Best Foundational English Language Arts Instructional Solution

Recognizes the best instructional solution for reading, writing or literature curricula and content for students in the PK-8 market. Includes solutions for learners at all levels, through managed classroom/course-based instruction or online supplemental instruction. Provides for deep and personalized learning experiences for students, supports standards alignment and reflects current curriculum practice. ESL products should nominate in the Best ESL Solution category.

HMH Into Reading Connected Teaching and Learning - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

HMH Into Reading Connected Teaching and Learning empowers every student with a learning mindset and a rich, measured path to growth in reading, writing, and communication -- all accessible on one learning platform for a consistent learning experience.

Being aware of students' learning needs is more important than ever, and HMH Into Reading Connected Teaching and Learning makes it easier to gain insight into student growth over time, while adjusting instruction, resources, or groups accordingly.

Its adaptive benchmark assessment delivers insights into student proficiency at three points throughout the school year, including Lexile ranges and grade level equivalence scores. The results from this benchmark assessment place each student into Waggle's highly personalized, supplemental practice for targeted skill growth aligned to weekly core ELA lessons.

From kindergarten through 3rd grade, HMH Into Reading Connected Teaching and Learning uses Amira to automate oral reading fluency assessment, running records, dyslexia screening, and 1:1 reading practice. And beginning in 3rd grade, Writable provides an unparalleled reading-writing connection to support beginning writers with scaffolding and automated feedback at point-of-use to guide student writing earlier. Writable benchmarks student writing to identify and close learning gaps, while measuring writing growth over time for individual students, classes, or whole districts.

Ongoing support and professional learning for educators is available at any time, providing access to content and live events, including model lessons, teacher articles, and video tips.

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    Imagine Language & Literacy - Imagine Learning

    Imagine Language & Literacy is an adaptive learning solution that closes the achievement gaps at an accelerated rate by automatically creating and dynamically adjusting personalized learning paths towards mastery of grade-level skills for each student in grades PreK–6. Language & Literacy is educators’ #1 choice for English language learners, and research shows that all students are 1.8 times more likely to outperform their peers on states tests with Language & Literacy. The secret to success is a program that focuses on teaching literacy and language together, differing from other programs currently on the market who target only literacy or only language development. Literacy programs have a small positive effect on language proficiency, and language proficiency programs have a small positive effect on literacy; however, Imagine Language & Literacy was specifically designed to provide systematic and explicit instruction in both language and literacy. Language & Literacy’s uniquely combined approach, emphasis on building academic language explicitly, and first language support in 15 languages has proven to accelerate student mastery of skills that empower them to unlock learning across all subject areas. Imagine Language & Literacy is built for flexibility, enabling educators to make the program work for them— in whole-class, small-group, and one-on-one literacy instruction delivered virtually, in-person, or in blended models.

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    IXL, IXL Learning - IXL Learning

    Whether helping students learn phonics or understand complex ideas like writing style and tone, IXL Language Arts is proven to create confident readers and writers. In research across more than 58,000 schools in 24 states, schools using IXL Language Arts consistently outperformed schools using any other program or method, ranking as much as 17 percentile points higher on state assessments.


    IXL brings the fundamentals of reading and writing to life in a personalized, engaging environment that features interactive questions, audio support, fun visuals, and playful content. With over 2,200 skills for grades pre-K to 12, students encounter questions adapted to their abilities, allowing them to learn at their own pace, build fluency, and master skills in exciting new ways. 

    Each IXL skill is broken down into adaptive building blocks to ensure understanding and reinforce critical thinking. If a student answers a problem incorrectly, IXL provides a step-by-step explanation of the right answer so students can learn from their mistakes. And many IXL ELA skills support multi-sensory instruction: skills engage students with both sight (words and images) and sound (audio support), and feature a wide variety of interactions, such as dragging and dropping tiles into bins, and selecting letters in words. This capability helps students, especially those with learning differences, to build a strong understanding of each concept. IXL also offers leveled reading comprehension content, so teachers can effectively differentiate instruction.

    IXL Analytics provides actionable reports so teachers can track student progress and respond to learning needs. Finally, the Real-Time Diagnostic shows students’ grade-level proficiency in language arts and reading, and creates a personalized action plan for each learner to help them grow. The diagnostic can also be helpful for identifying students with reading difficulties. The Reading Strategies strand of the diagnostic assesses phonemic awareness and phonics skills, two known deficit areas of dyslexic students.

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  • ThinkUp! Standards Mastery System, Mentoring Minds - Mentoring Minds

    ThinkUp! Standards Mastery System helps students and educators understand problems, discover solutions, and take ownership of their education. Our digital platform helps teachers to make data-informed decisions, personalize instruction, and support mastery of content-specific standards in flexible learning environments.



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    National Geographic Panorama: Reading Through the Lens of Social Studies - National Geographic Learning, a part of Cengage

    Panorama teaches social studies AND reading comprehension and covers multiple standards in one lesson. Beginning each unit with a National Geographic Explorer video helps to integrate social studies in meaningful ways. Each unit is built on either civics, geography, economics, or history and begins with a Big Question. Each text within the unit begins with a supporting topic question that connects back to the Big Question to help students make connections. Panorama is not just another textbook program but allows students to read real books in fiction and nonfiction that were chosen to build deeper meaning around topics. Digital versions of these texts include audio, word tracking, highlighting in multiple colors, pop up vocabulary, and modified versions that lower the Lexile for support for striving readers. Each unit includes mini lessons for reading skills and strategies, social studies activities, authentic fiction and National Geographic Nonfiction texts. With a digital Interactive Worktext, digital assessments that mirror national assessments (drag and drop, two-column questions, etc.), a digital vocabulary notebook, vocabulary cards, audio, auto-grading, National Geographic Explorer videos, patterned texts at K-2 and complete parody in Spanish, Panorama is the perfect choice for distance learning. Teachers can even choose their instruction based on student need (above level, below level, on level, or English learner). Every lesson includes differentiated instruction t
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  • Rosen LevelUp - Rosen Digital

    Rosen LevelUp is an adaptive reading platform that meets the modern needs of learners and PreK-3 educators with solutions to foster student growth. Its library contains 2,400+ authentic fiction/nonfiction texts including 650+ Spanish/bilingual titles in online, projectable, and printable options. Audio models fluency for emergent readers, while an interactive phonics program provides systematic practice to help students master foundational skills and build phonological awareness. Each user's bookshelf includes differentiated book collections based on reading range and interest to maximize growth. Quizzes assess state-specific ELA standards. An immersive 3D gaming environment incentivizes users, with points earned for books and quizzes completed. Teachers control game access to maximize engagement without distracting from learning goals. LevelUp is ideal for classroom, small-group, and individualized instruction. It saves educators time and provides powerful tools for intervention. In-depth lesson plans, fillable PDFs, and instructional tools are provided in English and Spanish. Teachers can assign books, share PDFs, create reading groups, and utilize report data to make teaching decisions. Reports provide top-level insights for teachers/administrators while facilitating deep dives into usage and performance. Detailed data expressed in state-specific ELA standards and skills helps to identify important trends from the district level to individual students.

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    SplashLearn, SplashLearn - SplashLearn

    SplashLearn's Reading Program is a comprehensive program that caters to children in the age group of 3-7. The program helps children build foundational skills in Reading and become proficient readers. There are over 3500 curriculum-aligned activities for children to engage with, as they learn in a step-by-step manner through carefully designed learning pathways. 

    The program follows a Game-Based Learning approach, where concepts are introduced through interactive games and children learn through active participation. Each of the games is designed to meet specific learning goals and to inculcate specific skills and thought processes. SplashLearn's Reading program seamlessly combines the structural approach of teaching phonics with an exploratory and playful experience for children.

    Children start by acquiring pre-reading skills, e.g. phonemic and print awareness, letter-sound correspondence, letter formation, and tracing. There is often more than one kind of activity for each concept to cater to different learning styles. To go along with games, there are several original songs and poems in the program and to help early learners recall concepts better. Our games often provide additional implicit learning opportunities apart from their intended learning goals. For example, children are subtly introduced to letter sounds, even when they are playing a game designed for letter formation. 

    The program uses innovative game-based manipulatives to help children understand and visualize concepts. For example, the “The Sound Printer” converts letter sounds to letters, "The Blenderator'' helps children visualize how sounds come together to form words. Children are introduced to sight words in a carefully leveled sequence of games, increasing in complexity as children move along, eventually leading them to fluency. 

    After the children have all the tools in their toolkit, they can put their learning in context by exploring the library. The books in the library range from alphabet books, decodable books, leveled readers, and bedtime stories. These readers ensure the provision of a whole language approach appropriate for each age group. For instance, our leveled readers have been tagged to different levels using our very own leveling system. These readers are checked against various parameters like word count, sentence complexity and structure, use of illustrations, vocabulary, type of text, etc. Similarly, our unique decodable books are also carefully crafted; they provide all the scaffolding children need to be able to read on their own. They also motivate children to read through the beautiful animations and captivating narratives.

    SplashLearn is available across all digital platforms (iOS, Android and Web). For more information, visit

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