Best College & Career Readiness Solution

Recognizes the best digital product or service that develops 21st Century workforce skills and knowledge for students. Includes applications that help close the gap between a learner's current interest and skills and the needs and expectations in the workplace.

CollegeScope College and Career Readiness Edition - Human eSources

CollegeScope® College and Career Readiness Edition self-paced course covers what students need to know to succeed, regardless of their educational or career aspirations. Within the course, students will reinforce their learning through activities and journal entries, as well as following links to vetted external content, such as Ted Talks presentations. Chapters use images, videos, and activities for greater engagement. Quizzes, activities and chapter surveys provide immediate feedback, allowing for quick correction of concepts. Valid and reliable assessments are embedded within the course and provide deeper personal insight, strategies for overcoming challenges, and career recommendations. Human eSources Career Matching Technology® pairs assessment results with the careers most suited to them, and Compare to Me compares their results to a career to address any gaps that may exist. The key questions at the start of each chapter list the learning outcomes, then measure what they've learned through pre- and post-chapters surveys. The course is aligned with many national education and counseling initiatives and standards, including 21st Century Skills. The course has a simple interface designed for ease of use, is responsive in design, and is WCAG, ADA and Section 508 compliant. It can be read from any device with an internet connection--no apps or downloads required.

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    Ferguson's Career Guidance Center, Infobase - Infobase

    Ferguson's Career Guidance Center�is a vital college and career readiness resource,�with unparalleled range and depth of information. Users in middle school continuing all the way through adulthood will find valuable and actionable information for their professional lives. Whether users are looking to assess their career goals and interests, plan their education, explore professions, learn workplace skills, find apprenticeships and internships, or conduct a job search, Ferguson�s delivers the appropriate experience. The database�s wealth of proprietary content includes hundreds of video interviews with working professionals and directories of apprenticeships and internships that can�t be found anywhere else.� � Ferguson's Career Guidance Center also features a fully responsive, mobile-friendly platform, with improved accessibility that includes new VPAT to ensure a comfortable user experience for all users. It was built�with 21st- century trends in careers, education, and employment top of mind. It is an excellent starting point and an excellent touch point to come back to over time, as users� interests, goals, and personal needs change.

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  • uCertify COURSE, uCertify - uCertify

    uCertify Course is a library of titles focusing on developing 21st Century workforce skills and knowledge for students. Each uCertify course comes complete with Pre Assessment, Interaction Lessons, Labs, TestPrep and Post Assessment. These courses are adaptive and are designed to identify the areas needing improvements for each student. Using uCertify, students are able to achieve proficiency as efficiently as possible.


    From the judge feedback

    "uCertify is an excellent product that goes beyond providing the necessary features. I was impressed by its easy-to-navigate user interface and customizability."


    "Excellent flexibility when it comes to adjusting to different platforms (there's a separate app for uCertify); The product incorporates multiple ways of delivering content to students, covering different learning styles and reinforcing learning outcomes. I also liked how the product provides multiple ways to assess student learning at different points in time."


    "Extremely well-thought-out product with student learning in mind!"


    "Excellent presentation, and excellent material. The slides of presentation are prepared very well and have enough answers for all questions related to BEST COLLEGE & CAREER READINESS SOLUTION. Thank You So Much."


    "(Over 3.0 million users) proves high effort and great work. Well done."




    See it yourself! Please make a request by opening a support ticket by clicking here. Mention "SIIA CODiE Peer Review Request" in your ticket. We will do the rest.

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    Wiley Efficient Learning - Wiley

    Wiley's mission is to help accounting and finance students succeedwherever they are in their education or professional careers. We believe professional success starts in the classroom and that learning should be a continuous, lifelong experience and an integral part of every stage of building a career. With the Wiley's Efficient Learning, we offer a robust Test Prep portfolio that covers finance, accounting, technology and assessment. We've helped over half a million learnersand growingpass their high-stakes exams quickly. Recently, we have enhanced some of our products to include Predictive Scoring which provides a score range for each section, as well as the full exam. This enables students to save time in areas they are proficient and sharpen skills in key areas they need to pass their exam. Once they reach an acceptable range, they will have the confidence needed to pass on exam day and avoid the stress of not knowing whether they are ready yet. Score Predictor is powered by an algorithm that goes deeper than just calculating how many questions you get right and wrong. Specifically, it: 1. Tracks your performance on specific concepts (Learning Outcome Statements) and on the topics related to those concepts (prerequisites and post-requisites), and 2. Accounts for the forgetting factor. As we learn more and more, we always forget some of what weve learned. Including the forgetting factor calculates a more accurate prediction. Wiley also has a long tradition of leadership in business, accounting, and finance. The Wiley Finance and Accounting series, which includes classic textbooks like Kiesos Intermediate Accounting, and a wide-ranging list of academic journals, including The Journal of Corporate Accounting and Finance, are just a few of Wileys major financial publications. We find the best authors and experts to build our productseducators like Jerry Weygandt, Terry Warfield, Donald Kieso, Paul Kimmel, Pam Smith, Monte Swain, Peter Olinto, John Grable, and dozens of respected leaders at the worlds biggest banks, hedge funds, and corporations. Our expert material combined with our strong technology makes for the most powerful test prep platform in the market.
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  • Xello - Xello

    Xello is an award-winning online program to help K-12 students create successful futures through self-knowledge, exploration, and planning.

    Districts across North America use Xello with their students to achieve college and career readiness standards. Based on extensive user and academic research, Xello follows a four-step model to help students uncover and achieve their long-term career and educational goals. Xello supplies an engaging, online program to help students in Kindergarten to 12th-grade prepare for future success.

    The program delivers the following experiences:

    Build Self-Knowledge: students become more self-aware by uncovering their interests, aptitudes, and aspirations. For elementary students, self-knowledge is built through individual reflection on interest, skills, school subjects and achievements. For students in 6th-12th grade, it’s generated through a series of age-appropriate assessments. Assessments help students understand interests, skills, personality styles, and learning styles, and how those impact career matches.

    Explore Options: Immersive content and visually-rich profiles are available for students in Kindergarten - 12th grade. Each career and college profile contains critical information to help students evaluate and assess their options including content that's written at an age-appropriate reading level for maximum accessibility, relevant and current data pulled from reliable local databases, imagery that promotes diversity, graphics that make data easy to understand and evaluate, and the ability to save and reflect on options from within the program.

    Create a Plan: An integrated long-term goal planner makes insights actionable. Once students have saved careers, college, and major options, they can map out a plan that connects their career and education goals. This visual roadmap helps students breakdown their aspirations into tangible steps needed to achieve success. Xello’s built in Course Planner functionality allows students to align high-school courses with their future plans, while also ensuring they meet graduation requirements.

    Learn & Reassess: In addition to assessments, career, and college profiles, Xello also offers built-in experiences to make students active participants in building real-world skills needed for success. Built-in digital lessons are ready-made and designed to help students develop age appropriate social-emotional competencies to help them transition between ages and stages. Through interactive activities, students learn and build expertise in essential areas like financial literacy, problem-solving, communication, and interview skills. Xello currently has 34 unique lessons and a variety of supplementary activities across a broad range of topic areas. Xello also offers an integrated work-based learning module, designed to connect students with real-world career, volunteer, and internship opportunities in their community and a network of professionals to support their exploration of options.

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