Best Advanced Reading/Writing/Literature Instructional Solution

Recognizes the best instructional solution for reading, writing or literature curricula and content for students in the 9-12 or higher education market. Includes solutions for learners at all levels, through managed classroom/course-based instruction or online supplemental instruction. Provides for deep and personalized learning experiences for students, supports standards alignment and reflects current curriculum practice.

Beable Life-Ready Literacy System, Beable Education, Inc. - Beable Education, Inc.

The Beable Life-Ready Literacy System addresses one of K-12 education’s most intractable challenges: closing the literacy and opportunity gap for all students, regardless of their starting points. In contrast to existing one-dimensional solutions, Beable is the first multi-dimensional system that integrates literacy acceleration, intervention response, English language acquisition and core content mastery. Beable further connects literacy with career development and essential skills development – and by doing so makes literacy real and relevant while also helping students become career- and life-ready. Importantly, Beable does so seamlessly and automatically across all environments – face-to-face, remote and hybrid – to ensure uninterrupted learning in all circumstances. This makes Beable an ideal solution to help students recover from learning loss and re-start literacy and academic growth at this critical time.

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    Nahla wa Nahil, TechKnowledge - TechKnowledge

    Nahla wa Nahil™ is the Leading Arabic Digital Reading Solution for pre-school and elementary school learners, This engaging and interactive reading solution enhances each student’s reading, knowledge and cognitive skillset, taking them through a unique learning experience at their own pace. Why is it the best platform? • Teachers feel empowered with Nahla wa Nahil, having peace of mind and the added benefit of monitoring their students’ progress at every stage, as well as the ability to create assessments and assignments for students with ease. • The first and only Arabic reading platform to be endorsed by the Ministry of Education – UAE and integrated in its LMS for all public schools in the country. Nahla wa Nahil is the only platform that matches the curriculum needs as well as the technology requirements of the UAE and the first platform that became part of the country’s MoE structure. What is different in Nahla wa Nahil Content for generation Z? Created by expert Arabic language teachers that monitor the needs of the new generation in matters of subjects and content. The team continuously evaluates the curriculum requirements across all countries to ensure the content is adapted accordingly. Nahla wa Nahil is the only Arabic reading platform to offer content for children in subjects such as data analysis & mining, computing, digital ethics, recycling, environment, and much more through partnerships with reputable and high value content providers.

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