Best Elective Curriculum Solution

Recognizes the best application focusing on enrichment or non-core curriculum areas for students in the PK-12 or higher education market. These areas include art, music, health, technology, vocational/career planning, or multidisciplinary topics.

eDynamic Learning Elective Courseware, eDynamic Learning - eDynamic Learning

eDynamic Learning is a teacher-founded company offering the largest collection of elective courseware for grades 6-12 in North America.  We support schools directly and through partners such as Edmentum, Pearson, Edgenuity, FLVS, and through state consortiums like CAOLA. Our diverse and inclusive catalog fosters the development of a global, well-rounded perspective through courses such as African American History, History of the Holocaust, Women’s Studies, and more. Unlike a static textbook, our digital courses allow us to provide ongoing updates to incorporate relevant and newsworthy events and details, which transfer seamlessly for LTI-enabled school partners. Our full course catalog is reviewed continuously to ensure the language and topics are sensitive and appropriate for all learners. Our writers (teachers and subject matter experts) and our editors are trained on these topics regularly. We also employ an external diversity/sensitivity editorial organization to review our lessons, images, and assessments to identify potential bias, stereotypes, and inauthenticity and adjust and update if needed, prior to release.

Assessment - To what extent are the assessment tools useful and functional for the user?

eDynamic Learning courses include a variety of assessments including unit quizzes, a midterm and final exam.  Prior to these assessments, students are given “Test for knowledge questions” to help students feel confident and ready prior to taking these assessments. Projects and activities are also assessed by the teacher using a rubric that is shared with the student so they know how they will be graded.  Students may also be allowed to verbally and visually record their answers and assignments, then attach them to their assignment to send to their teacher. Teachers have an extensive amount of settings features that allows them to adjust for accommodations, including time allowed for a quiz, the number of attempts, number of questions, what questions, and more. Teachers can also allow for printing of assessments, highlighters, answer eliminator, student notes, etc. They also have the ability to easily create their own assessment questions and quizzes within the course.

Customization - How customizable is the solution for different types of content areas, courses, user needs/accessibility and education outcomes?

eDynamic Learning provides a strong foundation of content for teaching and learning but gives teachers the ability to customize it, by incorporating their own lessons, activities, videos, documents, images, links, surveys, discussions, and other media elements to enrich and personalize the course curriculum.  Teachers can also customize settings to adjust for 504/IEP accommodations and upload personal videos to introduce the unit when instruction is virtual.

Feature set - Does the feature set incorporated within this product appropriately meet the needs of the users (including special needs and diverse students?)

All courses are WCAG 2.0 AA compliant,  a 508 requirement which supports the hearing or visually impaired. Courses also include a built-in literacy support toolbar which offers a text-to-speech read-aloud option, a dictionary tool, screen masking, highlighting, and a note capture feature. The language and vocabulary support tools are particularly helpful for students with dyslexia or reading challenges but are also beneficial for all students to advance their literacy skills. The toolbar also includes a translation feature offering English Language Learners (ELL) the ability to translate text into 97 languages with many of the languages also featuring a read-aloud option in the target language to provide additional audio support.

Feedback - Do learners with diverse learning styles and abilities receive appropriate feedback and reinforcement in the process of building their skills and strategies?

 Teachers can provide feedback throughout the course to personalize the learning experience for each student depending on their interests, skills, or accommodations. They can upload welcome videos, tutorials, YouTube videos, helpful pdfs or links to aid in the learning process.  

Innovation - Does the system incorporate recent research on learning, innovative approaches to learning, or access to new tools with high student interest?

eDynamic Learning courses are designed with Gen Z needs in mind. We also employ 3 research-based learning theories in the development of our courses, including: (1) Behaviorist theory – new knowledge is acquired through associations with external stimuli (ie. practice, corrective feedback, applying explanations, practice, etc., (2) Constructivist theory – where learners construct and organize knowledge based on individual experience (ie. demonstrations, chunking info, concept making, links to prior knowledge, etc. (3)Cognitive theory – where learning occurs through internal processing of info (ie. collaborative learning, problem-based learning, research and projects, etc.)

Instructional design - how is the instruction and content designed to deepen student knowledge, interest, and skills in the targeted areas?

Each course is designed and written with engaging curriculum narratives that employs backwards design methodology to support best practices on how today’s students learn. Each lesson is chucked into bite-sized pieces of text with the integration of visuals to keep students engaged. To increase engagement interactive resources are embedded throughout lessons and can include diagrams, videos, slideshows, and other interactive elements. High-interest discussion questions and activities leverage Bloom’s Taxonomy objectives such as “analyze, compare and contrast, examine, and defend,” and encourage students to reflect, collaborate, and share learning experiences. “Test for knowledge questions” also aid students in feeling confident and well prepared prior to taking the built-in assessments.

Integration -How well is the solution integrated into a larger framework? Does it provide straightforward methods for bringing in learning standards, curriculum, third- party content, social media tools, internal data or standards information?

All eDynamic Learning courses are developed in-house by teachers and subject matter experts offering one consistent and simplistic design and interface.  Courses are aligned to state standards and allow schools and districts to incorporate their own content and materials. They can easily embed Google docs, blogs, wikis, surveys, weblinks, videos, discussion questions and much more.

Platform flexibility - Is the solution optimized to be used on various platforms (e.g. desktop, tablet, mobile, broadcast) and deliver various types of content (text, images, audio, video)?

eDynamic Learning courses are responsively designed to run effectively on all technology platforms and devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and Chromebooks. This means that lessons and activities will automatically adjust and adapt to any device screen. The flexible course curriculum is also compatible with nearly all Learning Management Systems and if schools don’t have an LMS, we provide the Agilix Buzz LMS for them. No matter where students live, work, or travel, students can access their curriculum online anytime or anywhere using the most common web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. Courses all include visuals, videos, diagrams, slideshows, unit podcasts and other interactive media elements.

Reports -How robust are the reports? How well do they serve the needs of the organization and the users who can access them?

Teachers and administrators have easy access to a variety of reports that allow them to differentiate instruction, keep students on track and determine any student at risk.  The most commonly used reports include (1) Student course mastery and progress, (2) Activity levels of students and teachers, (3) Minutes spent in course (4) Login history and (5) Test analytics

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  • uCertify COURSE, uCertify - uCertify

    uCertify Course is a library of courses focusing on enrichment or non-core curriculum areas for students in the PK-12 or higher education. These areas include Information Technology, Computer Science, Vocational Training & Project Management technology.


    From the judge feedback


    "Great overall performance!"

    "Innovative areas of this learning tool make for its strengths, including a hands-on/live lab, variety of items, virtual labs/object labs, coding labs, live terminal practice commands, soft skills accompany hard skills."


    "I see this as an important area for career paths and this area was a bit underdeveloped."


    "The course design serves a niche market looking for education and certification in the available subject areas. The courses are designed well--the interface and navigation appear to provide a positive user experience."


    "Again, the product serves a specific market. The content is currents and easy to navigate. The product is flexible in terms of its purchasing/ use models ranging from an individual to institutional (school use)."


    "Though there are so many features and the programs are also designed for mobile use, the strength of the product is also its weakness that many beginners may have a bit of difficulty with mastery of this material"


    "Overall, this is a wonderful product that serves a purpose in the market. The usability and accessibility features are to be commended. Though I have tried any screen to reader capabilities so I cannot speak to accessibility on that level. Overall, the interface and content are excellent!"

    See it yourself! Please make a request by opening a support ticket by clicking here. Mention "SIIA CODiE Peer Review Request" in your ticket. We will do the rest.

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    zyBooks, A Wiley Brand - Wiley

    zyBooks is pioneering a new kind of learning content, created specifically for the modern web, with a less text, more action approach. A zyBook is a web-native interactive book replacement solution that helps students learn challenging topics, with auto-grading that saves instructors time. zyBooks have minimal text, and instead consist of question sets, animations, interactive tools, and embedded homework, so that students can learn by doing. Collaboratively authored by talented professors, content developers, and software engineers, zyBooks is revolutionizing teaching in disciplines such as Computer Science, Engineering, Math, and Statistics. Feedback is an important component of learning, especially when learning how to program. With zyBooks, students receive timely feedback and direction, guiding them to correct solutions. Based on research, students self-reported significantly higher levels of engagement when using zyBooks versus a traditional textbook, while learning 118% more in a single lesson with minimal text. For teachers, automated activity recording means grades can now be given for reading before class, leading to better-prepared students in class. zyBooks is professor-founded, research-backed and designed for student success.


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