Best DevOps Tool

Recognizes the best tool for supporting collaboration between Development and Operations. Can include tools for logging, performance monitoring and measurement, automation, security, configuration management, testing, collaboration, release management, database management, deployment, event managers, alerting and other software development tools.

Cyara Automated CX Assurance Platform - Cyara

Today, delivering flawless Customer Experience (CX) at scale is imperative but really challenging for enterprises due to complex technology ecosystems, siloed business units, and the ever increasing number of communications channels. Poor CX leads to loss of customers and delightful CX increases revenue and brand loyalty. To be more nimble, and to ensure consistently great CX, enterprises are going digital, moving infrastructure to the cloud, and embracing DevOps concepts for continuous delivery. The Cyara Automated CX Assurance Platform enables companies to deliver better CX with less effort, cost, and risk. Cyara supports the entire CX software development lifecycle, from design to functional and regression testing, load testing, and production monitoring. This empowers enterprises to build flawless customer journeys across voice and digital channels. For more than 14 years, the most recognizable brands across the globe have trusted Cyara to deliver customer smiles at scale. Cyara serves more than 200 elite global brands in healthcare, insurance, financial services, high tech, retail and government, including 8 of the top 20 brands in the world, 4 out of the 5 health insurance companies, 3 out of 4 top credit card processors, and 7 of the top 12 property insurance companies.
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  • Fauna - Fauna

    Fauna is a modern database management system built for the serverless era. Unlike traditional database management systems (both RDMBS and NoSQL) that are manually provisioned and must be managed actively by teams of DBAs or operators, Fauna is a full-featured transactional database delivered as a flexible, developer-friendly, global and secure web-native API. Fauna revolutionizes database management into utility computing, giving developers complete freedom from database operations at every scale, enabling them to replace their database infrastructure with a serverless API while simplifying code, reducing costs, and shipping applications faster. Built on a unique document-oriented, globally distributed storage and compute engine that is fast, strongly consistent, and reliable, Fauna is also natively multi-tenant, temporal, and limitless in scale, giving it one of the most comprehensive feature sets among its peers. Fauna eliminates the scalability versus consistency versus flexibility tradeoff that has been the hallmark of previous generations of database systems, unlocking developer productivity that is often bottlenecked on databases. New capabilities introduced in November 2020 help enterprise development teams collaborate more efficiently on shared databases, secure their data against unauthorized access, integrate their applications with cloud identity providers, and improve application responsiveness via real-time streaming. These updates include: team management with multi-factor authentication, standards-based integration with third party authentication providers, real-time database streaming for improved application responsiveness, and a new service plan with priority support and preview sandbox. The new enhancements enable teams of developers to more easily and securely develop sophisticated business applications with Fauna.
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  • Rollbar - Rollbar

    Rollbar's continuous code improvement platform helps development teams deploy better software, faster, and quickly recover from critical errors in their code. Rollbar enables developers to focus on continually improving their code and constantly innovating rather than spending time monitoring, investigating, and debugging. Developers instrument lightweight SDKs into their applications to capture all exceptions as they happen along with the surrounding context and details. This gives them complete visibility on every error in their application, coupled with all the important data needed to make resolution painless. Rollbar's error grouping engine utilizes machine learning to automatically group similar errors together to reduce noise and create trustworthy alerts. Additionally, Rollbar automatically triggers workflows based on any new bugs or regressions that are detected to proactively address issues and minimize their impact till developers can get to it.

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    Transposit - Transposit

    Transposit delivers DevOps process automation. Its fully integrated, human-in-the-loop approach empowers engineering operations teams to streamline DevOps practices, enhance service reliability, and resolve incidents faster. As the glue between tools, data, and people, Transposit codifies institutional knowledge to make processes data-driven and repeatable with runbooks that help teams incrementally automate tasks. Transposit’s automatic timelines capture the complete history of all actions taken through the system and surface actionable insights that drive operational improvement. Powered by the Transposit Integration Engine that combines hundreds of pre-built integrations with code-level customization, the cloud-based platform is able to connect to any service with an API. Organizations rely on Transposit to improve workflow agility and keep services healthy so they can deliver more value to their business.

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