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Recognizes the best application that aids collaboration, communication, file sharing and the process of managing, engaging, empowering and problem solving for teams working together over geographic distances.

LexisNexis Digital Library, LexisNexis / RELX Group - LexisNexis / RELX Group

The LexisNexis Digital Library offers seamless organizational access to one of the largest collections of legal eBook publications as well as audiobooks, eBooks and videos from the thousands of publishers in OverDrive's Marketplace database. It is used by attorneys, law students, librarians, judges and other legal researchers at federal and state court libraries, large law firms, law schools, federal and state agencies, and public law libraries. Originally the product was launched in 2012, but the interface was completely rebuilt in January 2020. The enhancements reflect an intense focus on user experience and were based on many hours of observation and records of users’ journeys through real-life legal research workflows as well as librarian feedback.

LexisNexis Digital Library users see a personalized front-and-center workspace that makes it easy to quickly locate a book or resume work where they last left off—the home page includes links to titles they have used recently and notes they’ve taken on those titles. Inside the library, users can quickly sort, filter, organize and download any or all of their notes and highlights from their eBooks for faster consolidation inside the application. Within an eBook, users can easily color code and highlight passages with embedded citations, add their own notes and hyperlink to the Lexis+ or Lexis service for deeper research needs. Access the product via web browser or mobile app for either online or offline reading options.

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    Lucidspark - Lucid Software, Inc.

    The transition to remote work highlighted an urgent need for solutions to enhance collaboration and creativity. Lucid, the leading provider of visual collaboration software, undertook the task of building and launching a digital whiteboard solution to empower remote workers with the visual collaboration solutions that could seamlessly move teams from ideation into action.

    The end result was Lucidspark, the cloud-based virtual whiteboard where teams can work together creatively in real time regardless of physical location. The intuitive digital canvas allows teams to more effectively brainstorm, collaborate, align on new ideas, and organize collective thinking into actionable next steps. Because Lucidspark was built by entirely remote teams, this virtual whiteboard is tailored to meet the needs of today’s distributed workforce.

    Teams can share ideas on an infinite canvas that maximizes creativity through freehand drawing, shapes and quick sticky creation. This real-time collaboration is further enhanced by enabling immediate feedback through emoji reactions and voting sessions, helping teams more quickly gain consensus on priorities. Features like a timer and note panel can help facilitate innovation as managers can set the context for any kind of collaborative meeting, from strategic planning to large-scale scrum planning. Every team member is able to have their voice heard, and individual contributions are tracked through collaborator colors. Even more impressive is the intelligent idea synthesis. Keywords and tagging make it possible to automatically sort, gather and synthesize ideas into action plans, removing hours of manual organization. The board can be used asynchronously to communicate session results and actionable insights to key stakeholders for approvals and buy-in.

    Lucidspark is based on the same reliable, secure collaboration software that has powered Lucidchart for more than ten years, keeping your ideas safe and accessible. Lucidspark can easily be implemented by adding the solution to a company’s tech stack, and team members can quickly join a board through a single invite link. Lucidspark works seamlessly with Lucidchart, allowing users to easily move ideation sessions into existing infrastructure maps or process flows. Integrations with industry-leading productivity platforms support remote teams within their existing workflows, including Google Drive, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Jira. Users are already making Lucidspark a key part of strategic planning, product roadmap development and driving innovation across their teams due to its reliability and scalability for the needs of individual teams. The transparency across all involved parties allows teams to move forward without duplicating or missing action items, minimizing bottlenecks and decreasing time to decision making.

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    Onvio Firm Management - Thomson Reuters

    2020 and the unique challenges presented to accounting firms and their clients by COVID-19 mean it’s never been more important to be able to work digitally - from anywhere, anytime. Built on Thomson Reuters’ innovative Onvio platform, Onvio Firm Management Advanced is a cloud-native solution that gives tax and accounting firms the ability to effectively manage all of their back-office activities including document management, project workflows, and client collaboration. Client Center simplifies Clients’ experience while Onvio Firm Management provides a seamless user experience for both the firm and the firm's clients. Unlike the typical back-office solution, Onvio Firm Management takes functionality that is normally found in disconnected systems and consolidates it into a single experience. Onvio Firm Management will provide a firm all the tools they need for:

    • Document Management: organize client documents, search across client folders and collaborate with staff through document annotations

    • Project Management: integration with UltraTax CS, project budgeting and the ability to route project tasks to both staff and clients

    • Time and Billing: track time and expenses, invoice clients, and collect receipts

    • Client Collaboration: deliver, request, or get approval for any document, request an eSignature on any pdf, and allow invoices to be paid online

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  • CCH Axcess™ Client Collaboration - Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting

    CCH Axcess™ Client Collaboration is a unified collaboration hub for firms and their clients. The inefficient back-and-forth between an accounting firm and its clients is often cited as the top challenge facing the client/firm relationship. Clients often have to log in to as many as 4 different systems over the course of an engagement. Now, with CCH Axcess Client Collaboration, clients and firms have a single, centralized system for collaborating from start to finish. Firms can send and receive engagement letters, request information, review and deliver returns, obtain e-signed 8879 forms, and send invoices. Clients can review, sign and return engagement letters; respond to a simplified organizer questionnaire and document request list; import their W2s, 1099s, 1098s and other year-end financial documents directly from the source; and can track the entire process from one centralized interface. CCH Axcess Client Collaboration’s platform facilitates a frictionless experience between firms and clients. Clients are walked through a straightforward step-by-step process, so they are never left guessing what to do next. And firms save time by reducing the back and forth with clients, improved tracking of client progress, and easier collection of client documents and signatures. The product now includes more than 250 innovative enhancements for tax year 2020: • More customizable questionnaires: Client organizers are easier to tailor to specific client needs, and as a result, they are easier for clients to complete. With more personalized organizers, firms can reduce the headaches and time spent going back and forth with clients to collect all the data they need during busy season. • Year-round collaboration: Tax work is highly seasonal, with compressed work during tax season and in the weeks before extension deadlines. A fully-integrated 8879 eSign process, year-round document gathering, and secure, two-way messaging are a few of the new features that help firms reduce compression by eliminating unnecessary hassles. • Simplified client interactions: Clients expect their accountants to save them time and money, so minimizing the effort required of clients can help keep clients satisfied, as well as keeping projects on track. With new Schedule C and Schedule E organizers, a simplified task list, electronic invoices, and a firm overview dashboard, firms get the information they need without over-burdening clients. Because the majority of tax work happens between mid-January and mid-April, many firms struggle to balance work the rest of the year. Firms may hire temporary staff, and they can file extensions to gain a few extra months, but these workarounds don’t solve the core problem. Clients who meet with the firm only during tax season are not receiving the best that firms have to offer. Improving collaboration with clients and automating non-value-added tasks are more client-friendly strategies for managing tax season compression.
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