Best Payments Solution

Recognizes the best solution for passing authorization, payments, and settlement data between a merchant’s website and the merchant’s processor. Category may include digital payment products and blockchain.

Avangate Monetization Platform, 2Checkout - 2Checkout

2Checkout's all-in-one monetization platform helps businesses accept payments and grow digital commerce revenue streams across geographies, business models, or channels. The Avangate Monetization Platform covers 200+ countries and territories, 45+ payment methods, 30+ languages and 100 billing currencies. Global payments are settled seamlessly due to the Intelligent Payment Routing feature and support for multiple payment processors which secure the highest possible authorization rates. The multi-currency management feature increases authorization rates by up to 25%. A unique aspect of the platform is the ability to work with multiple payment models, meaning clients can go to market using a Merchant of Record model, a Payment Service Provider model, or a hybrid of both. 2Checkout simplifies the complexity of selling worldwide for all size companies and reduces the risks of ever-changing local regulations, whether it's taxes, payments compliance, data privacy management, security, and/or performance. Furthermore, we are constantly adjusting our platform controls for payments and money flows compliance to the latest laws and regulations across the world. As such, we are on top of PCI DSS, GDPR, PSD2, CCPA and other industry security standards.

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    CloudPay NOW, CloudPay - CloudPay

    CloudPay NOW represents the next wave of disruption in payroll, HR, and employee financial wellbeing. Uniquely positioned to help global companies, CloudPay NOW seamlessly integrates with CloudPay's core treasury and payroll services. CloudPay NOW provides an intuitive mobile application for employer setup/administration employee self-services of on-demand pay. By providing CloudPay NOW through CloudPay's payroll and treasury services, organizations can build targeted financial wellness programs to help employees that struggle with finances the most. CloudPay NOW offers employees access to earned wages in advance of payday through a global technology platform. Different from conventional payday loans and other consumer credit products, CloudPay NOW does not charge interest or penalties and is based on accessing funds earned rather than anticipated future wages. Moreover, unlike other on-demand pay solutions, CloudPay NOW makes this benefit available globally, to all employee populations of a company's workforce. The ultimate opportunity of CloudPay NOW is the enablement of on-demand access to earned wages for all employees without increasing burden for employers and no requirement to run payroll more frequently. CloudPay NOW includes an ROI model that anticipates a year one reduction in absenteeism by 15 percent, a 5 percent increase in employee productivity, and an expected decline in turnover by 20 percent across all employee populations where this benefit is available.

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    Galileo Instant, Galileo Financial Technologies - Galileo Financial Technologies

    Galileo Instant is a frictionless solution for gig-economy, marketplace, ecommerce, fintech and other businesses that need the speed and convenience of creating debit cards through a single point of contact. In June 2020, Galileo launched Galileo Instant, a platform enabling qualified businesses to launch debit card programs as quickly as 14 days, with key requirements for card issuing fully baked-in including the payment network; sponsor bank; card design, manufacture and fulfillment; and other third-party support. The Instant solution is particularly useful for U.S. businesses and entrepreneurs paying 1099 workers, contractors and even employees. By working with banks to standardize the debit card issuing process, Instant reduces the cost of entry and time to market compared to traditional solutions. This makes it fast and affordable for businesses that need a card and digital banking solution but don't want to be in the payment business to have one. The implementation process begins with the Instant Dashboard, a portal businesses use to find everything they need to launch and scale their debit card program. Through the Dashboard, businesses can also access Instant's robust API to create their own custom mobile interface. Just prior to its full launch in June, Instant had a waiting list of over 100 businesses. Today, Instant has over 1,500 initial business enrollments and counting.

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    Toast Go® 2 and Toast Order & Pay® - Toast

    Toast, the fastest-growing restaurant technology company in North America, recently unveiled Toast Go® 2 and Toast Order & Pay®, a contactless payments suite that empowers restaurants to keep guests safe and grow average check size as the pandemic continues. In normal times, restaurants are intense, challenging environments. This has increased with today’s new consumer expectations for speed and pandemic-based safety, while also running smoothly. As a result of indoor dining restrictions brought on by the COVID-19 health crisis, restaurants of all sizes are under pressure to offer contactless technology and expand dining areas to include patios, sidewalks, and even streets. Restaurants need technology that helps them quickly adapt — whether it’s pivoting business models, adhering to new regulations, or answering changing guest expectations for safety and convenience. The Toast Go® 2 and Toast Order & Pay® suite delivers on all fronts: it flexes for delivery and takeout, works for QSR and FSR, minimizes interactions through contactless payments, and reduces mistakes to keep revenue up and costs down. Plus it allows waitstaff to spend less time running between tables and the kitchen and more time delivering a great hospitality experience. Below we dive more into the specific technology behind Toast Go® 2 and Toast Order & Pay® to better illustrate how the two work in harmony to create a unified suite. Toast Order & Pay®, the cloud-based platform built exclusively for restaurants, gives guests the ability to order and pay for their meal from the convenience and safety of their own devices while also improving table turn times. It provides restaurants with tools that measure and collect valuable guest data to better understand guests and drive targeted marketing campaigns, further integrating Toast offerings across multiple devices. Because this product was a solution meant to help restaurants survive the pandemic, it is the first of its kind and has not needed any product improvements since its release. Toast Go® 2 integrates seamlessly with all of Toast’s restaurant-grade hardware and software, this is integral in ensuring it works in harmony with Toast Order & Pay®. The handheld device offers contactless checkout with Apple Pay®, Google Pay®, Samsung Pay®, and tap-to-pay. It possesses a 24-hour battery life and features processing speeds three times faster than its predecessor. Despite the conditions, Toast Go® 2 is ready for use indoors, outdoors, drive-through, or curbside. With increased efficiency, it adapts to how waiters serve and allows staff to turn tables faster. This allows staff members to receive higher tips and reduces labor costs while retaining top employees. The technology was purpose-built for a busy restaurant environment; it’s drop-proof from up to four feet and IP54-rated for spill and dust resistance. Most importantly, contactless payments create a safer dining experience for both employees and guests.
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