Best Big Data Reporting & Analytics Solution

Recognizes the best solution for reporting and analyzing actionable intelligence from massive data sets containing a variety of data types.

Gale Analytics - Gale, a part of Cengage Learning

Gale Analytics adds value to a public library’s existing data—including content from an integrated library system (ILS) and other electronic systems—unlocking key insights about their community to fuel outreach. Easy to use and share, Tableau dashboards better equip library staff to target new populations, create new programs, market library services and allocate resources more efficiently. Using the power of Experian’s Mosaic® USA proprietary household segmentation system, Gale Analytics dashboards help librarians to understand their surrounding population. Experian segments households into 71 unique profiles, or Mosaics, which are used to segment patrons and non-patrons based on demographic and lifestyle characteristics. For libraries focused on equity of access in their communities, Gale Analytics: Community Insights and Patron Insights now offer users the ability to understand their demographic reach by combining a census map of race/ethnicity by tract with variables such as education level, household income and checkout volume.
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  • GoodData.UI - GoodData

    GoodData.UI is a new, embedded business intelligence design framework that helps developers create accessible, data-driven applications from its component library. It is open to all app developers, as part of GoodData’s mission to increase BI and data analytics adoption across all organizations. With pre-built components that act like lego bricks, developers do not need to worry about backend code and can deliver applications within weeks instead of months. For example, one customer, Mercatus, initially wanted to revamp their analytics internally. They allocated a team of 8 for 6 months of work. But after adopting GoodData.UI, they were able to deliver the solution from concept to launch in 90 days with only a team of 3. GoodData.UI is simple and effective, and works seamlessly with leading, industry-standard UI frameworks like React and Angular. The GoodData.UI library provides a fully open sourced extensible framework and development productivity tools for JavaScript/TypeScript developers, a collection of proprietary chart based visualizations, and extensive documentation with interactive code samples. The GoodData.UI framework and component library reflects years of expertise in helping companies build interactive applications. GoodData chose to open-source GoodData.UI in 2020 in order to help make analytics and insights truly pervasive throughout organizations. This is inline with GoodData’s larger mission to enable 100% BI adoption within organizations.
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  • OmniSci 5.0 - OmniSci

    There’s only one open platform at the convergence of analytics, data science and location intelligence workflows: the pioneer in accelerated analytics, OmniSci. The OmniSci platform is the first technology on the market that can query and render tens of billions of rows of spatiotemporal data within milliseconds, making large complex data sets interactive, visual and operational. OmniSci 5.0 is a game-changing innovation that makes analytics more instant, powerful and effortless. The company’s aim is to allow users to get answers to the biggest questions at the speed of curiosity. OmniSci 5.0 breaks new ground by converging multiple capabilities on a single platform, much as the original iPhone combined internet access, phone functions and music player capabilities on a single device. Also like that trailblazing device, OmniSci 5.0 has unleashed a wave of innovation by expanding possibilities. More than 4,000 users across the telecom, automotive, investment management, utilities, pharmaceuticals, national defense, logistics, insurance and oil and gas sectors use the OmniSci platform to leverage their analytics in real time at massive scale, and OmniSci 5.0 expands its capabilities. OmniSci 5.0 empowers users to easily add external data from partners and public data to existing datasets in OmniSci, providing analytical breadth and perspective. Its deep integration with the open-source data science ecosystem allows OmniSci to offer users the ability to switch from interactive exploration of multi-billion row datasets to building and applying machine learning models seamlessly. This capability provides greater depth of insight with unmatched speed and agility.
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  • ETD Dashboard, ProQuest - ProQuest

    ETD Dashboard generates data visualizations and summaries of large data sources of usage from across over 100 countries and 4 million researchers searching the ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global database. The SAAS product is deployed on state of the art cloud technologies, and can be quickly set up for new customers and can integrate new data within timely regular updates. Data and analytics can provide actionable retrieval information that will inform university marketing, funding, grant proposals, and recruitment efforts.

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