Best Remote Learning Partner K-12/Higher Education

Recognizes the best education technology product that supports remote learning in a (post) COVID-19 world. This includes all asynchronous and synchronous learning applications, learning management systems network services, hardware, and school administrative applications.

ClassLink Suite - ClassLink

ClassLink ensures school systems are prepared for quick shifts between remote, in-person, and blended learning—with one consistent way to access all their digital resources, engagement analytics as well as rostering and provisioning tools. 


You can see examples of how ClassLink supported school systems through the rapid move to remote learning in several of our recent case studies, including Fulton County Schools, School District of Janesville, and North Penn School District.


As Dr. Mark Benign, Chief Information Officer at Meriden Public Schools, explains, "As a single sign-on provider, ClassLink helped us avoid a lot of remote learning issues. This pandemic showed us the importance of going with a single sign-on model and our partnership with ClassLink."


In addition, Emily Bell, Chief information office at Fulton County Schools, shares her thoughts on how ClassLink supports her school system during remote learning. "Teachers were thrown into remote learning and didn't really know what their students were doing. ClassLink Analytics gave them such an aha moment. They felt like, 'Okay, now I can really see what's going on!' That data helped inform their decisions and inform learning and teaching."


Everyone committed to the education industry wants the same thing—success for schools. But that success requires that systems work together, exchange information, and are easy to access.

ClassLink creates an environment where plug-and-play and interchanging apps aren’t just possible—they’re seamless. That approach is consistent with an educator’s mindset. As they learn, grow, and try new things, there is always opportunity for new technologies to come into play.

Watch our most recent customer testimonials - where higher education leaders share how having ClassLink makes it easier to transition between in-class and online learning through simple, secure access.

You can also see how Dr. Kristen Landis, Director of Technology for North Penn School District, PA, and other district staff share why ClassLink was a lifesaver during remote learning.


Furthermore, in an era of remote learning, school leaders need access to analytics that paint a clear picture of student engagement with digital learning resources. Without that data, it’s difficult to know whether students are engaged and learning or struggling and in need of support.


What is measured, gets managed. Districts using ClassLink had access to an abundance of data points they could use to find answers to questions that would drive decisions.


  • Which digital resources weren’t being used?
  • Which students or teachers weren’t logging in?
  • When do students log in, and for how long?
  • Which digital resources were missing?


With detailed data to answer these questions, school leaders can decide if it is time to revisit license agreements, reallocate funds, provide training, reach out with support or even adjust existing plans.


Today’s education environment can be challenging, but schools don’t have to face it alone. With time saving, automated class rostering and account provisioning, multi-factor authentication, detailed usage analytics, and more - ClassLink was built for this.


“ClassLink is the consistency amidst all of this uncertainty” - Wendy Stover, 6th Grade ELA Teacher, Kulp Elementary School


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    Brightspace, D2L - D2L

    D2L is helping transform the way the world learns. With over 20 years of experience, this mission has never wavered. Working with customers all over the world, D2L is supporting millions of people learning online and in person. D2L is a learning company first - building technology that paves the way, instead of getting in the way. Our more than 900 global employees are dedicated to making the best learning products to leave the world better than they found it. D2L's Brightspace platform is a cloud-based learning management system built for people who care deeply about helping all learners reach their potential. It is designed in close collaboration with our K-12, Higher Education, and Corporate customers - building innovative and pedagogically rich feature sets to improve engagement, retention, and learning outcomes in learners of all ages and abilities, helping them achieve more than they dreamed possible. Brightspace delivers worry-free technology with 99.99% reliability and world-class security and data privacy. It's an open platform offering standards-based integrations that provide the ultimate in learning flexibility. It's fully accessible, customizable, and looks beautiful on any mobile device-making it easier to reach every learner. Brightspace makes it easy to support exceptional learning experiences in person and online by providing educators and learners with tools they'll love. With Brightspace, you can set up individualized learning paths for learners, keep them on track with automated nudges, and engage them with video, game-based learning, awards, badges, and other powerful features. Brightspace also makes it easier to complete assessments and provide meaningful feedback. Learning data and analytics reports are readily available, providing up-to-date information and insights that help answer questions and inform decisions to take action and improve learning outcomes. D2L is a dedicated partner in the learning journey-genuinely committed to supporting our customers to help them leverage Brightspace to achieve, outperform, and succeed. In a rapidly changing educational landscape, partnering with D2L and taking advantage of our supportive community and broad ecosystem of partners can help our customers navigate change and differentiate their offerings. D2L's team of learning experience experts can address both strategic and tactical needs, including implementation, support, instructional design, courseware development, learning strategy, technical account management and data consulting-and this can all be done virtually today and into the future.

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    Incite Teaching & Learning Platform, EdIncites - EdIncites

    Cobb County School District (CCSD) wanted integrated technology, a seamless user experience, with all tools and resources required to support the complete teaching and learning process. They partnered with EdIncites in the 2018-19 school year to implement a digital platform that identifies what students know, supports student learning, engages parents, and empowers teachers with one goal: student success. That platform was the Incite Teaching & Learning Platform, which delivers standards-based insights to improve student achievement and teacher effectiveness. Incite’s teaching and learning tools are offered in functional modules, so districts can select the functionality they need without paying for what they don’t. They can implement modules at a pace that ensures proper training and adoption. By 2019-20, CCSD implemented the following Incite modules: • Incite Assessment - item & assessment creation, test administration, instant scoring, and powerful reporting & analytics • Incite RX - a prescriptive engine that automatically assigns digital resources for enrichment/remediation based on assessment results • Incite Resources - a robust LOR that enables federated search of standards-based digital resources • Incite Parent - communication tools to engage parents in the education process to help improve student outcomes EdIncites’ roadmap included the ability to facilitate blended learning. As COVID-19 disrupted districts across the nation, EdIncites accelerated development to support both remote and in-classroom learning environments. Once again, CCSD turned to EdIncites for technology that enabled a fully virtual start to the 2020-21 school year. In July they implemented: • Incite Classroom - to deliver instruction in all scenarios (in-person classroom, online live-streaming lessons, on-demand access to recorded lessons, or online 1:1 personalized assistance) while giving teachers and students the resources and communication tools they need in one platform • Incite Professional – to create, manage and track professional development activities for the district As the 2nd largest district in GA, with 113K students and 7,356 teachers in 131 schools, rolling new technology out quickly and effectively is quite a feat. Mark Smith, CCSD’s CTO stated, “We are especially impressed with the responsiveness of the EdIncites team – their customer service and support is excellent.” Making sure that the platform can scale and perform when over 110K concurrent users hit the platform in virtual sessions is also a challenge. But current CCSD usage data from this school year proves that Incite has delivered: • Over 149 Million Digital Classrooms Entered • 3.9 Million Assignments Completed • Over 65 Million Live Classrooms • Over 260M Student Activities completed  • Over 1.6 Million Total Assessments.  CCSD has achieved a 97% engagement rate of students logging in and utilizing Incite, demonstrating the user-friendliness of the platform.

    NOTE FOR VIDEO: EdIncites allows our district partners to whitelabel the platform. In Cobb County School District, they have whitelabeled the platform the Cobb Teaching & Learning System (CTLS).

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    Edmentum, Inc., Edmentum - Edmentum

    Our comprehensive response to remote learning involves top-tier curriculum, consulting services, and best practice resources. In response to increased curriculum needs, Edmentum offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that ensure continuity of learning, adaptively assess individual needs, target essential grade-level standards, and elevate social-emotional learning (SEL).

    Since March, Edmentum transitioned our web-based platforms to a more robust infrastructure to accommodate increased users, grew 60% by hiring 300+ new virtual teachers, and created new Accelerate Courses to mitigate COVID-slide learning losses.

    Through consulting, we equip teachers and districts with tools for the virtual transition. Our Capacity Assistance Program offered free product access and virtual professional development from March - June. Our Mentor Program also helps districts build virtual capacity using our online programs.

    Finally, we equip caregivers and district leaders with critical transition tools. Our Family Resources portal helps parents transition to at-home learning facilitators. Further, our "Start Smart" national response plan guides education leaders. Toolkits, webinars, and podcasts also support all learning partners.

    Whether training teachers in virtual instruction, equipping schools with high-quality online programs, supporting SEL needs, or mitigating COVID learning losses, Edmentum is the industry leader in pandemic-response remote learning solutions.

    Please note: Our COVID Response Presentation is a much more detailed deep-dive meant to accompany the brief video overview. 

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  • Synergy Education Platform - Edupoint Educational Systems

    Synergy® Education Platform unites multiple K-12 data management solutions in one seamless ecosystem, creating systemwide data connections that help improve administrative processes and learning outcomes without the need for third-party system integrations. Synergy streamlines the management of student information, remote and on-site learning, assessment, MTSS, special education, and analytics to help districts personalize learning, advance equity, and promote student achievement. Synergy helps educators respond to the real-time needs of students, classes, schools, and districts and communicate with everyone who has a stake in each student’s education.

    Synergy is unique among K-12 student data and learning management solutions in providing an array of role-based iOS and Android mobile apps designed to give all stakeholders access to the tools they need when and where they need them. 

    Some of the needs Synergy has helped districts meet during the pandemic include:

    -         Adapting to new challenges as they arise, often with urgency and little notice, such as the quick transition from in-person to remote learning, hybrid scheduling, meeting new state reporting requirements, and providing contactless enrollment to families

    -         Monitoring student health for in-person learning

    -         Responding to COVID outbreaks during in-person learning

    -         Delivering engaging and effective instruction to remote and hybrid learners and tracking student engagement

    -         Empowering teachers to teach effectively from home

    -         Identifying at-risk students, managing interventions, and tracking progress

    -         Communicating frequently with parents in their language of choice and supporting them as they support their students learning at home

    -         Helping teachers understand the whole student – even students they have never met in person

    -         Understanding and addressing the impact of the pandemic on student learning progress

    -         Assessing student learning and analyzing results at the student, class, school, and district level

    -         Preparing for the return to in-person learning

    Synergy was able to meet many of the pandemic needs of school districts right out gate, such as the urgent need for many districts to transition to a remote or hybrid schedule in March 2020. Synergy scheduling tools were flexible and powerful enough to enable districts to rapidly make the switch, and Edupoint scheduling specialists dedicated themselves to assisting districts in this critical task.

    To address emerging, unmet needs, Edupoint adopted a set of “Pandemic Priorities” and invested significantly in product development in order to quickly turn around a suite of new pandemic-friendly features. In Summer 2020, Edupoint introduced video conference integration, contact tracing, a daily health survey, time tracking, and student check-in as the first Pandemic Priority features, allowing districts time to implement them and train staff before return to learning in the fall. Many new pandemic-related features and functionality continue to roll out to customers on a regular basis, and nearly all have been made available to Edupoint partner districts at no additional cost.

    The Synergy LMS module enables districts to build complete, interactive, and highly engaging online courses to share with teachers in their gradebooks. Courses and assignments can be aligned to district and state standards for mastery-based learning, and flexible templates make it simple for authors to format pages and embed a variety of rich content types, including: videos, images, discussions, Google Drive™ files, Microsoft OneDrive™ files, nearly 400 LTI learning apps, assignments, and calendars. With the addition of integrated video conferencing in Summer 2020, Synergy can fully support synchronous and asynchronous learning, with 24/7 student access via the StudentVUE® web portal or mobile app. Teachers can deliver real-time instruction in a virtual classroom setting with video, audio, breakout rooms, chat, screen sharing, and file sharing. Classes can be recorded for later viewing by students who are unable to attend live classes, and teachers can set up meetings for small group instruction, one-to-one student conferences, and parent-teacher conferences.

    The StudentVUE web portal and mobile app provide students with access to everything they need in one place – assignments, assessments with individualized accommodations and feedback, teacher- and district-created course content, grades, test scores, progress toward graduation, course requests, and more. Teachers in the TeacherVUE Portal With Gradebook can see which learning resources students have accessed and the amount of time spent with each.

    Many Edupoint client districts have begun leveraging the MTSS Early Warning System (EWS) to identify students who may need additional supports for learning loss or other impacts of the pandemic and helping them get back on track. The EWS enables each district to define its own early warning categories (with the ability to draw on any Synergy demographic information desired such as ELL status, ethnicity, gender, etc.), data sources, and weighting, then mine that data for academic and behavioral warning signs and send timely notifications to the right stakeholders. These students can be placed in to an RTI plan and monitored for progress and/or assigned to Check-In/Check-Out for positive behavioral intervention and support. Teachers can assign classroom behavior points, create RTI and discipline referrals, see student RTI plan information, and more, all from the TeacherVUE® Portal With Gradebook that acts as their home base for everything Synergy. Graphical dashboards provide users with the right information for their role and helps district administrators understand in real time what’s working and what’s not, both districtwide and at individual schools down to the grade and teacher level.

    Synergy is designed for seamless integration with most third party applications a district is using or plans to use, including:

    -Classroom apps: Google Classroom™, Google Drive™, Microsoft OneDrive™, nearly 400 LTI learning apps, and more.

    -OneRoster:  A OneRoster API is available to enable the secure exchange of data between Synergy SIS and Canvas® LMS, Schoology® LMS, and Brightspace® LMS.

    -Ed-Fi: Synergy SIS is certified on the Ed-Fi Data Standard to support the seamless connection of your educational data systems.

    -Other: Synergy enables seamless integration with transportation, food service, and other third party solutions.

    Synergy provides Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities, so there’s no need for IT teams to manage separate logins for different modules or for the mobile apps and web-based portals. Synergy SSO also extends to third party integrations.

    Synergy supports 5,600+ schools nationwide across 22 states, including some of the largest school districts in the country, and provides state-level solutions in Tennessee, Arizona, Oregon, and Maine.

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    eDynamic Learning CTE & Elective Courseware, eDynamic Learning - eDynamic Learning

    When eDynamic Learnings school partners transitioned to remote learning they did not miss a beat. Many were calling to expand their courses to support as many students as possible. Our superior customer support was touted as helping schools get up and running in days, not weeks. Our monitoring and reporting tools allowed schools to track attendance, grades, assignments and support IEP/504 plans remotely. Our teacher resource materials provided instructional strategy guides to aid teachers new to blended/online learning. And our built-in literacy toolbar enabled students to get the support they needed anytime. This included a text-to-speech option, dictionary, highlighter, screen masking tool, and the ability to translate text into 90+ languages.

    How well did the product continue to support distance learning throughout the pandemic?

    For over a decade we have been supporting schools in-class as a textbook replacement, in a blended or flipped environment, or fully online to offer a continuous learning environment no matter where learning takes place.  Schools that had already been using our curriculum often expanded their course usage this year to more students and teachers due to the smooth implementation process from school or home.  For schools new to our curriculum, they were impressed with how responsive our support team was, and how quickly we were able to get them up and running and resolve any questions or issues within hours not days.

    “eDynamic Learning has the most dynamic, up-to-date, and fresh courses for student engagement. Their team is highly responsive, and the user support is quick and helpful.  School implementation of courses is easy and smooth.  Students and staff pick up the flow of these courses without a hitch.”

    Jessica Williams, Family Partnership Curriculum Coordinator, Anchorage, Alaska


    How well did the product help facilitate the school’s transition to distance learning?

    eDynamic Learning developed many tutorial videos and helpful tools for parents and students to ease the transition so they could be up and running quickly and easily from home.

    In addition, our support team is one of the most responsive in the industry and this year was no different. We often resolved questions or issues within hours not days.  Schools that signed on to partner with us were up and running in days and schools were extremely grateful for our responsiveness. We also offered professional development options virtually to help accommodate schools and teachers schedules so they could hit the ground running on day one.

    Virtual workshops helped teachers locate their teacher materials, including their gradebook, answer keys, dashboard, pacing guide and course components. Teachers appreciated how our course mirrored a textbook but with interactive features and data to help them stay on top of students at-risk. We also offered a new 6-hour self-paced PD course that allowed teachers to learn our curriculum at their own time and pace if they wanted to dive deeper into all the courses offered them, such as customization and IEP/504 accommodations.


    How well did the product help the school address equity issues during that transition?

    The eDynamic Learning catalog of nearly 200 courses offers a diverse and inclusive curriculum that is continuously reviewed to ensure the language and topics are sensitive and appropriate for all learners. Unlike a static textbook, our digital courses allow us to provide ongoing updates to incorporate relevant and newsworthy events and details, which transfer seamlessly for LTI-enabled school partners. Our writers (teachers and subject matter experts) and our editors are trained on these topics regularly. We also employ an external diversity/sensitivity editorial organization to review our lessons, images, and assessments to identify potential bias, stereotypes, and inauthenticity. All courses are responsively designed to run effectively on all technology platforms and devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and Chromebooks. This was particularly helpful for families who had to share devices with multiple children from home. Our courses also include a built-in literacy support toolbar which was quite beneficial when students did not have access to their teachers. The toolbar offered a text-to-speech read-aloud option, a dictionary tool, screen masking, highlighting, and a note capture feature. These tools were particularly beneficial for students with dyslexia or those with reading challenges. The toolbar also includes a translation feature offering English Language Learners (ELL) the ability to translate text into 97 languages with many of the languages also featuring a read-aloud option in the target language to provide additional audio support.  Teachers could also customize the curriculum to incorporate their own videos, lessons, links, slides, and accommodate various IEPs/504 plans and provide meaningful feedback. All courses are WCAG 2.0 AA compliant, a 508 requirement, which supports students who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind, visually impaired, or have other cognitive challenges.


    How well did the product offer any unique solutions that made the transition easier?

    Our monitoring and reporting tools allowed schools to track attendance, grades, assignments and support IEP/504 plans remotely. Our teacher resource materials provided instructional strategy guides to aid teachers new to blended/online learning. The online curriculum is conveniently organized with effortless navigation and communication features that enable students and teachers to stay connected through the program and avoid losing materials.  Teachers were not tasked to write or create their own curriculum. eDynamic Learning provides a strong foundation of content for teaching and learning but gives teachers the ability to customize it to make it their own and meet the diverse needs of their students (


    How well did the product respond to the transition to distance learning in Spring 2020?

    We provided free activities and lessons ( so schools could incorporate online lessons into their existing curriculum and get familiar with a digital curriculum before investing in a digital curriculum for the following school year. For schools who decided to utilize our complete curriculum in Spring or had already been using it for in-class instruction, they were pleased to see how easy it was to transition to remote learning while keeping their students on track and engaged. 


    Testimonials shared with us:

    “I have to commend the company on their fantastic customer service, as we transitioned our entire district to online learning almost overnight. Our elective teachers have been able to use & modify eDynamic courses to continue student education almost seamlessly. eDynamic Learning offers the most comprehensive selection of high school (and a few middle school) elective and career path online courses in the business. Our students love the ability to choose a class based on their interest, and with around 200 different options, there is a lot of choices! The majority of students complete their coursework successfully in a fully online environment.”

    Heather Pelletier, Online Learning Support Coordinator, Mat-Su iTech Online Learning, Alaska


    “My CTE school has been using eDynamic Learning for the past year and a half.  When our students had to transition from blended learning to remote learning, they did not miss a beat.  Our staff uploaded daily hands-on instructional videos directly into eDynamic Learning.  The eDynamic Learning team has been with us every step of the way, always willing to take the time to educate our staff and answer questions daily.”

    Terry Kass, Cosmetology Instructor, Lake County Tech Campus, IL


    “I LOVED anatomy!!!!! This has been one of my favorite science classes. I really enjoyed both the format and the content of this course. I really appreciated the weekly Friday “due date” of all the assignments being in one day. Not that I would do all of them in one day, but it was a great way of having it organized. I also liked the course content.  It was very informational and I’m excited to hopefully use it in my future career. The assessments were great! Not too hard nor easy. Thank you for this course!!!!”

    – Student Testimonial from 2020 (Anatomy and Physiology 1a: Introduction)


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  • FEV Tutor - Live 1:1 Online Tutoring , FEV Tutor - FEV Tutor

    As a social impact-driven EdTech company, FEV Tutor�s mission is to affect meaningful change in K-12 Education, with organic growth and innovation at the core of our organization. The dynamic nature of combining online instructional technology with live 1:1 instruction and integrating all of this naturally into a K-12 school or district ecosystem creates an unmatched impact on academic achievement. With this model, FEV Tutor is a key support system and a major driver of overall school and district improvement and innovation. This versatility was tested during the COVID-19 outbreak, but FEV Tutor evolved and adapted with our Equitable Remote Learning Model, which centers around providing high-quality educational support that is accessible 24/7, can be used on any device, and is adaptable to various learning styles and needs. The success FEV tutor has had despite the changing K-12 education landscape is what makes us one of the most dynamic Remote Learning Partners in the market.

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  • Sentinel, Kajeet - Kajeet

    Kajeet is mission-focused on ensuring that all students have equitable access to today’s digital curriculum. In early 2020, as schools across the nation shut their doors indefinitely and transitioned classes online, nearly 17 million students who lacked internet access at home were at-risk of being left even further behind. The Kajeet team quickly mobilized to deliver safe and secure educational connectivity solutions to thousands of school districts across the nation.

     Kajeet’s suite of connectivity solutions include Wi-Fi enabled school buses (SmartBus™) that are strategically parked in underserved communities, LTE-Embedded Chromebooks, individual Wi-Fi hotspots (SmartSpot®) and on-premise LTE connectivity (Connect Prime™). Each connectivity solution is provisioned on Kajeet’s secure device and data management platform Sentinel, the most advanced solution for controlling a wireless network from a centralized console.

     Sentinel enables extensive and educator-specified mobile policy controls, visibility across all devices, content blocking for added security and the ability to use multiple wireless networks for the most reliable service in any location. Advanced CIPA-compliant filters limit internet access to only education-specific websites, reducing distractions while ensuring students remain engaged and on-track. 

     Today, powered by Sentinel, Kajeet provides safe and reliable Education Broadbandä internet access to students at more than 3,000 K-12 and higher education schools and libraries, and on over 10,000 school buses across North America.

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    PAPER Educational Support System (ESS): 24/7 homework help, writing feedback, and study support - PAPER

    Response to COVID-19:

    Paper partners with K-12 schools throughout the U.S. and Canada to give every student an equal opportunity to excel academically. Our educational support system (ESS) provides learners with unlimited 24/7 homework help, writing feedback, and study support at a predictable fixed cost. Paper’s specialized tutors deliver on-demand, 1:1 academic support in four languages across more than 200 academic subject areas—so students always have access to expert extra help exactly when, where, and how they need it.


    COVID-19 heightened existing inequities between students who could afford private help and those who could not. Teacher shortages were also exacerbated by the pandemic, amplifying the need for supplemental support as classrooms shifted online. Paper’s tutors supported students by offering 24/7 access to unlimited academic help. We also helped teachers by serving as 24/7 virtual teaching assistants to provide feedback and academic support.


    As our services have always been offered remotely, we were able to quickly adapt to the shift to distance learning. Our remote tutors have always been trained to adapt to every students’ individual needs, and with the onset of COVID-19, we found new ways to support the distance and hybrid learning efforts of our partner schools, such as virtual onboarding, asynchronous tools for teacher and student support, and live sessions for parents (in both English and Spanish).


    As the need for accessible academic support grew, Paper experienced a tremendous amount of growth—growing from 50,000 students to over 600,000 in less than a year. Our scalable model meant that we were able to very seamlessly manage this growth. 


    What sets you apart/ how it excels above the competition:


    Paper was created as a 24/7 personalized tutoring service accessible to all students. Districts are able to scale academic support at a fixed cost. Unlike typical extra help options, Paper isn’t constrained by unpredictable demand, the time of day, unmanageable costs, or the availability of teachers or tutors. 


    Paper is unique for a number of reasons:

    • Paper is available 24/7 across all devices. Students need help—and deserve it—any time of day (or night) they're willing to put in the work.

    • Paper is available everywhere. Students need help wherever they do their homework: whether it’s on break at their job, on a long bus ride, while babysitting siblings, or studying at their classmate’s home.

    • Paper offers unlimited help 1:1, for as long as a student needs. Whether it’s five minutes or five hours.

    • Paper is accessible to every learner regardless of socioeconomic status, paid for by the school and not by individual families who may or may not have the means. 

    • Paper removes the “extra help” stigma. Some learners are reluctant to go to school-provided extra help because they fear being judged negatively by their peers. Our remote system offers privacy.

    • Paper offers valuable, actionable insights and feedback for teachers and administrators to help them determine progress, pinpoint challenges and modify instruction.


    View a full comparison chart here.


    In a post-pandemic world, it’s important to note that behaviors are going to continue to evolve. Education technology is here to stay, remote learning will play a bigger role in learning and, with equity in education being heavily spotlighted, the need for Paper’s 1:1, scalable, high-dosage tutoring model will continue to be a major focus for the system. 




    How well did the product continue to support distance learning throughout the pandemic? 

    The shift to distance learning meant that traditional forms of support were no longer available to students. Paper’s remote, 24/7 availability allowed students to access support anytime, anywhere and from any device. We also supported educators and parents through the process.

    • Teachers were overworked and overwhelmed and unable to provide support like they were used to. Paper’s 24/7 supplemental support system alleviated their workloads.

    • Students lost the ability to physically connect with teachers in a classroom setting. Paper was the bridge between teachers and students to help maintain those connections.

    • Parents had to take on a bigger role in students’ academic well-being. Paper’s tutors provided support to enable parents to better help their children.

    • Our data-driven reports help educators gain more insight into students’ progress, challenges and behaviours, even when they couldn’t physically meet with them. 

    • Many of our partners saw the immediate impact of using Paper. For example, within the first month of using Paper, Paramount Unified School District reported the following:

    How well did the product help facilitate the school’s transition to distance learning?

    • Our dedicated customer support teams made the process of implementing and onboarding schools seamless, even when done entirely remotely.

    • We built asynchronous tools for teacher and student support and onboarding, replacing our need to introduce the tool to schools in person. This involved setting up a self-service PD platform for teachers, launching several bilingual how-to videos, and providing bilingual articles for students, teachers, and families in our knowledge base

    • We were also able to scale to provide numerous staff, teacher, parent, and student training sessions virtually, as needed by the schools.

    How well did the product help the school address equity issues during that transition?

    • Paper was uniquely positioned to tackle the inequities exacerbated by the pandemic. We partner with school districts to offer live, on-demand academic support 24/7 to all students, regardless of socioeconomic background—and help monitor and bridge learning gaps.

    • Many families turned to using private pods and tutors to help their children academically during the pandemic. But this option was not affordable or accessible to many. Paper’s model of partnering with school districts to offer academic support to all students made us a compelling choice for districts looking to provide equitable solutions to their community. We help level the playing field for all students with equal access to academic support.


    How well did the product offer any unique solutions that made the transition easier?

    • From its inception, Paper has offered services remotely 24/7 across all devices. We offer scalable, equitable access and unlike typical extra help options, are not constrained by unpredictable demand, the time of day, unmanageable costs, or the local availability of teachers, tutors, or parents. 

    • Paper was able to increase support to parents, teachers and administrators by providing synchronous and asynchronous PDs and tools, all delivered virtually. 

    • We introduced 24/7 multilingual services to help ELL students and parents who may not be fluent in English. 

    • We shifted focus to help district leaders ensure that the entire community was adopting the solution and using the platform to maximum effectiveness.

    • We helped districts stay connected to parents through webinars in English and Spanish.

    How well did the product respond to the transition to distance learning in Spring 2020?

    Our scalable operating model helped us manage the exponential growth caused by distance learning—we were able to pivot and support students, parents, teachers and administrators at a very rapid pace, going from serving 50,000 students to over 600,000.

    • Paper’s large team of tutors, smart tutor matching system, tech integration, and intelligent capacity planning capabilities allow us to be responsive to a steep rise in demand in Spring 2020. As we were built for seamless adoption, we were able to give learning help to all the students who needed it—quickly and effectively. 

    • Our smart matching system pairs automatically pairs students with the best available tutor based on the student’s question, language preference, and other attributes.

    • Through our intelligent capacity planning, Paper’s predictive analytics forecast usage to determine exactly the right amount of tutors needed.

    • Paper easily integrates with existing tech infrastructure for single sign-on and student rostering. Access is easy and intuitive for students across multiple devices.

    • Read how using Paper during school closures increased student engagement by 503% across Sequoia Union High School District.





    • "The amount of sessions I see happen on weekends and beyond school hours—it shows us that we're providing a tool that students are accessing all the time, and when they need it. That's something I believe is a big step forward in terms of equity. Covid or not, the needs for something like this have been there." - Dr. Ryan Smith, Assistant Superintendent, Paramount USD, CA




    • “What I like most about Paper is the opportunity to extend access to all students in our district. A service like Paper helps level the playing field for all learners. In this challenging time, it's super important to rally and provide resources that meet our district's needs for parents, families, students, and teachers. We believe Paper will be that resource by offering on-demand instructional support when students need it most.” - Jamie Lewsadder, Chief Technology Officer, La Cañada Unified School District, CA.



    • “We did some research into why kids fail in online classes, and there were some things that stuck out to me, and we are trying to address them. One of them was that students fall behind and they get lost. That’s one thing Paper addresses. [...] Another reason is some kids aren’t quite sure how to get online help. So that plays into Paper as well.”                                     “Our district is in a pretty wealthy area, but there are some students that don’t have the ability to get a tutor and I always felt like this was an unfair advantage. A lot of our kids can easily afford a tutor, but some kids have no way of affording that. So we thought that Paper would even the playing field for them and give everybody a tutor and help.”                                                       “I just think that they’re open and have the right philosophy. They focus on equity and on students and not on money.” - Michael Morrison, Chief Technology Officer, Laguna Beach Unified School District, CA.
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    Schoology Learning, PowerSchool - PowerSchool

    Following the dramatic overnight shift to distance learning this past Spring due to the outbreak of COVID-19, PowerSchool immediately pivoted to help customers, districts and educators keep the learning going, whether in the classroom, at home, or both. 
    We quickly launched a new prepare webpage with resources to help districts continue operations remotely and developed a free Distance Learning Readiness Kit. To enable hundreds of schools to move to distance learning over spring break, we reduced implementation of Schoology Learning, PowerSchool’s learning management system, from 90 days to just 4 days, and offered existing Schoology Learning and PowerSchool SIS customers free expanded use through the end of the year with expedited implementation. 
    With the move to hybrid learning, we saw significant growth in usage and new demand across all our products to support flexibility that every district, teacher, and student required. Schoology Learning saw over 1 trillion student interactions in the Spring - a 400% increase over any time in its 10-year history. Usage continued to rise once school came back in session in the fall where Schoology Learning saw 2 trillion interactions, or double the engagement, among the same set of users from spring. 
    In preparation to support this growth, PowerSchool spent the spring and summer investing heavily in Schoology Learning to serve more users. We increased the size of our product, engineering, service, and support teams to ensure help was there when needed. 

    Following the dramatic overnight shift to distance learning this past Spring due to the outbreak of COVID-19, PowerSchool immediately pivoted to help customers, districts and educators keep the learning going, whether in the classroom, at home, or both. 

    We quickly launched a new prepare webpage with resources to help districts continue operations remotely and developed a free Distance Learning Readiness Kit. To enable hundreds of schools to move to distance learning over spring break, we reduced implementation of Schoology Learning, PowerSchool’s learning management system, from 90 days to just 4 days, and offered existing Schoology Learning and PowerSchool SIS customers free expanded use through the end of the year with expedited implementation. 

    With the move to hybrid learning, we saw significant growth in usage and new demand across all our products to support flexibility that every district, teacher, and student required. Schoology Learning saw over 1 trillion student interactions in the Spring - a 400% increase over any time in its 10-year history. Usage continued to rise once school came back in session in the fall where Schoology Learning saw 2 trillion interactions, or double the engagement, among the same set of users from spring. 

    In preparation to support this growth, PowerSchool spent the spring and summer investing heavily in Schoology Learning to serve more users. We increased the size of our product, engineering, service, and support teams to ensure help was there when needed. 

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  • Savvas Realize Learning Management System - Savvas Learning Company

    In a year like no other, Savvas Realize™ has been peerless in supporting K-12 educators with the right tools, content, and resources they need to maximize remote and hybrid teaching and learning. One of the industry’s most versatile learning management systems, Savvas Realize delivers a one-stop solution with single sign-on access to a vast array of Savvas content — high-quality curriculum, research-grounded pedagogy, and engaging activities — all on one platform. It provides assessments, student data, and valuable management tools, along with powerful integrations that make access to third-party apps digital seamless, safe, and effective. No other LMS provides educators with such a comprehensive, feature-packed solution.

    Unlike other LMSs, Realize allows teachers to customize materials, monitor student progress, and streamline planning, as well as access digital content to more than 850 Savvas programs, across all subject areas and grade levels. The easy-to-use platform provides data-driven insights to empower educators and interactive experiences to increase student engagement. Students can find e-texts in the Realize Reader app, enabling them to easily download and complete work offline. Teachers can create playlists for lesson plans and assign resources personalized for students. Realize also provides continuous formative assessments to help teachers address unfinished learning and differentiate instruction.


    When it comes to scalability and integrations, Realize is in a class of its own. Plug-and-play interoperability with top classroom tools has been a priority since its creation. Realize is the first LMS from a major publisher to become a Google for Education Partner, offering teachers seamless digital integration with Google Classroom. Realize is also IMS-certified and works with LMS partners like Canvas and Schoology. The platform also integrates with a variety of technologies schools already use including rostering and authentication systems, open educational resource libraries, and productivity tools.

    When faced with pivoting to remote learning virtually overnight, districts nationwide turned to Savvas as a trusted partner to help support implementation and provide professional learning, technical support, and curriculum guidance. For the start of the 2020-21 school year, Savvas introduced game-changing features to further optimize Realize for remote learning, including:

    • Distance Learning Toggle makes Realize even more flexible by quickly highlighting, with the click of a button, curated content best suited for distance learning. 

    • Distance Learning Support Playbook gives teachers digital resources with discipline- and program-specific best practices for teaching in remote or hybrid scenarios.

    • District Assessment Sharing tool allows district and school administrators to centrally manage and customize common assessments across all classrooms.

    • New feature turns PDF-based assignments into interactive documents, allowing students to easily complete and submit work in an entirely digital environment.

    • Dedicated technical support and online training resources empower teachers, and a Parent User Guide in seven languages supports student learning at home.

    At the onset of the pandemic, Savvas Realize was able to immediately meet the unprecedented needs of districts by delivering high-quality instructional content on a robust, scalable LMS. The simplicity of one platform, with single sign-on and easy accessibility, has allowed teachers and students to maximize learning anytime, anywhere.

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