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BrightPlan Total Financial Wellness solution, BrightPlan - BrightPlan

BrightPlan's Total Financial Wellness solution is built to lead all employees to financial success at every stage of life. It provides a holistic approach to financial wellness and is offered as an employer-sponsored benefit. BrightPlan is the first financial wellness solution certified for fiduciary excellence that is real-time, personalized and integrated with employer benefits.

BrightPlan delivers Total Financial Wellness through a digital platform and human financial advisors. The solution has four key pillars:

  • Learn facilitates employee education on financial topics with content customized for each employer. 
  • Plan assists employees in building a personal financial roadmap. 
  • Invest automates saving and investing. 
  • Manage brings it all together in a dashboard for your entire financial life. 
As a registered investment adviser, BrightPlan is held to the fiduciary standard, which requires us to act solely in the client's best interest when offering personalized financial advice. BrightPlan's unique combination of digital platform, human advisors and adherence to the fiduciary standard supports employee personal financial goals at every stage of life, helping enterprises to better attract, retain and engage talent.

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    FinFit's Holistic Financial Wellness Platform - FinFit

    FinFit offers a holistic financial wellness platform, featuring a personalized assessment, premier educational resources, interactive budgeting tools, member rewards incentives, early wage access, and innovative banking, savings, and credit solutions that motivate employees to establish positive financial behaviors to achieve overall financial well-being.

    If your organization is struggling to retain employees, adding FinFit's suite of financial wellness resources to your employee benefit package can increase employee retention by 19% and save you nearly $2 million annually for every 1,000 employees. 

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    Fitbit, Guidance Solutions - Guidance Solutions

    To recapture global market share and better compete in the health and fitness space, Fitbit turned to Guidance to transform a legacy platform that was unreliable and inefficient. The solution is a global headless commerce environment developed with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) as the content delivery engine and BigCommerce as cart and checkout experience. Despite numerous challenges and roadblocks that could potentially stop development in its tracks, the Guidance team developed clever API driven workarounds to drive the project to completion. The result is a global cart and checkout experience as well as a health and fitness platform to serve a new B2C marketplace. As one of the most sophisticated BigCommerce implementations ever, this cloud hosted SaaS platform is able to satisfy the unique requirements of over 20 different countries and the consumers they serve.

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