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Auvik, Auvik Networks - Auvik Networks

The legacy network management systems IT professionals depend on haven't evolved. They aren’t intuitive or easy to use, are cumbersome and time consuming to deploy, and don't give the IT professional all the resources they need to troubleshoot network issues quickly. 


Many systems require an IT professional to purchase expensive on-premises hardware, set up complex collection and data forwarding schemes, and are often inaccessible from outside of the network, a critical point in today’s ‘work from anywhere’ reality. 


Enter Auvik: Real-time network topology (giving up-to-date information on where every device is connected to the network), detailed device performance statistics, visibility into the applications in use on their network, and device logs from across their managed networks, all in a single dashboard. Automating these manual functions enables IT teams to spend their time on more value-added activities enabling their end user’s productivity. 


Our cloud-based network management software can be deployed in minutes, and it’s simple, intuitive interface can be used by even the most junior technician on an IT team. It doesn’t require deep network knowledge to use and it’s designed to scale with a business. Our customers range from enterprise customers, managing thousands of assets across hundreds of sites, to SMBs managing their critical infrastructure. Our real-time network mapping is a key feature—it allows users to automatically map and understand their network in minutes, rather than tracing wires manually, which can take days or weeks. 


Thanks to the intellectual heavy-lifting of our development team, no competitor can quickly or easily recreate Auvik. And with the acquisition of a Barcelona-based technology company in 2018, we also rolled out a powerful network traffic analytics feature last year, one which uses machine learning to surface additional network insights for Auvik users.  


We're continuing to evolve and are migrating parts of our system to embrace standard data streaming platforms and frameworks like Kafka, loosely coupled and highly available services orchestrated using Kubernetes, and user interface philosophies like React to deliver maximum value to our clients.


Auvik has a well defined continuous improvement / continuous delivery process that is consistently delivering new functionality, addressing emerging security threats, and improving the user experience through resolving reported bugs. Additionally, Auvik has a bi-weekly maintenance release applied to all systems to ensure all clients are always on the latest software. For full details on Auvik security, check out our Systems Security page. 


Our offering works out of the box with support for over 15,000+ devices from over 700 vendors—a major benefit to drive adoption as few IT environments are homogeneous. Since Auvik works with any network device a customer already has, it eliminates the need for techs to know multiple different operating systems and languages. 

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    BigPanda - BigPanda

    BigPanda improves incident management within complex IT Ops environments by using Machine Learning to correlate events into actionable insights. BigPanda sifts through alert data from monitoring, observability, change and topology tools to bring together the right information that helps prevent and detect outages faster. BigPanda provides root cause analysis and context for the IT Ops, NOC, DevOps and SRE teams so they can work on resolving the incident faster and take steps to stop it from happening again. Features Include: Open Box Machine Learning - Uses Machine Learning (ML) to automatically correlate related alerts into high-level incidents using time, topology, context and alert types - Powers advanced, automated root cause analysis that explains their logic to the user in plain language - Includes a control panel for ML pattern editing and testing, with automatically generated correlation patterns based on past data Open Integration Hub - Ingests monitoring, change and topology data for full-stack visibility and alert enrichment with out-of-the-box connectors - Includes powerful, flexible REST APIs, for quick and simple custom integrations in as little as one day - Integrates with ticketing, notification and chat tools for incident management automation and cross-team collaboration Root Cause Changes - Shows changes that BigPanda’s Open Box ML has determined may be related to an incident, and highlights the ones that are most relevant - Provides the reasoning behind every suggestion in simple, understandable language - Uses deep integrations with change tools to notify the relevant team, so root cause changes can be rolled back Real-time Topology Mesh - Ingests topology data from all sources of topology in the environment to provide an up-to-date, visual, full-stack topology model - Correlates monitoring alerts against the topology mesh to achieve high-quality correlation and accurate root cause detection - Identifies services and applications impacted by low-level infrastructure issues, enabling faster prioritization and resolution Operations Console - Creates shared situation awareness for IT Ops, NOC, DevOps and SRE teams by providing them with real-time full-stack visibility across monitoring, change and topology data - Enables sharing of incidents with enterprise ticketing, collaboration and other tools and teams, simplifying operational workflows and boosting team efficiencies - Provides secure, role-based access to incidents, so all teams have full-stack visibility into the performance and availability of their applications and services at all times Unified Analytics - Allows customization of reports, KPIs and metrics—without having to rely on third party experts—as well as easy sharing with other users - Provides an easy way to export IT Ops data into industry standard formats that can be consumed and analyzed by common BI platforms like Tableau, Qlik and Domo
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  • CloudBolt V9.4 - CloudBolt Software

    CloudBolt is a comprehensive, next-generation cloud management platform (CMP) that intelligently helps companies manage their hybrid cloud multi-cloud environments and radically enable true self-service IT. By simplifying how enterprises harnesses private clouds, public cloud, and various tools, CloudBolt's customers are able to satisfy all stakeholders in their digital transformation journeys and achieve: - Maximum flexibility and extensibility, - Better IT efficiency, and - Greater governance and control. With CloudBolt, enterprises can easily inventory their entire hybrid cloud environments, automate and orchestrate IT workload delivery, and manage and track public cloud spend. Rich dashboards provide visibility into multi-cloud infrastructures to rapidly power better cloud decisions. CloudBolt's flexible architecture and industry-leading integration capabilities enable organizations to quickly extend the utility of existing (and future) tools —ServiceNow, Terraform, Ansible, Chef, etc. — in a completely individualized way based on each customer's unique infrastructure choices. Unlike other cloud management platforms, enterprises choose CloudBolt for three reasons. First, rapid time to value. CloudBolt deploys in minutes—not days or months. Two, unrivaled simplification of extremely complicated hybrid cloud requirements. CloudBolt comes with dozens of out-of-the-box integrations and an intuitive self-service catalog. The result? A solution all stakeholders love using every day. Three, unparalleled flexibility. CloudBolt lets you easily integrate with your existing tools and technologies—without the high cost of professional services or waiting for long vendor turn-around times. With the completion of two strategic acquisitions in 2020, CloudBolt Software is further separating itself from the pack with highly intelligent approaches to codeless integrations with infrastructure automation tools, and real-time cost/security/governance controls that are regularly reducing cloud spend inefficiencies for customers by more than 40%. Though currently loosely coupled, these new solutions are being deeply integrated into a single, comprehensive platform in 2021 and establishing CloudBolt as the next generation CMP of choice.
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  • Veeam Availability Suite v10 - Veeam Software

    Veeam Availability Suite (VAS) makes data management simple, flexible and reliable for businesses, taking the stress out of managing data by removing the manual processes associated with data protection, recovery, monitoring, ransomware protection and compliance. Maintaining customer trust is a core priority. With the rise of cyberattacks, any breach can cause significant damage. Add in the immense pressure you are under to ensure governance and compliance; the task can feel overwhelming. Feel confident you can protect your data and ensure compliance with Veeam. VAS v10 delivers modern file data protection for Network Attached Storage (NAS), enhanced ransomware protection and expanded instant recovery options. With greater platform extensibility, data mining through APIs, and over new 150 features, VAS v10 is the one solution for complete data management and protection for hybrid environments; it also provides advanced protection for any application, any data, across any cloud. VAS v10 delivers ease of use with several key capabilities, including looking like tools executives are familiar with. This reduces training time, making VAS v10 seem very intuitive. The software has fast recovery, ensuring low recovery time objectives for files, VMs, NAS and applications. Users can reuse backup data to ensure security, compliance, recoverability, and can make more informed business decisions. Additionally, reliable backup, secure replication and smart storage ensure users can back up any workload, deliver streamlined disaster recovery and create fast backups and replicas from snapshots. Users can also enjoy full spectrum granular recovery by using Veeam Explorers, with no agents or third-party solutions required. With VAS v10, secure off-site protection is easy with built-in replication and WAN acceleration. Also, users can use data to instantly achieve IT efficiency for development, patch testing, security scans, data mining and malware/ransomware remediation. VAS delivers modern file data protection for NAS and Multi-VM Instant Recovery to automate disaster recovery, and greatly enhanced ransomware protection and remediation. VAS v10 protects modern workloads at scale with broader backup capabilities, achieves increased security via immutable backups with S3 Object Lock, and empowers deeper ecosystem API integration options, enabling organizations to save time, reduce costs and exceed recovery objectives. Veeam’s goal is to provide a single platform that helps the organization protect its data and run the business, adding policy-based data services to better manage the data, allow the company to grow the business, and then the VAS solution unleashes the value of the protected data through data portability, cloud mobility, and data re-use to enable digital transformation so that a company can transform the business.
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