstructured data with contextually aware indexing, intelligent data pattern detection, and advanced deep searching. By leveraging the Smart Classification Policies, data managers gain a high-level visual overview of the companys data and create advanced queries to drill into the dark data and high-value assets. The technology can search and index data across multiple distributed points without requiring data movement to index, unlike many legacy approaches. Aparavi was founded in 2017 and launched the data intelligence and automation Platform in July of 2020. Weve achieved great momentum in a short period acquiring enterprise customers in financial services, legal, consulting, manufacturing and more and have seen a tremendous amount of interest in the market. We were honored to be recently listed in The 10 Coolest Big Data Startups Of 2020 and The 20 Coolest Data Management Companies: The 2020 Storage 100 by CRN, 5 Best Software Companies to Watch in 2020, and 10 Best Startups to Watch 2020 by The Silicon Review. Strategic platform alliances include Microsoft, PureStorage, Scality, RStor, Qumulo, and Modus, and others.

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    InsightEdge, GigaSpaces Technologies - GigaSpaces Technologies

    InsightEdge Smart ODS drives digital transformation by seamlessly aggregating and processing data in real-time from multiple on-premise and cloud- databases, and streaming data sources; delivering unparalleled response times at any load and at high concurrency. Executing data transactions and analytics 30X faster than NoSQL and 6X faster than other in-memory platforms, InsightEdge runs complex algorithms in minutes instead of hours for investment banking, on-line price comparisons, online banking services, and more. In addition to improving the user experience, and confirming compliance, the InsightEdge Smart ODS is deployed at global enterprises to: • Accelerate go to market for new applications • Enable the shift to online real-time digital services • Streamline application migration to the cloud • Modernize and offload legacy systems (Mainframe, AS/400) The cloud-native, microservices platform has a unified API layer that is decoupled from the backend systems, enabling enterprises to rapidly introduce new low-latency, always-on services at scale, across on-premise, hybrid, cloud, and multi-cloud environments.

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    Data Navigation System, Promethium - Promethium

    How many opportunities are lost when it takes months to answer questions with data? Not being able to connect people with trusted data and results is a challenge standing in the way of every data-driven enterprise.

    Promethium is helping Data and Analytics Leaders increase adoption and utilization of data analytics by enabling data teams, analysts and business users to answer questions with data in minutes.

    Unlike other solutions Promethium can be used to get from question to data-driven-answer using one tool without moving data and without specialist technical knowledge.  This is beacuse of a unique combination of AI-driven data exploration, data preparation and analytics.

    Data and analytics teams love Promethium for the intuivtive nataural language data catalog built for fast analytics, the no-code data preparation, ad-hoc analytics without waiting for data to be moved and auto-generated narration of results.

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    Kluwer Competition Law - Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory US

    KluwerCompetitionLaw is an online resource for practitioners for EU, national and international competition law research. It provides a combination of in-depth analysis and primary source with current awareness and practice tools. All in collaboration with market leaders, supported with latest technology and embedded in the workflow of competition/antitrust practitioner. Organized into specific competition law topics using a taxonomy supported by semantic technology. Our search is supported by extended Wordwheel functionality including suggestions of specific sources. It offers practice tools such as European Cartel Digest Precedent Finder – Q&A charts that help find and evaluate decisions in 4 key jurisdictions including EU. It is a customized research tool that allows to create a customized chart with hyperlinks to the ECD summaries and source documents. Another practice tool, Merger Thresholds, a comparative tool with relevant information that helps comply with merger control rules in all relevant jurisdictions. API-based technology is behind this tool. Content is automatically added and integrated on KCL on a daily basis. Staying up-to-date with current developments is a crucial task in this area. News section contains developments from the ECJ and European Commission. Blog section lists the newest additions to the KluwerCompetitionLawBlog covering market dominance analysis, issues relating to Microsoft and Yahoo’s search businesses, recent EC commission decisions.
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