Best eCommerce Conversion Solution

Recognizes the best software solution designed to facilitate the conversion, or purchase, of products and services online. Includes eCommerce platforms, personalization solutions, shopping carts, comparison bots, order forms, delivery/shipping management systems, etc.

Conversions by FullStory - FullStory

FullStory Conversions makes it easy for e-commerce and SaaS product teams to proactively identify, prioritize, and solve digital experience problems, enabling them to reclaim and drive revenue. With Conversions, B2B and B2C companies can correlate friction in the customer journey with lost sales, and boost revenue by immediately understanding the urgency behind digital experience issues. Built by former Google engineering leaders, Conversions combines powerful quantitative analysis with qualitative context from real customer experiences so that companies can take decisive action to measurably improve those online experiences. The product uses AI and machine learning to analyze different cohorts of users as they pass through key digital workflows or funnels. By showing precisely when, where, and why users are dropping out of key workflows, Conversions enables digital teams to prioritize issues based on business impact. Teams can see how bugs, latency, Rage Clicks™ or otherwise frustrating user experiences directly correlate with lost conversions and lost revenue, as well as view the annualized value associated with any issue to stack rank opportunities and gather buy-in faster. With Conversions, companies benefit from the powerful FullStory platform to drive sales by empathizing with customer needs and struggles and solving problems from the customer’s perspective. FullStory leverages multiple AI techniques in tandem with more traditional algorithmic approaches in order to translate billions of behavioral signals into intelligent, prescriptive insights that can be rapidly used and understood by business and technical users across the organization. Through FullStory’s AI, companies can understand and improve entirely new customer paths that were not anticipated or planned for, applying sophisticated clustering, signal/feature extractions, and new heuristics like Rage Clicks™ to empathize with and solve customer needs in previously unimaginable ways. Unlike traditional analytics solutions that rely on tagging and instrumentation, FullStory leverages a complete, retroactive and labeled dataset of human behavior so that clients can understand and improve digital experience based on real events and evidence, removing blind spots, reducing bias, and driving business value. For example, a company can now identify and prioritize problems they never before knew existed by using the FullStory platform to discover segments of customers through patterns or anomalies that lead to conversion failure or success. Once surfaced, FullStory empowers teams to rapidly act on the most high-value opportunities based on comparative analysis of all segment dimensions and metrics, including the projected number of customers affected and predicted revenue impact. A recent study by Forrester Consulting found that FullStory delivered 3-year ROI of 411% and payback in under 3 months for a large retail brand.
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  • Reflektion Customer Engagement Platform - Reflektion, Inc.

    Reflektion’s next-generation Customer Engagement Platform helps eCommerce sites to grow revenue by delivering 1:1 personalization to each shopper in real-time -- at scale & across channels — Preview Search, Full Page Search, Category & Landing Pages, Recommendations, Content and Email. It utilizes AI/ML to display the most individually relevant products & content across site search, recommendations, category or landing pages, web & emails based on in-the-moment individual purchase intent. Leading retail brands such as Hanes, Big Lots, Skechers, PetCo & ULTA rely on Reflektion to grow conversions. Reflektion is architected from the ground up to autonomously and continuously apply the latest Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to vast, continually growing visitor interaction Big Data—and automatically apply those insights to every visit, every touchpoint. With Reflektion, acting on every customer’s real-time purchase intent is now attainable. Intuitive, easy to use, scalable, and delivered in the cloud, hyper-personalization is now accessible for every online brand and retailer.
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  • ResponseCRM, ResponseCRM Solution - ResponseCRM

    ResponseCRM is an industry-leading CRM direct marketing automation and e-commerce solution that makes it easy for businesses to sell products and services online. The solution blends cutting-edge technology — such as split-URL testing to maximize eCommerce conversion rates — and powerful integrations with advanced payment processing and support. ResponseCRM is easy to use and offers a unique transaction-based pricing model, so that people only pay for what they use. There are no setup fees, no monthly licensing fees, and a low rate per transaction. It provides:

    • Availability and Scalability: It offers unlimited bandwidth and transactions along with 99.9% uptime.

    • Ease of Use: It’s easy to integrate your offer pages and funnels into ResponseCRM so that you can be up and running quickly with high-converting page flows and funnels to maximize ROI.

    • Exceptional Functionality: The versatile UI, powerful integrations, in-depth reporting and other capabilities make ResponseCRM a solution that offers incredible value to its customers.

    • Innovation: The innovative, low-cost transaction-based pricing model, integrations with popular apps, along with the ability to create a wide range of versions for split-URL testing, enables users to grow their businesses and scale quickly and cost effectively.

    • Management and Administrative Tools: Users can turn on payments quickly and leverage a high-powered, extremely flexible e-billing system.

    • Reporting and Analysis: Easy-to-use reports provide a granular level of customer accounts and activity. Robust dashboards offer in-depth analytics, website conversion metrics, and projections with smart predictions.

    • Security: ResponseCRM maximizes security with integrated chargeback defense, alerts, and fraud protection features.

    • Visually Aesthetic: The UI is intuitive and makes it easy for new users to leverage the many unique capabilities the solution provides.

    This customer success story describes the exceptional pricing model and platform. Integrations2020 EnhancementsSplit-URL Testing Demo

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  • NetworkVu - Ware2Go

    NetworkVu is leveling the playfield, making it possible for businesses of all sizes to access the tools and analysis needed to reach their best customers with faster delivery. The ecommerce cart app or a stand alone application uses ecommerce sellers’ shopping cart and shipping data to generate reports on seasonal demand patterns, business growth opportunities, and geographic order distribution. With this data NetworkVu recommends options for fulfillment distribution that strike a balance between customer needs and sellers’ operational workflows. This data was previously only attainable through a team of data analysts and consultants -- roles typically reserved for large retailers. NetworkVu automates high-level reporting from easily uploaded user data, or with NetworkVu’s shopping cart apps (including BigCommerce), which pull data directly from a seller’s order history. Reporting includes side-by-side comparative models of various distributed networks mapped from the merchant’s customer locations and translated into optimized fulfillment networks. Auto-generated cost analyses and recommendations for warehouse placement and inventory distribution eliminate the need for a one-on-one consultation and empower ecommerce sellers to make informed decisions in the best interest of their business. Merchants who have optimized their fulfillment with Ware2Go’s NetworkVu improved their 2-day delivery footprint, in turn growing their cart conversions, while controlling their cost to serve.
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