Best Human Capital or Talent Management Solution

Recognizes the best solution that automates any aspect of human resources management and talent acquisition, including HRIS, benefits administration, recruiting, payroll, and performance appraisal.

CloudPay NOW - CloudPay

CloudPay NOW represents the next wave of disruption in payroll, HR, and employee financial wellbeing. Uniquely positioned to help global companies, CloudPay NOW seamlessly integrates with CloudPay's core treasury and payroll services. CloudPay NOW provides an intuitive mobile application for employer setup/administration employee self-services of on-demand pay. By providing CloudPay NOW through CloudPay's payroll and treasury services, organizations can build targeted financial wellness programs to help employees that struggle with finances the most. CloudPay NOW offers employees access to earned wages in advance of payday through a global technology platform. Different from conventional payday loans and other consumer credit products, CloudPay NOW does not charge interest or penalties and is based on accessing funds earned rather than anticipated future wages. Moreover, unlike other on-demand pay solutions, CloudPay NOW makes this benefit available globally, to all employee populations of a company's workforce. The ultimate opportunity of CloudPay NOW is the enablement of on-demand access to earned wages for all employees without increasing burden for employers and no requirement to run payroll more frequently. CloudPay NOW includes an ROI model that anticipates a year one reduction in absenteeism by 15 percent, a 5 percent increase in employee productivity, and an expected decline in turnover by 20 percent across all employee populations where this benefit is made availa
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    pandoIQ, PandoLogic - PandoLogic

    PandoLogic is the leading programmatic job advertising and vendor management platform in North America. Its programmatic job advertising platform, pandoIQ, automates and optimizes job ad placements to help companies meet hiring needs while maximizing recruitment ad spend. Evaluating 100T job data points and making 7,000 micro-decisions per minute, pandoIQ eliminates inefficiencies and waste by reaching the right candidates on the right sites at the right time for the right price via a single performance-based platform.

    • Automates Ad Placement and Management Process: Proprietary algorithms automate and optimize decision making during the job advertising process, from job classification and targeted distribution to budget allocation and dynamic CPC bidding across diverse categories.
    • Optimizes Performance in Real-Time: Job variables are automatically analyzed using job taxonomy and Natural Language Process to derive a predictive-performance benchmark used to create the ideal campaign strategy to target the right job seekers, on the right sites, at the right price.
    • Manages Spend Strategy Efficiently: Predictive benchmarks are leveraged to dynamically allocate budget across all job types. Spending caps are applied to specific jobs to eliminate waste and ensure that budget constraints are met.
    • Delivers Predictive Insights and Transparency in Spend: An online analytics dashboard enables employers to make proactive decisions to improve recruitment processes with real-time access to predictive and actual performance data across all jobs.
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    Talent Experience Management - Phenom People

    Talent Experience Management (TXM) is the holistic approach to connecting every interaction throughout the talent lifecycle by delivering great experiences. It unifies technology and experience design to enhance the talent journey by helping candidates and employees find the right job, recruiters identify and engage the right talent, and management optimize HR strategy, process and spend. The Phenom TXM platform channels this methodology by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), which drives personalization and accuracy for candidates, recruiters, employees, and management. While the platform’s many unique features are effective on their own, users reap the greatest benefits when they’re all connected. Embracing TXM empowers enterprises to better connect with quality candidates and employees through personalized experiences, delivering top talent and driving ROI. Candidate Experience The TXM platform can easily solve candidate pain points by providing the right tools, such as an AI-powered career site, conversational chatbot, virtual and on-site event management/university recruitment technology, and an intuitive CMS. True 1-to-1 Personalization, powered by Phenom A?, also delivers tailored candidate experiences to help talent find the right fit, faster. Relevant jobs and dynamic content are recommended in real time as candidates progress along their own unique journey. Recruiter Experience In today’s pandemic-altered job market, recruiters are overwhelmed. Automation and AI tools allow them to focus more on holding meaningful interactions with candidates and less on time-consuming tasks like scheduling. TXM helps recruiters modernize their approach with sophisticated technology like an AI-powered CRM, automated email campaigns, easy SMS communication, and data-driven insights. In 2020, we also supported virtual recruiting events. Recruiters can also integrate Phenom seamlessly with 1-to-many video tools to connect with candidates virtually. Employee Experience TXM offers resources that facilitate employee development and drive retention. With Internal Mobility, employees can get more visibility into opportunities at their organization. Career Pathing charts the recommended skills that employees need to capitalize on those opportunities. They can also easily make referrals with a tool that presents candidates from their networks. ERGs allow employees to engage in mentorship, counseling and advocacy. Management Experience With advanced talent analytics, reporting and forecasting, TXM helps leadership to make better hiring decisions the first time, which further strengthens the entire talent lifecycle. Managers can analyze real-time data easily in interactive dashboards, track where potential candidates are in the hiring pipeline, identify bottlenecks to help mirror successful recruiting practices, and evaluate ROI and business impact from campaigns. D&I tools also help managers reduce unconscious bias in the hiring process.
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  • Wand VMS - PRO Unlimited

    Today, nearly 40% of the workforce consists of contingent workers – with many Global 2000 companies planning to push this number to 50% in the next three years. This growth has increased the complexity of sourcing and hiring contingent workers, ensuring compliance, and managing the contingent workforce. PRO Unlimited, through its purely vendor-neutral Managed Service Provider (MSP) and Wand® Vendor Management System (VMS), helps organizations worldwide address the costs, risks, and quality issues associated with managing a contingent workforce. Wand VMS is the most robust omnichannel VMS solution on the market. Through a highly consumerized user experience and cutting-edge technology – including its new RatePoint on-demand hiring intelligence – Wand provides capabilities and innovations unmatched by any other software in the industry today. It enables managers and program owners to effectively manage all aspects of their contingent workforce supply chain. Used globally by some of the world’s biggest brands, including Fortune 1000 companies in more than 100 countries, core capabilities of Wand include: • Total contingent workforce management that includes onboarding and offboarding, timecards and expenses, data analytics, and much more • Direct sourcing with the Wand private Talent Network module • Analytics and reporting with the Wand Discovery module • SOW project sourcing and management • Easy integration with any commercial or proprietary platform • An intuitive omnichannel experience for managers, suppliers and workers, including comprehensive native apps on the iPhone, Android, iPad and Apple Watch • A cutting-edge AI platform, highlighted by real-time, AI-driven matching and ranking of job candidates In addition, Wand’s new RatePoint hiring intelligence enables users to achieve a deep understanding of market rates based on a number of criteria, leveraging the industry’s largest data repository. This on-demand access dramatically increases market intelligence, empowering users to make more informed hiring decisions and optimizing the cost and location of resources globally. Utilizing Wand’s RatePoint hiring intelligence enables users to: • Easily and accurately price contingent labor for all positions globally, harnessing the world’s largest market rate dataset • Perform analysis of labor costs and view trending information in different global markets, facilitating hiring of remote workers in lower-cost, previously untapped locations • Understand how different skill sets, locations, rate types, engagement types and experience levels impact bill and pay rates • Quickly perform real-time, side-by-side rate comparisons via RatePoint’s intuitive, user-friendly interface and interactive dashboard In summary, Wand VMS delivers a comprehensive solution for all of the stakeholders in the contingent labor ecosystem/supply chain, including procurement and HR leaders, department heads, managers, workers and suppliers.
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