Best Data Management Solution

Recognizes the best software or digital service that’s primary purpose is the application of data analytics to improve PK-12 or higher education teaching, learning, retention, and/ or growth strategies, and decision-making within an educational or training environment.

Brightspace, D2L - D2L

D2L is helping transform the way the world learns. With over 20 years of experience, this mission has never wavered. Working with customers all over the world, D2L is supporting millions of people learning online and in person. D2L is a learning company first—building technology that paves the way, instead of getting in the way. Our more than 900 global employees are dedicated to making the best learning products to leave the world better than they found it. D2L's Brightspace platform is a cloud-based learning management system built for people who care deeply about helping all learners reach their potential. It is designed in close collaboration with our K-12, Higher Education, and Corporate customers—building innovative and pedagogically rich feature sets to improve engagement, retention, and learning outcomes in learners of all ages and abilities, helping them achieve more than they dreamed possible. Brightspace delivers worry-free technology with 99.99% reliability and world-class security and data privacy. It's an open platform offering standards-based integrations that provide the ultimate in learning flexibility. It's fully accessible, customizable, and looks beautiful on any mobile device—making it easier to reach every learner. Brightspace makes it easy to support exceptional learning experiences in person and online by providing educators and learners with tools they'll love. With Brightspace, you can set up individualized learning paths for learners, keep them on track with automated nudges, and engage them with video, game-based learning, awards, badges, and other powerful features. Brightspace also makes it easier to complete assessments and provide meaningful feedback. Learning data and analytics reports are readily available, providing up-to-date information and insights that help answer questions and inform decisions to take action and improve learning outcomes. D2L is a dedicated partner in the learning journey—genuinely committed to supporting our customers to help them leverage Brightspace to achieve, outperform, and succeed. In a rapidly changing educational landscape, partnering with D2L and taking advantage of our supportive community and broad ecosystem of partners can help our customers navigate change and differentiate their offerings. D2L's team of learning experience experts can address both strategic and tactical needs, including implementation, support, instructional design, courseware development, learning strategy, technical account management and data consulting—and this can all be done virtually today and into the future.

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    eduCLIMBER, Illuminate Education - Illuminate Education

    eduCLIMBER is an MTSS collaboration and management solution providing whole child data visualizations and built-in tools for key MTSS processes, such as need identification, intervention tracking, evaluating effectiveness, and monitoring for equitable growth and outcomes.


    eduCLIMBER triangulates current and historic whole child data in a single platform, including academics, social-emotional behavior (SEB), attendance, intervention, behavior incident, and qualitative data. Interactive, teacher-friendly data visualizations enable educators to answer key questions at the student, class, grade, school, and district levels. 


    The platform provides a suite of data analysis and collaboration tools to support data-driven decisions around instruction, intervention, resource allocation, and professional development. eduCLIMBER’s early warning system automatically notifies users when students cross various thresholds, alerting the right people as soon as a student shows a need. Additional tools—including a dedicated collaboration interface, program effectiveness reporting, and intervention tracking for academic, SEB, and other interventions—equip educators to improve Tier 1 instruction, deeply understand student needs, drive intervention decisions, monitor for equitable outcomes, and target system-level supports that empower teachers and teams.


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    Hoonuit , PowerSchool - PowerSchool

    Hoonuit, a leading K-12 analytics and data management solution, now part of PowerSchool, allows educators access to breakthrough analytics as educators increasingly turn to technology to further learning achievement and equity.

    Having access to the right analytics and data management solution enables educators to connect data (that was historically isolated), surface trends, and empower educators to be more informed and make better decisions. Hoonuit, a leading K-12 analytics and data management solution, now part of PowerSchool, allows educators access to breakthrough analytics including:

    • Comprehensive, actionable insights across key aspects of schools and districts including accountability tracking, early warning and intervention, student learning and growth, social and emotional learning, college and career readiness, finance and operations, talent management, enrollment analytics, and location analytics.

    • Visibility into data to address the critical challenges in enrollment, attendance, and learning engagement to help identify at-risk students, drive better attendance, improve school engagement, and monitor social and emotional well-being to increase enrollment.

    • Public facing accountability dashboards to share how schools and districts are performing including graduation rates, attendance and chronic absenteeism, ELA, and science/mathematics achievement.

    • Personalized instruction and intervention informed by one-of-a-kind predictive insights and AI modeling. These analytics leverage machine learning to tap into attendance, behavior, and academic datasets across platforms to identify trends, and deliver a comprehensive snapshot of the whole child.

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  • Schoolzilla - Renaissance Learning

    Schoolzilla’s data-driven dashboards give educators actionable insights into trends in student attendance and achievement, helping them to identify opportunities to improve outcomes for all learners. These near real-time dashboards can integrate over 135 education data sources, including student information systems, interim and state tests, Star Assessments, behavior management systems, and more. By combining learning data from Renaissance’s solutions with these sources, the dashboards enable education leaders to get a true, full-circle view of their students, schools, and district, so they can better track daily progress toward goals around chronic absences, grades, student growth, and college readiness.
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  • SchoolStatus, SchoolStatus - SchoolStatus

    When educators can't directly observe students in the classroom, as is the case in so many schools today, having their student's data easily accessible is a must. When monitoring from a distance, the aggregated student information in SchoolStatus will help educators spot trends, identify performance gaps, and make data-driven decisions. Empowering teachers with access and understanding of student data can improve instruction, increase student engagement and facilitate better decision-making toward improving student achievement. Teachers want to do more with student data but generally lack both access and time to manipulate the data into anything useful. When teachers can use student data as a component of improving instruction, students do better. SchoolStatus takes the data already being collected by the school district (that likely exists in siloes) such as benchmarks, assessments, discipline, attendance, grades, etc..... and brings it all together in a 'one stop shop' for teachers, principals and district leaders. The data is presented in an easy-to-visualize manner that highlights trends, gaps and other actionable insight.

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    EvaluationKIT by Watermark - Watermark

    EvaluationKIT is fully aligned to an institution’s course evaluation and survey needs, to capture the data needed to inform course corrections and long-term improvements. The software integrates with all Learning Management Systems and other campus systems to centralize survey processes, ensuring consistent data collection across an institution and over time while allowing departments and faculty to directly manage key tasks and tailor inputs. The system administrator can automate all aspects of the survey process to streamline efforts, including controlling survey availability timelines at the course level and syncing with enrollment add/drops in real time.

    Seamless integrations empower students to complete surveys right within the LMS and enable institutions to make surveys mandatory. Plus, automated notifications, scheduled reminders, one-click emails, and mobile-friendly access from any device increase engagement, leading to higher response rates and better quality data.

    The system also makes it easy to distribute course evaluation results quickly, with automated, role-based access through the LMS, one-click links in automated emails, or from a secure standalone site via single sign-on. When access opens at the specified time, instructors can immediately review results for their courses, and administrators at all levels can access summary and detailed results for the areas they oversee. With tools to align student learning outcomes to evaluation questions, analyze sentiments in qualitative responses with Text Analytics, compare results from an instructor or course against specific grouped data, and view longitudinal reports, institutions can identify trends and glean insights to inform planning and accreditation efforts, improve curriculum, and drive quality.

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