Best Cross-Curricular Tool

Recognizes the best solution focused on non-core or enrichment curriculum areas for students in the PK-12 or higher education market. These areas include art, music, health, technology, vocational/career planning, or multidisciplinary topics.

MobyMax - Best Cross-Curricular Solution, MobyMax - MobyMax

MobyMax offers teachers a complete and uniquely comprehensive K-8 curriculum for 27 subjects, including math, reading, phonics, language, vocabulary, spelling, writing, science, social studies, and state test prep. The full suite of integrated and automated classroom tools saves teachers precious time with comprehensive assessments, accurate diagnostics, IEP reporting, messaging, and real-time progress monitoring. The newly released Assessments allow teachers to drill down to discrete skills to get an instant snapshot of where students are.

Teachers are seeing unprecedented student growth, thanks to MobyMax’s built-in incentives, such as badges and contests, which encourage students to use the program at home. The interactive curriculum personalizes learning, allowing educators to combine face-to-face education with online learning and resulting in remarkable gains.

These teacher solutions, combined with the MobyMax differentiated learning/blended learning model and student engagement, enable students to learn twice as fast. Since its inception eight years ago, MobyMax has helped students consistently gain more than one full grade level after just 20 hours of work while earning kudos from thousands of teachers nationwide.

MobyMax was recently recognized as a finalist for the 2020 SIIA CODiE Award for Best Cross-Curricular Learning Website.

MobyMax was the most awarded EdTech company in 2020, racking up 65 industry awards including the 2020 SIIA CODiE awards for Best Mathematics Instructional Solution for Grades PK-8, Best STEM Instructional Solution for Grades PK-8, Best Summative Assessment Solution, and Best Use of Emerging Technology for Learning in Education.

MobyMax is used in more than 82% of all K-8 schools in the United States, with over 28 million students registered by teachers.

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  • uCertify LEARN, uCertify - uCertify

    uCertify LEARN focuses on non-core or enrichment curriculum areas such as Computer Science, computer coding and programming and Information technology for students in the PK-12 or higher education. uCertify delivers highly interactive and hands-on training via a web browser or mobile device using a large number of labs. Such labs include - coding in 32 languages, databases, operating systems, AI and machine learning, security, data analytics and Cloud.


    From the judge feedback


    "This is a well-designed curricular platform for a number of certification programs. From the interface to the content progression and assessments, it is easy to follow and use for both the teacher and student and can be used in class or independently. Companies and CTE programs are able to utilize this curricular platform as an efficient training certification system."


    "From the pre-assessment to the content and training and to the final assessment, the course layout and expectations are clear and easy to follow. Multiple learning modalities are available for students to engage in. The course catalog is huge and ever-expanding. Virtual labs allow for "hands-on" experience, especially with computer programs.

    Weaknesses The only weakness would be that the course customization is not intuitive - the instructor does need to have access to tutorials or training."


    "This is a very impressive platform!"


    "Overall, a well thought out education/training platform that is easily adaptable to student needs, is ADA compliant, and accessible offline."


    "Students progress through the class supported by pre-tests, formative assessment, labs, lessons, and post tests. Students will definitely know where their strengths and weaknesses are at all points in the classes."


    See it yourself! Please make a request by opening a support ticket by clicking here. Mention "SIIA CODiE Peer Review Request" in your ticket. We will do the rest.


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