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Recognizes the best solution that supports decision making in a business process by providing analysis, information delivery and platform integration.

Marketing Catalyst - BCG

Marketing Catalyst operationalizes data and analytics to help marketing professionals make smarter, faster decisions aimed at driving profitable growth. This secure, enterprise digital marketing solution enables companies to collect, harmonize, and visualize data from multiple sources in one common framework providing a single source of truth to inform marketing decisions. Marketing Catalyst’s three powerful modules offer a flexible, intuitive approach to optimize marketing spend allocation, improve marketing mix and campaign planning and monitor digital marketing activities.

Marketing Catalyst has enabled our clients to drive:

  • 3-8% revenue increase
  • 5-15% profit increase
  • 25-30% efficiency savings on digital spend
  • 30% effectiveness improvements on digital spend
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    Pricing Catalyst - BCG

    Pricing Catalyst helps companies harness the power of pricing to gain sustainable competitive advantage. This innovative SaaS solution, built using intelligent pricing engines, embeds BCG’s pricing IP, enabling clients in highly complex businesses to understand and optimize their pricing approach. Pricing Catalyst brings together multiple data sources in one place to create data-driven insights that improve visibility, automate manual pricing processes and accelerate better pricing decision making across the pricing lifecycle. This configurable, secure offering also integrates seamlessly into clients' IT landscapes for real-time impact. By combining BCG’s pricing and change management expertise with a sophisticated analytical pricing engine, Pricing Catalyst has created 2-10% revenue lift for global clients across a variety of industries including Automotive, MedTech, Technology and Industrial Goods.

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    Clarabridge Customer Experience Management (CEM) Platform - Clarabridge, Inc.

    Clarabridge helps the world’s leading brands take a data-driven, customer-focused approach to everything they do. Using AI-powered text and speech analytics, the Clarabridge customer experience management platform enables brands to extract actionable insights from every customer interaction in order to grow sales, ensure compliance and increase operational efficiency. Clarabridge collects data from 100+ channels, including contact center calls, chat and messaging platforms, CRM platforms, surveys, social media, online communities, digital aggregators, and review sites and uses AI-powered Natural Language Understanding to find out why your customers love (or don’t love) your products and services. Understand customer needs, wants, attitudes and opinions with powerful sentiment, effort, empathy and emotion analysis. Drill into the reasons customers provided a certain rating, returned a product, or called support, assess the financial impact to your business, take action to improve customer experience, and measure outcomes. At the core of everything we do lies Clarabridge’s exceptional NLP/NLU engine, tuned for over a decade to understand business experience conversations (customer, partner, and employee). Clarabridge’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine goes beyond basic text parsing to include topic modeling and NLU enrichments, such as sentiment, 50+ emotions, empathy and effort scores, and more. A combination of rules-based and machine learning algorithms derive meaning to enrich interaction and feedback data, providing users with nuanced insights. Clarabridge categorizes topics of conversation using industry-tuned hierarchical taxonomies for deep granularity and surfaces unexpected topics of conversation through machine learning Theme Detection. We provide 150+ customizable taxonomies to get you started, but new taxonomies can be created and tuned using a business-friendly user interface (no programming or coding required). Patent-pending intelligent scoring accelerates decision-making and prioritization by auto-scoring every interaction -- millions of phone calls, chats, emails, etc. -- so leaders can stack-rank interactions and act on those most promising or risky. Our best-in-class speech and text analytics helps businesses enrich their data, making insights more accurate than ever. Infuse customer feedback throughout your organization and empower business users to explore customer insights. The Clarabridge CEM Platform includes a full-suite Business Intelligence environment with a vast array of features to quickly and easily configure visually-appealing, interactive dashboards, combining insights from unstructured speech and text analytics with structured data for context. Customer engagements tools enable you to lose the customer feedback loop, monitor team performance and track service level agreements to improve customer loyalty and service quality.
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  • Integrated Fresh - Information Resources, Inc.

    Integrated Fresh allows our clients to accurately capture results from parts of the store we haven't been able to address in a manner that was data-driven. Using Integrated Fresh, we were able to identify top trends from the Thanksgiving holiday to provide insights for CPG retailers and manufacturers to better prepare for the holiday season in December. We were able to effectively analyze Thanksgiving data within a week of the holiday. Our solution can be implemented right away for our clients at any scale with data always being updated to provide the best results. Since clients have a range of different products for areas of the store, we can pull data from any specified category in the UPC/random-weight item area such as deli or bakery. We transform these insights into formats that can be easily shared and interpreted with our Report Builder tool or creating graphics such as bar charts. The Integrated Fresh hierarchy also aligns to and supports multiple IRI products enhancing all of our solutions.

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    TeamMate+, Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting - Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting

    TeamMate+ helps internal audit and control professionals to align risk and control insights that the organization can use to make strategic decisions. Leveraging data exchange APIs, TeamMateis able to ingest risk, control and issue information from other organizational systems, such as ERP and GRC systems. TeamMate+ uses a proprietary multi-dimension hierarchy to entities so risk and controls can be viewed by the inherent hierarchy of the departments they integrate this. As an example, TeamMate+ allows financial risk to be viewed across business units, financial accounts, geographic location, IT system, and many more. This flexibility in information management, combined with the power of PowerBI and Tableau allows senior executives to slice risk and control information from across the organization to meet their specific needs. 

    Auditors can then use the centralized risk and control assessment to prioritize audit efforts and execute audits.  

    As auditors look into the details of the risk environment, they leverage the integrated analytics tool that string test together to identify anomalies. As an example, they can use TeamMate Analytics to connect and gather with third-party systems or files, normalize the data, run Bedford’s test, risk rate each anomaly based on pre-determined criteria, then present the results in a dashboard. All of this is maintained in TM+ for quick reference at the end of the audit.  

    TeamMate+ supports the end-to-end workflow for audit and controls including audit and resource planning, execution and documentation, and collaboration and reporting.  

    • Planning – TeamMateuses risk as a foundation of audit planning and includes the continual updating of risk as a core function by including the business leaders in the risk assessment process. Beyond input from business leaders and functional staff, TeamMate+ leverage APIs to connect with ERP and/or GRC applications to ensure relevant data is accessible to auditors and can inform risk assessments and audit planning as well as audit execution. Once high-risk areas are identified, TeamMate+ facilitates audit planning and scheduling to ensure resources are applied to maximize value.  

    • Collaboration and Execution – Auditors review and test and verify processes, systems, and tools as part of their process. TeamMate+ streamlines the documentation of steps, findings, and remediation recommendations. Just as with planning, engagement with business auditees from the functional areas is critical throughout. TeamMate+ supports this collaboration through email communications, access and visibility for auditees, and successful closure of known risk items. Documenting steps, findings, and remediation recommendations is It helps auditors seamlessly create detailed workpapers that are referenced by many testing activities through patented integration with Word/Excel/PDF that extends functionality, such as identifying an issue, from the platform into these workpapers.  

    • Data Analytics – Just as other functions use analytics to improve their processes and/or achieve goals. Auditors can leverage analytics to systematically (and quickly) review full data sets from disparate sources to identify risks that otherwise be hidden within the haystack. Integrated data analytics mean that auditors no longer need to rely on statistical sampling methods meaning greater assurance in their review and findings. TeamMate+ data analytics capabilities are designed to work with and harmonize various data sets, come with a pre-built and audit-specific test library, and its usability is modeled after MS Excel to put the power of analytics into the hands of every auditor – not just data scientists.  

    • Reporting – Whether regular reporting to support continuous risk monitoring, an agile audit workflow, or more formalized reports for the Audit Committee, TeamMate+ incorporates tools to present and format audit documentation and findings into compelling, easy-to-read and actionable reports. TeamMate+ is compatible with commonly used business intelligence and visualization tools like Power BI and Tableau which help illuminate and clarify risk insights for business leaders.   


    TeamMate+ is the standard for audit management and it supports the rapid evolution of internal audit practices – from regulatory SOX compliance, to continuous risk monitoring, to adoption of agile audit principles – all aligned with international audit standards and norms.


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