Best Subscription Billing Solution

Recognizes the best solution to help companies manage all aspects of the subscription lifecycle. Subscription management includes onboarding, assisted or unassisted subscription sales, pricing and packaging, recurring billing, auto-renewing, paywall management, invoicing, reporting, and financial management.

Avangate Monetization Platform, 2Checkout - 2Checkout

Integral to the Avangate Monetization platform, the Subscription Billing capabilities enable merchants to sell subscriptions via any model, across multiple channels (online direct, in-app, channel sales). From the first order or trial, through to onboarding, upgrading, and renewal, merchants can thus manage the commerce across the entire subscription lifecycle and ultimately maximize customer lifetime value. The solution offers flexible pricing models which can be adjusted on the fly, both in terms of the pricing plan (flat-rate, usage-based, hybrid, one-time charge etc.), and billing model (daily, weekly, monthly, or annually). To closely track their subscription business and forecast revenue, merchants have access to out-of-the-box reporting for monthly/annual recurring revenue, renewal and churn rate, active customers and subscriptions, and other important metrics. In addition, the platform provides a comprehensive suite of award-winning Revenue Recovery Tools, for both voluntary and involuntary churn, that easily help recover up to 20% of recurring revenue. Finally, the solution allows merchants to connect the subscriptions storefront to their own website or app with powerful APIs.

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    BillingCloud, BillingPlatform - BillingPlatform

    BillingCloud is a cloud-based software solution that makes complex billing simple by automating billing and monetization processes. It is the only billing software available that gives organizations the power and flexibility to support the entire financial process from quote to cash – adapting to every unique business model and pricing structure. Specifically, BillingCloud enables any business model in every geography and industry. While other billing systems focus on one type of pricing strategy or industry, BillingCloud enables enterprises to monetize products with sophisticated usage and rating capabilities, including any combination of one-time charges, promotional offers, subscription, consumption or hybrid-based billing – all in a single platform. The solution also seamlessly integrates within a company’s existing financial ecosystem, making it extremely simple to implement with popular CRM and ERP systems, among other systems. Because of its flexibility, BillingCloud enables companies to operationalize, automate, and manage billing and monetization strategies so they can grow revenue, maximize profitability, increase speed to market, reduce operational costs, and dramatically improve the customer experience.

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