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Storybuilder - Everlaw

In January 2021, Everlaw launched Storybuilder, the legal industry’s first free narrative building toolkit that provides legal teams with a fully collaborative environment to organize their key case documents and craft compelling narrative from anywhere. There is currently a lack of robust collaboration tools in the legal industry, which has been exacerbated by the pandemic. Everlaw has made Storybuilder widely available to help legal teams collaborate more effectively. With Storybuilder, users can upload key documents into a Story; organize them into a cohesive case timeline annotated with people and events; integrate evidence into deposition prep and other work product; coordinate live deposition settings; upload deposition transcripts; and identify key pieces of testimony. Key features of Storybuilder include: - Timelines – Organizes key documents, events, and profiles of individuals into cohesive case timelines - Dashboards – a holistic view of key documents and evidence; enables users to pinpoint key findings by adding visual queues that tie documents within certain time spans into events. - Depositions – space that encourages real time collaboration and hosts chat features that help teams build out questions lines and streamline deposition workflows
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  • New Design System Manager - InVision App

    InVision’s new Design System Manager (DSM), launched in August, allows teams to easily leverage reusable components and not reinvent the wheel as part of the process of scaling digital product development. It’s an accelerant, and its adoption and use by organizations both large and small allow them to expand digital workflow and brand consistency to meet consumers’ rapidly growing needs. This product is fundamental to our platform because it ignites the collaboration required to build the foundation for cohesive and consistent experiences across touchpoints. DSM enables designers, developers, and others to collaborate seamlessly and quickly, removing barriers to communication and high-friction handoffs, while letting teams establish a system of components together so they can build much more fluidly. Companies that use our platform get their products to market 30% faster on average—and they can do this just as easily remote as they can in-person. Only DSM connects design and code with tokens, so teams can work smarter, faster, and in sync. Our web onboarding experience is packed with in-platform tips, while tutorials guide users towards early achievements and more flexible documentation experiences; meanwhile, a flexible documentation site houses and syncs changes for design principles, live components, accessibility standards, copy guidelines, and more.
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  • PROJECT INSIGHT - Project Insight

    Project Insight is award-winning work & project management software that centralizes work, tasks, and projects into one easy-to-use online platform. Companies can start for FREE and expand with $3 add-ons into a full-featured enterprise edition. Project Insight's out-of-the box integrations, REST API, and automation capabilities manage ALL of your projects, portfolios, and work systems in one place, including CRM, Finance, Development, Support, Warehouse, and HR software.

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