Best Digital Process Automation Solution

Recognizes the best solution that creates process applications to automate complex workflows and digital business processes for application development and deployment professionals.

Blueprint Enterprise Automation Suite - Blueprint Systems

Blueprint’s Enterprise Automation Suite sits at the heart of any automation toolchain and provides a better way to design sustainable, high-quality RPA models and manage change across the RPA lifecycle by developing Digital Blueprints. Digital Blueprints are purpose-built to completely replace labor-intensive and error-prone PDD’s or other paper-based documents with a new, better way to design automations that leads to higher-quality, precise development that minimizes bot outages and errors. Blueprint delivers the solutions that move automation projects forward with speed and precision to enable RPA at scale and drive greater automation ROI.

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    Intelligent Integration Platform - SnapLogic

    SnapLogic is a global leader in self-service application and data integration. It was the first software vendor to apply machine learning to enterprise integration with its Intelligent Integration Platform. SnapLogicís workflows and self-service integration capabilities make it fast and easy for organisations to manage all their application and data integration needs via a single, scalable, cloud platform. Users are provided with pre-built application connectors, called Snaps, allowing for tasks to be completed quickly and efficiently, breaking down internal data and application silos whilst streamlining processes and decision making. The Intelligent Integration Platform has been specifically designed for the cloud, meaning that legacy components and the need for time-consuming, hand-crafted coding no longer causes delays. This ensures the platform is able to run at cloud speed and businesses can connect all their enterprise systems quickly and easily to automate processes, accelerate analytics and drive transformation. SnapLogicís breakthrough technology, Iris, is at the heart of the Intelligent Integration Platform. Helping automate highly repetitive tasks and accelerate digital transformation, Iris uses machine learning to predict the next step in building a data pipeline for cloud, analytics and digital initiatives, with up to 90% accuracy. This means that integration backlogs are eliminated and tasks are completed quickly and efficiently, freeing up technology teams to focus on higher-value needs. Iris takes advantage of SnapLogicís unique cloud-native system and metadata architecture to find patterns and features that can be used to train machine learning models. This means integrations can be made in hours, not days or weeks, with no coding required. Customers only pay for what they use and always have the option to add capabilities as their needs grow. Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN), a global marketing service group needed to bring together dozens of different business applications and IT systems. As the firm grew it brought more and more brands and sub-brands into the group, all with different applications and systems. In an bid to standardise these systems and bring uniformity across the different companies, DAN initiated a digital transformation project deploying core strategic SaaS platforms such as Workday, Salesforce, and Workfront. To ensure these new applications worked seamlessly together, the company needed an accessible integration solution that could be rolled out company-wide in a short timeframe. DAN selected SnapLogic due to its flexible platform, industry leading library of pre-built intelligent connectors, and its self-service, low-code approach to integration. They now have upwards of 75 integrations on their backlog being delivered by the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform, streamlining business processes and giving the IT team a holistic view of their data landscape.
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  • Tonkean's Adaptive Business Operations platform, Tonkean - Tonkean

    Tonkean simplifies the orchestration of complex, enterprise-level business processes with an extensible no-code interface for business operations teams. Tonkean allows non-technical teams to quickly build solutions that monitor, manage & automate mission-critical business processes across systems & people without needing developers or adding new systems.

    Tonkean is:

    1. UI & Data Agnostic. Tonkean hooks into existing systems & tools to orchestrate processes without mandating change management or introducing data silos. This provides flexibility to add custom business rules & take data from systems of record (i.e. SFDC, Workday, Jira) & deliver it to where business users actually are (i.e. Slack, MS Teams, email).

    2. Keeps humans-in-the-loop. Every business process involves people. Automation is best applied by allowing people to focus on the things they do best. Leveraging AI, Tonkean can intelligently reach out to people to deliver information & chase for follow-up actions.

    3. Context-aware. To streamline complex business processes end-to-end, Tonkean keeps the context of each process item across multiple people, teams, systems & decisions points to determine the necessary action to move the process forward.

    4. No-code for business & Low-code for IT. Tonkean accelerates solution delivery by creating a bridge between IT & business teams. IT abstracts technical capabilities into reusable components that can be consumed by business teams to deliver end-to-end process solutions.

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