Best Collaborative Learning Solution for Students

Recognizes platforms that enable learning in a social setting – learning with and from others. The students are driving the learning experience in an informal way, within a formal structure of learning or in a grass-roots way. In a secure and trusted network, these platforms allow students to collaborate, informally and formally, in a synchronous or asynchronous fashion. These platforms allow students to live chat, possess a social stream, create groups and teams, provide an expert area, enable a social Q&A, and allow for surveys.

MobyMax - Best Collaborative Learning Solution for Students, MobyMax - MobyMax

MobyMax has been a pioneer in harnessing emerging technology solutions to help students learn twice as fast. Since its inception ten years ago, MobyMax's suite of digital tools and differentiated curriculum have enabled students to consistently gain more than one full grade level after just 20 hours of work. The company has developed the only comprehensive K-8 curriculum for 27 subjects, including math, reading, phonics, language, vocabulary, spelling, writing, science, social studies, and state test prep.

MobyMax’s built-in incentives like badges and games encourage students to use the program, and the interactive curriculum personalizes learning, allowing educators to combine face-to-face education with online learning. This leads to remarkable gains.

Students enjoy collaborative learning in many ways with Moby.  In Interactive Lessons, teachers utilize Moby’s lessons (including videos!) cooperatively in a whole-class environment. In 2019, MobyMax launched Fluency Team Games, which allow students to practice together in a hyper competitive, fast-paced environment as they rack up coins, points, and bragging rights.

Moby also offers contests, allowing teachers to set up challenges where the classroom or entire school battles it out for mastery. MobyMax invests in the success of each classroom, sponsoring class celebration (with real rewards). Teachers and students work together to earn their class celebrations, emphasizing the crucial cooperation and social skills.

Moby has been recognized with more than 180 awards in the last 3 and is used by 82% of k-8 schools nationwide. Moby is also optimized to be used on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices, which has proven to be invaluable during remote learning.

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  • SMART Learning Suite, SMART Technologies ULC - SMART Technologies ULC

    Cobbling different EdTech together isn’t the answer to achieving better outcomes. SMART Learning Suite is the all-in-one education software that empowers teachers, sparks student engagement, and elevates outcomes. SMART Learning Suite is web-based software that supports active learning in blended classrooms by letting teachers easily turn static PDFs, Google Slides, and Microsoft files into interactive lessons. Static content comes to life as teachers add images, text, embedded video, customizable games, ready-made content, instructional audio, and more. Students engage with activities on their devices, in class or from home, working synchronously or at their own pace. Teachers can change delivery modes anytime during the lesson with the push of a button. Learning is made visible from anywhere, as teachers get instant insight into each student’s progress and provide ongoing guidance with easy formative assessment tools. Students collaborate authentically in shared digital workspaces where everyone can contribute content simultaneously, while teachers see not only the group’s work, but also what each individual contributed.

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