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Recognizes the best solution designed for users to be able to create, modify, design, alter, combine, customize, and curate multiple content sources and formats, and share digital content for effective and engaged learning in the PreK-20 learning areas.

Women's Studies Archive: Voice and Vision, Gale, a part of Cengage Learning - Gale, a part of Cengage Learning

Voice and Vision, the second instalment of the award-winning series, Women's Studies Archive, looks beyond women's suffrage to explore critical areas of study including the abolition of slavery, alcohol and temperance movements, pacifism and political activism, domestic service, education, health and hygiene, divorce and social reform, and much more. A vast range of primary sources from 1780 to 2000 span multiple geographic regions, providing an abundance of perspectives on women's experiences and impact on society. Of particular importance are the materials that focus solely on female authors such as periodicals produced by women, not simply for women. Much of history is focused on the male perspective, leaving women's voices unheard. Voice and Vision addresses that by providing a diverse, global perspective on women's history, including increased representation of minorities. Primary sources concerning women from diverse backgrounds including European, African American, Indian, and Irish women as well as religious minorities such as Jewish, Muslim, and Quaker communities were specifically sought to ensure balanced coverage. An essential source for scholars of women's history, gender studies, and social history. Included primary sources feature personal papers of influential suffrage, socialist temperance, education and trade unionist activists; magazines and journals; correspondence, diaries and journals; memorabilia and ephemera; manuscripts, printed articles, and poems.

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  • Learning Explorer, Lesson Planet - Lesson Planet

    Learning Explorer is a learning object repository and curriculum management platform for PreK-12th grade teachers. Our database contains over 4 million curated educational videos, images, teacher-reviewed resources, and district-procured content from publishers including Discovery Education, McGraw Hill, Newsela and more. Because Learning Explorer is at its core a curriculum solution database, we felt this category focusing on educational databases made sense for what our product is offering as a solution to teachers and administrators: a one-stop Learning Object Repository.


    Many districts struggle with the complexity and limitations of curriculum found on many different platforms and publisher websites. Learning Explorer helps schools and districts move from the "Hard Way" to the "Easy Way", streamlining all curriculum onto one single-sign-on platform. We not only provide a space for learning objects, but include a faceting and search algorithm that allows for quick discovery of exactly what teachers and educators really need, even standards-alignments specific to their state. The huge content library is easily pared down using facets such as “Resource Type”, allowing teachers to find audio files, videos, interactives, presentations, and more. There is also an “Accessibility” filter to find resources that offer “Larger Text” and “Text-to-Speech” options, among others. We recently added "Lexile", allowing teachers to filter by Lexile level as well.


    The Learning Explorer team has listened to teachers and administrators and continues to add features to make our educational database even more customizable and efficient for content planning and delivery. The collection builder lets educators drag-and-drop resources into their own collections, which they can then edit, add to, play, and assign to students or share with colleagues. Multiple teachers can collaborate on one collection using our sharing feature, which has been essential especially for teachers during distance learning.


    Administrators have access to the full content library on a separate admin dashboard, where they can review flagged resources (flagged by teachers), add resources, hide resources, and conduct general searches, determining what content they would like accessible to their district. They also have an extensive reporting dashboard which reflects teacher use of the resources, collections built, shared and played, and member engagement.


    Learning Explorer displays innovation through its scalable cloud-based (AWS) platform that integrates with and is the perfect complement to popular LMS solutions such as Google Classroom, Canvas, and Schoology. Integration doesn’t stop there, though; every year the Learning Explorer product team works with publishers to bring top-quality content into our database as part of partnerships with district clients. Using everything from spreadsheets to Thin Common Cartridge to APIs, resource metadata is mapped to ensure it will be easily accessible on the Learning Explorer search page.


    Whether accessed via desktop or mobile, Learning Explorer performs beautifully, increasing access both to teachers and students using the Resource Player. As an educational resource database, Learning Explorer has really strived to determine the pain points many districts struggle with, simplifying their processes and easing the load on teachers and administrators.



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  • Nexis Uni, LexisNexis / RELX Group - LexisNexis / RELX Group

    Nexis Uni brings intuitive search, incomparable content aligned to the needs of digitally native students. - Trusted content: Nexis Uni features more than 15,000 news, business and legal sources, including U.S. Supreme Court decisions dating back to 1790. - Personalized experience: Students can create individual user IDs and passwords to enable setting of Alerts, saving searches and bookmarking documents of interest. - Intuitive design: Input from university students led to a solution that offers an intuitive, engaging research experience on a wide range of devices. - Shared workspace: Collaboration tools make it easier for students to work on team research projects efficiently while ensuring that individuals stay accountable. And we strive to continually adapt and improve to meet their needs. In 2020, we delivered several meaningful updates COVID-19 Canned Search Strings - when COVID-19 was first emerging, we quickly crafted search strings on a variety of related topics so that our students could track down relevant COVID-19 news and business updates  Company Cards - improving visibility to our company data within Nexis Uni  Help Center - new interactive help center with live support and links to videos  All Sources page redesign - streamlining how students can view our world-leading news and business source selection  Delivery to OneDrive - providing another content delivery option that our students have asked for  Citation Export from Folders - creating an easy way to collect articles and then easily export citations from a complete set within folders  Home Page Search Box redesign (coming in 1Q 2021) Benefits: Aids librarians to help students conduct research: Whether librarians are mentoring freshmen on how to conduct research or recommending scholarly journals to more advanced researchers, having an academic search engine students want to use makes libarians' jobs easier. Helps students to conduct academic research faster: Having grown up googling for answers to any question, today's students expect their academic research to offer the same convenience and ease-of-use--whether they're writing research papers or working on group projects. Enables faculty to transform students into scholars: Fake news and sponsored content make it difficult for students to identify credible sources. Nexis Uni helps them find trusted content for writing research papers.

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