Best Collaborative Solution for Teachers

Recognizes the online solution designed to provide social learning, collaborative and community support for PK-12 or higher education teachers and administrators. This Includes tools for communication, professional learning experiences, resource centers, collaboration and planning tools and other interactive, social media solutions and tech tools between and among teachers, staff, administration, and community.

Abre Community Engagement - Abre

The Abre platform is a highly customizable software solution for schools and districts to either fill gaps where existing solutions do not exist or replace multiple single-function solutions with simple, intuitive applications. Abre is unique in how it unifies managing in-school learning experiences and out-of-school enrichment and services to actively support the entire student. It makes it easier to measure student performance and communicate between stakeholders. Abre Community Engagement is a category-creating product that unifies in-school learning experiences with out of school enrichment, services, and supports to drive student growth. Abre Community Engagement provides a seamless platform for community partners, school staff, and families to identify students who would benefit from community partners, securely share data, and work collaboratively to ensure that the holistic needs of students are met. Schools and districts use Abre Community Engagement to create a searchable catalog of community partners that provide services to students. Schools identify students in need of services, track student engagement in partner programs, better understand the student needs learning partners are addressing, and gauge partner effectiveness at driving outcomes. Abre Community Engagement provides a means to safely and securely share student data with community partners and families. Community partners are able to utilize data for grant reporting or securing additional funding opportunities. Abre Community Engagement alleviates district pain points by efficiently and effectively managing partnerships, sharing data securely, and keeping all stakeholders involved to improve student outcomes. Abre Community Engagement is a scalable solution for schools and districts that need a centralized, unified location for managing community partners, identifying gaps in services, and determining the effectiveness of programs in driving student growth.
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  • ClassTag - ClassTag

    Used in over 25,000+ schools nationwide, ClassTag is an all-in-one platform that connects a school community through parent-teacher communication. From messaging parents and setting up events and coordinating parent-teacher conference, ClassTag unlocks unlimited possibilities!

    With ClassTag teachers can collaborate with parents through:

    • Direct Messages that are automatically translated in 100+ languages in their preferred communication channel (SMS, app, web, email or even paper!)
    • Coordination of Events with the ability for parents to volunteer or send in items
    • Scheduling Parent-Teacher Conferences with added virtual conferences

    ClassTag + Google Classroom = Perfect Companions

    • ClassTag integrates with your Google Tools, including Google Meet, Drive, Calendar and YouTube
    • ClassTag's Chrome Extension allows teachers to message parents without ever leaving google Classroom
    • Parents can view grades, materials and assignments that are uploaded to Google Classroom without leaving ClassTag

    ClassTag gets teachers the supplies they need:

    • Parents can purchase approved supplies for their child's classroom 
    • Parents can contribute to a teacher's list of needed supplies
    • Teachers can easily create, share and redeem coins for needed supplies

    Together We Can

    Parent engagement is important to a child's success at school Together with parents and teachers, ClassTag can create a school community that will help make it happen!
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    Clerisy -

    To ensure renewal of their teaching license every five years, teachers must complete professional development (PD) hours. iTutor, whose success as a digital learning institute has been achieved through the work of its dedicated, certified educators, understood how PD is delivered. iTutor Founder Harry Aurora, the product of three generations of educators, asked: Wouldn’t educators welcome the opportunity to collaborate with other educators on PD -- to create, promote and present workshops, and to earn additional income while they enhance their resumes? Thus did iTutor create and launch Clerisy – a growing online collection of workshops, live events and asynchronous PD programs created and hosted by licensed, active educators who understand the ever-changing dynamics of teaching. Through Clerisy, educators develop research-based PD workshops, work with Clerisy to promote programs nationwide, and are compensated as Clerisy “architects,” “brand ambassadors,” and live presenters. Monthly teacher mixers are held to model a virtual teacher’s lounge. Educator forums are embedded in each asynchronous workshop to share materials and post questions. And interactive workshops and live PD events are designed to facilitate educator collaboration. Since its launch in mid-2020, Clerisy has built a strong pool of architects, ambassadors and presenters, who collectively have delivered more than 70 PD programs to nearly 700 users in 32 states where Clerisy has been approved.

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    Academic Module - Munetrix

    The Munetrix Academic Module is a comprehensive, all-in-one solution for educators being tasked with more—with less time and fewer resources. It was developed to accelerate academic outcomes and facilitate the monitoring of progress made by the whole student—academically, emotionally, socially, demographically and socio-economically—all with a single, easy-to-use interface. By harvesting and contextualizing public and private data into one powerful combination, the product provides schools a unique, holistic platform that empowers districts to analyze all of their data with a single log-in and destination, supporting horizontal succession planning, building institutional knowledge, and workflow management all in one place. Offered in conjunction with a financial analytics and planning engine, the Academic Module is a comprehensive suite of powerful, interdependent solutions that takes multi-level, complex data sets and makes them simple to understand, report and act upon, including: achievement and growth data, student reporting, needs assessment, educator evaluation, progress monitoring, as well as financial budgeting, forecasting and modeling.

    The Module empowers educators, from the district office to the individual teacher, to easily analyze various student data at the individual student, class, grade, building and district level across multiple assessments with a few clicks. Correlations between state and nationally normed assessment data are calculated using actual district student data—not projected data—providing an accurate picture of achievement trends within the district. It also empowers educators to analyze year-over-year grade-level trends and cohort trends to identify areas of strength and need in curriculum, instructional practices, etc. The product also saves teachers and administrators hundreds of hours per year, collecting, aggregating, disaggregating and analyzing data by more traditional methods such as spreadsheets, Google forms, Word documents, etc., stored in multiple, disparate locations, where they are difficult to sort, search and cross-analyze. The reporting functionality saves educators countless hours by automatically populating Individual Reading Improvement Plans (IRIPs) with required data points from multiple student assessments.

    For administrators, the tool allows districts to identify personalized professional development plans to increase educator effectiveness by providing accurate and consistent calculations of educator evaluation scores across multiple data sources from nationally recognized assessment providers. The cloud-based platform provides the highest levels of industry-standard data security and encryption for privacy and security of student data. This new product represents a robust combination of financial, demographic, student achievement, educator assessments, and perception and process data tools to accommodate the optimization of student, teacher, school and district educational outcomes.

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    SchoolStatus, SchoolStatus - SchoolStatus

    The importance of communication between school and home cannot be overstated. Research shows that students with engaged families earn higher grades and test scores, attend school more regularly, have better behavior and go on to graduate. The Communication platform in SchoolStatus is an easy-to-use tool that helps educators and district leaders optimize their family engagement efforts. Through SchoolStatus' communication platform, educators have been empowered to: Describe what the distance-learning curriculum is and why they're focused on it; Express the need for parents to assist and help execute the learning experiences at home; Acknowledge the challenges and make attempts to address the big obstacles remote learning Direct to Parent Phones Teachers can send texts directly to parents' phones. There are no required apps or portals for parents to download or manage. Direct messages are the best way to improve parent engagement. Two-Way Communication Teachers call and text from their computer or through the app on their phone. The number displayed is specific to the teacher but is not their personal phone number. This protects their privacy while providing parents with a direct line of communication. Email & Text Language Translations E-mails and texts can be translated into 100+ languages to reach parents despite any language barriers. Improve your parent engagement with all families in the district regardless of their native language.

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