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Smart Automatic Renewal Service, Digital River, Inc. - Digital River, Inc.

Smart Automatic Renewal Service:

Subscription services are on the rise and we want customers and clients to make the most of their recurring services. To solve for involuntary churn and other common payment processing issues that prevent customers from successfully auto renewing their subscriptions, Digital River has developed a suite of intelligent tools to optimize the renewal process:

  • Dynamic Calendar Attempts – provides the ability to determine the best day to submit a payment authorization request.
  • Time of Day – provides the ability to schedule the renewal of subscriptions at a specific time of day.
  • Processor & Merchant ID (MID) Management – provides the ability to specify the Processor and Merchant ID to be used for an authorization request.

Instead of a one size fits all set of static business rules managing the renewal process, Digital River has further optimized our tools with Machine Learning (ML) capabilities. ML allows Digital River to analyze the individual attributes of each renewing subscription and determine the best day and time to submit an authorization request, in addition to which payment processor is best suited to support the authorization request.

Prior to implementing ML models, our Billing Operations team needed to manually set hundreds of business rules to schedule retries of failed subscriptions based on different conditions (countries, decline types, etc.). By deploying the ML models, Digital River saves an incredible amount of time configuring rules and patterns and our Clients recognize significantly better recovery rates as a result.  

With auto renewing subscriptions, there is usually a window ranging from several days to a couple of weeks in which the merchant will try renewing a subscription. If the first attempt to capture funds fails, the merchant will automatically try again later. Most subscription management platforms utilize a static schedule for determining the next retry date. With Smart Automatic Renewal Services however, the next retry date is determined by evaluating the remaining days left in the renewal window and selecting only the days that have the highest probability of succeeding. 

Similar logic is applied when determining what time a transaction should be submitted for authorization. Success rates can vary significantly from one hour to the next based on a wide set of variables associated with an issuing bank and the individual subscriber. Here again, with ML Digital River predicts the best time slot for submitting an authorization request and routes the transaction accordingly.

Predictive algorithms are also employed to determine the best path for routing transactions through our multi-acquiring network. With the Processor & MID Management tool, historic performance data is combined with the attributes of the renewing subscription to select the Processor and Merchant ID that has the highest probability of succeeding.

Predictive models however are only as good as the data that they are trained on. With millions of transactions processed annually over the last 25+ years, Digital River is able to continuously test, learn, and iterate with its models. The result is millions of dollars of revenue saved that otherwise our Clients would have lost. 

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    Engati - Engati Inc.

    INTRODUCTION Engati is a customer experience platform powered by conversational automation and AI to reimagine the customer journey across acquisition, engagement and retention. With customers in 186 countries and support for 50+ languages, Engati augments engagement and retention across 15 communication channels with its no-code conversation builder, one-view inbox, easy extensible integrations, language agnostic NLP and video calling. Engati supports conversations over 15 communication channels including Email, FB Messenger, WhatsApp, MS Teams, Slack etc. Its powerful integration hub includes ready support for cloud apps like Shopify, Salesforce, Google apps, Zendesk, Zapier etc., as well as enterprise systems with JSON REST APIs. ENGAGE WITH AUTOMATION Engatiís interactive conversation builder, multilingual NLP engine with entity, intent recognition, context retention and disambiguation helps the customer to engage meaningfully. Engatiís proprietary DocuSense technology allows the bot to respond to queries by referencing input documents provided for training. Engatiís API triggers enable triggering the bot through external intents. ENGAGE WITH AGENTS Engatiís omni-channel one-view inbox allows for agents and supervisors to manage multilingual conversations effortlessly. Seamless handover between bot and agent along with configurable routing, group chat, video calling, real-time administration and analytics allow for faster resolution, improved agent productivity, 24/7 availability.
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  • Legion WFM - Legion Technologies

    Legion WFM is an AI-powered workforce management platform that helps companies maximize labor efficiency and increase employee engagement. The platform, which incorporates software and an easy-to-use mobile app, allows businesses to optimize their hourly workforce, reducing labor costs without risking compliance violations. The software also enables them to provide their employees with more control over when and where they work, resulting in increased employee engagement and reduced turn-over. In addition, the platform provides these organizations with powerful scheduling controls to help as they implement COVID-19 procedures to maintain and manage a healthy workforce. Legion WFM uses machine learning to improve labor efficiency, providing managers with highly accurate demand forecasting that takes into consideration local events, weather and promotions, as well as customer demand drivers such as sales, traffic, and items sold. It generates optimal labor plans based on the forecasted demand, turning the “art” of employee scheduling into a science. In addition, the platform provides COVID-19 contact tracing, health surveys, healthy work scheduling, and labor and forecast model adjustments driven by local health mandates. Legion WFM drives employee engagement by enabling automated scheduling that matches business needs with employee preferences, ensuring everyone is happy with the outcome. The Legion WFM Mobile App makes it even easier, allowing employees to indicate scheduling preferences, view upcoming shifts, and more – all from their phones or tablets. For COVID-19 specific communication, the platform offers push notifications, two-way communication, group chat, and more.

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  • LivePerson's AI-powered Conversational Cloud transforms brand-consumer engagement with real-time intent detection, responses, and analytics - LivePerson, Inc.

    LivePerson’s Conversational AI Technology Powers Consumer-to-Brand Conversations

    LivePerson's Conversational Cloud is on the forefront of connecting consumers and brands -- in easy and meaningful ways never thought possible -- through groundbreaking conversational AI, empowering every consumer to stop wasting time on hold or crawling through websites by messaging with their favorite brands in real time instead, just as they do with friends and family.

    LivePerson's Conversational Cloud is on the forefront of connecting consumers and brands -- in easy and meaningful ways never thought possible -- through groundbreaking conversational AI, empowering every consumer to stop wasting time on hold or crawling through websites by messaging with their favorite brands in real time instead, just as they do with friends and family.


    LivePerson’s Conversational Cloud empowers brands to instantly respond to messages, answer questions, resolve customer intents, and route inquiries to human experts as needed. Conversational AI — which communicates in a human-like way by recognizing speech, text, and intent — is at the heart of the Conversational Cloud. It provides the personalized, high-touch experiences that consumers demand — all on the same messaging channels they love using every day with family and friends, like SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, Google RCS, LINE, WeChat, and messaging on brand websites and apps.


    While many of the world’s largest brands already used LivePerson’s industry-leading LiveEngage platform, the new Conversational Cloud platform, launched in 2020, includes powerful new tools, including Intent Manager and Performance Optimizer.


    Intent Manager — a real-time intent recognition and classification engine that analyzes consumer intentions at every point in the conversation — lets brands instantly understand what consumers want, then take the appropriate action to respond. It is powered by LivePerson’s proprietary natural language understanding (NLU) capabilities and machine learning algorithms, which are grounded in 20+ years of conversational data and more than one billion messaging transcripts across a variety of industries. Intent Manager is currently being used by top brands, including Chipotle Mexican Grill, to gain real-time insights and take immediate action to improve customer service, marketing, and sales automations. 


    Key benefits of Intent Manager include:


    - Automatically understands about 50% of consumer intents with preconfigured, out-of-the-box intent models customized for telco, financial services, retail, airlines, and other industries. 

     - Enables data scientists, content creators, and even nontechnical employees like contact center agents, to fine-tune or configure custom intents from an intuitive interface. 

     - Empowers brands to make important policy, process, and product-related decisions. 

     - Routes conversations to the agent or bot best equipped to resolve them at high satisfaction levels. 


    Performance Optimizer’s 2020 launch provided brands with a new, AI-powered tool to measure and manage the health of their conversational operations. It is the only measurement tool on the market empowering brands to do all of the following in one self-service dashboard: 


     - Measure critical key performance indicators (KPIs) for conversational experiences

     - Use AI to automatically assess performance and provide actionable insights

     - Easily track, for the first time ever, conversational performance against internal targets and industry benchmarks

     - Deliver robust executive reporting data with clear recommendations for improvement.


    As the COVID-19 crisis meant brands were replacing old ways of measuring the effectiveness of phone-based customer service and needed new ways to measure conversational experiences, the launch of Performance Optimizer meant they could accurately assess how they were helping customers, then make real-time changes to ensure their connections were as meaningful as possible.


    As automation became a key part of brands’ strategies for reaching customers at scale, data from the Conversational Cloud demonstrated the rapid growth of automation on the platform:


     - The volume of automation-powered messaging conversations is up 100% from the end of 2019. 

     - Over the same time period, the volume of messaging conversations fully contained by automation (completed with no human agent needed) has tripled. 

     - Automation now plays a role in approximately 70% of all messaging conversations on the platform.

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  • PreView , Realeyes - Realeyes

    Realeyes's PreView is built on the most advanced facial coding technology and machine learning to provide marketers a true measure of consumer attention and emotional response so they can optimize advertising creative and increase quality exposure. Chief marketing officers, brand managers, media buyers and creative strategists use Realeyes PreView to understand the ads and creative elements that are most compelling and earn the most attention. PreView is purpose-built for speed and scale across large portfolios of video content globally. Using front-facing cameras to analyze facial coding data of opt-in viewers as they watch video, Realeyes PreView allows advertisers to optimize their ad content, targeting and budgeting. The system provides predictive in-market performance metrics like: Encode, the ability to capture attention in the first seconds; Retain, the ability to hold audience attention throughout the ad; and Encode, the ablity to drive emotional engagement that leads to brand memorability. PreView combines these scores into an overall Quality Score, a power ranking that quickly reveals a video's propensity to deliver attention, which is necessary for all other outcomes like brand awareness, preference, conversions and sale. All scores are delivered in context of competitive benchmarks and geographic norms.

    Key Stats:

    • 4 Offices: New York, London, Budapest, Tokyo
    • 12 Years experience: Founded in 2007
    • 14 Patents: 27 Pending
    • 75 Talented people
    • 180+ Customers
    • $40M Invested
    • 620M Emotional Al Labels
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  • Reflektion Customer Engagement Platform - Reflektion, Inc.

    Reflektionís next-generation Customer Engagement Platform helps eCommerce sites to grow revenue by delivering 1:1 personalization to each shopper in real-time -- at scale & across channels ó Preview Search, Full Page Search, Category & Landing Pages, Recommendations, Content and Email. It utilizes AI/ML to display the most individually relevant products & content across site search, recommendations, category or landing pages, web & emails based on in-the-moment individual purchase intent. Leading retail brands such as Hanes, Big Lots, Skechers, PetCo & ULTA rely on Reflektion to grow conversions. Reflektion is architected from the ground up to autonomously and continuously apply the latest Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to vast, continually growing visitor interaction Big Dataóand automatically apply those insights to every visit, every touchpoint. With Reflektion, acting on every customerís real-time purchase intent is now attainable. Intuitive, easy to use, scalable, and delivered in the cloud, hyper-personalization is now accessible for every online brand and retailer.
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  • SupportLogic SX Platform, SupportLogic - SupportLogic

    SupportLogic delivers the world’s first continuous service experience (SX) platform that enables companies to understand and act on the ‘Voice of the Customer’ in real-time to immediately improve service delivery and build healthy and profitable customer relationships. SupportLogic SX uses AI to extract and analyze customer sentiment signals from both structured and unstructured data across multiple service channels. It then provides recommendations and intelligent collaborative workflows so service and support teams can take actions to improve the customer experience.

    SupportLogic is helping global enterprises like Qlik, Nutanix, Databricks, Rubrik evolve from reactive to proactive service delivery. SupportLogic has enabled these organizations and many others to reduce customer support escalations and appeasements by 40%, reduce customer churn by 25%, and reduce operational costs by 35%, while helping them to increase customer satisfaction.

    In the subscription economy, healthy customer relationships are vital for sustained revenue growth. SupportLogic SX helps businesses to grow and protect their revenue by deeply connecting to the real voice of their customers. This enables companies to preemptively identify and resolve service issues before they need to be escalated, improve customer satisfaction, retention and lifetime value while increasing the efficiency of their service and support functions.

    SupportLogic SX is used by customer service and support teams and is comprised of 6 modules:

    - Support Operations: Gain unprecedented visibility, identify the cases that need attention and take corrective actions before it is too late.

    - Support Analytics: Go beyond metadata. NLP-powered analytics purpose built for support teams to spot customer trends, anomalies and outliers.

    - Case Assignment: Reduce case resolution time and drive customer satisfaction with AI-powered automatic case assignment.

    - Customer Management: Increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention with predictive intelligence.

    - Agent Management: Make your support engineers and service agents rockstars. Improve efficiency, prioritize cases, manage backlog, improve customer satisfaction and scale teams.

    - Escalation Management: Predict and prevent customer escalations in advance and effortlessly manage and resolve active escalations.

    SupportLogic SX leverages a company’s existing data channels and easily syncs with current service and support ticketing systems and collaboration software. There’s no need to run expensive survey programs anymore. SupportLogic reads every case ticket using natural language processing and deep neural network methodologies to extract sentiment and other latent signals to truly understand the voice of the customer. 

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