Best Advanced Mathematics Instructional Solution

Recognizes the best instructional solution that offers mathematics curriculum and content for students in algebra, geometry, calculus and other advanced math subjects. The winning solution includes managed classroom/course-based instruction or online supplemental instruction for all student learners so they can learn and apply mathematics concepts and methods, and provides deep and personalized learning experiences for students, supports standards alignment and reflects current curriculum practice.

Gizmos - ExploreLearning

Get hands-on with math and science Gizmos are online simulations that excite curiosity and invite interaction. We’ve got more than 400 Gizmos in our library covering topics and concepts in math and science for U.S. grades 3-12. Gizmos help students dig deeper into subjects and really understand challenging concepts. Gizmos give everyone something to visualize, manipulate, and compare. That’s hundreds of opportunities where students don’t just act like scientists and mathematicians. They are. Gizmos help students to make connections and draw conclusions with an interactive design that supports manipulation of variables and “what-if” experimentation. Every Gizmo comes with extensive teaching resources that help make planning and teaching easy. Whole group, small group, or 1:1 lessons, Gizmos has you covered. Play, explore, and experience the “ah-ha” moment with Gizmos. • Discover concepts. Interactive design allows for extensive manipulation of variables and “what-if” experimentation. • Analyze data. Visualizations and graphing tools help capture and compare results from experiments. • Go deeper. In-depth activities create more moments to explore, discover and apply new concepts. Our new interactive STEM Cases take Gizmos a step farther. STEM Cases put students in the role of STEM professionals tasked with solving real-world problems. Via interactive case studies, students form and test ideas to find solutions — just like real scientists. Gizmos offer both math and sci

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  • IXL, IXL Learning - IXL Learning

    IXL Math is an adaptive learning program proven to help students master essential skills in algebra through calculus. In research across more than 58,000 schools in 24 states, schools using IXL Math outperformed schools using any other program or method, ranking as much as 15 percentile points higher on state assessments. IXL’s elegant platform delivers a comprehensive curriculum with diverse, interactive problem types that cover advanced math concepts like solving number sequences, classifying quadrilaterals, writing polynomial functions, evaluating logarithms, and more. And with immediate feedback and explanations given after every question, facilitating independent learning has never been easier. 

    IXL is also uniquely designed to make personalized learning simple. The curriculum adapts to each student in real time, adjusting the level of difficulty to ensure they are perfectly challenged and supported. In addition, IXL offers custom-built skill plans for over 40 popular textbook series, many standardized tests, including the NWEA MAP Growth, SAT, and ACT, and the standards for all 50 states.

    Personalized recommendations guide each student toward the most relevant advanced math skills and empower them to take control of their own learning. IXL’s Real-Time Diagnostic provides up-to-the-minute information on students’ math proficiency, generating a personalized action plan for growth and giving teachers specific next steps to help each learner advance. And with IXL Analytics teachers can monitor performance, find student trouble spots, and use their limited class time more effectively.

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  • Knewton Alta, Wiley - Wiley

    Knewton Alta is affordable and accessible adaptive courseware that delivers a mastery-based learning experience with detailed answer explanations, just-in-time instruction, and remediation of pre-requisite skill gaps. With Knewton Alta, all students start on the same assigned goal topic and work through a personalized path to mastery based on their individualized responses and needs. Rather than relying on a diagnostic, the platform continuously monitors students’ mastery and adapts in real time to maximize their learning outcomes. When students struggle, Knewton Alta recognizes their knowledge gaps immediately and delivers precisely what students need at the moment they need it. The data science behind the Knewton Alta technology is designed to ensure students can retain, recall, and apply knowledge in the future, while also providing instructors with actionable data and insights into student performance and preparedness. The end result? Learning that lasts.

    • Accessible for all learners - The technology, content, and user experience are all WCAG 2.0 AA-level ADA compliant, making Knewton Alta one of the only OER based course solutions with ADA compliant instructional (text and video) and assessment content. 
    • A clean user experience backed by reliable technology - Knewton Alta’s clean, intuitive user interface makes it easy to get started and stay focused. Students learn by solving problems and receiving informative answer feedback and remediation support. Friendly messaging promotes a growth mindset and motivates students to achieve mastery. Knewton Alta integrates securely with any LMS. With 99.9% uptime and a consistent mobile experience, Knewton Alta is ready whenever and wherever.
    • Course empowerment and actionable insights - The dashboard within Knewton Alta gives instructors transparency into how all students are progressing toward assignment completion and mastery. Instructors can use this student performance data to identify at-risk students and inform what they do in class.
    • About Knewton’s adaptive technology - Knewton’s mastery-based adaptive technology has been personalizing learning since 2009. Its unique ability to dynamically pinpoint and remediate knowledge gaps immediately has improved learning outcomes for the more than 15 million learners who have used the technology as a result of Knewton’s enterprise partnerships with education companies and academic institutions from around the world.
    • Content is researched, refined, and developed to ensure it fuels the most efficient, adaptive, and mastery-based experience for students within each objective.  
    • Content is implemented to make connections and harness the power of prerequisite and post requisite relationships between different concepts and skills (i.e., Knowledge Graph). For example, students struggling on a particular objective may be delivered prerequisite practice as far as three “hops” back to help ensure they receive the scaffolding needed to help them achieve mastery of that objective.  
    • At any given moment, Knewton Alta delivers the most novel content with the most appropriate level of difficulty to students. 
    • Knewton’s content is “evergreen” in nature. It is updated, edited, and adapted daily based on feedback from both instructors and students to continually move closer to providing the optimal learning experience.  
    • In addition to feedback received daily, agile revisions are made on an ongoing basis in response to the data constantly being collected and analyzed.  
    • Data collected and feedback offered also highlight curriculum gaps or needed content enhancements; those gaps and needs are filled on a continuous basis.  
    • Knewton is committed to responding to curricular developments that result from redesign efforts in the marketplace, developing new models (e.g., corequisite) to support instructors and students. 
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