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Recognizes the best product helping implement scholastic esports to schools and colleges. This includes tournament/league management software, CTE curriculum focused on gaming and efforts to make esports safer and more inclusive. 

Healthy Player One, Healthy Software Company - Healthy Software Company

Anyone who is familiar with esports knows that harassment and bullying is commonplace and gaming can lead to serious injuries and an unhealthy lifestyle. A 2019 survey from the Anti-Defamation League found that 65 percent of players reported experiencing “severe harassment.” In 2018 a peer-reviewed study from BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine journal found that, among collegiate esports players, 56 percent report eye fatigue, 42 percent report neck and back pain, 36 percent and 32 percent report wrist and hand pain respectively, yet only 2% of players have reported these injuries or sight medical attention. 

In a school setting, educators are responsible for protecting their students, but no one in the industry has ever found an effective way to protect students from the toxic environment in academic esports, nor the health concerns that are so common. 

Healthy Player One provides the first SaaS solution for academic esports coaches and educators to monitor students and promote healthy gaming. The impact of the product is broad in that it facilitates social emotional skill development, helps players assess their own physical wellbeing, and provides a means of monitoring and redirecting behaviors such as bullying and toxicity. 

Healthy Player One records gameplay with a simple keystroke to enable students to capture video and audio when they feel uncomfortable in gameplay. The coach or teacher can then view a video clip that includes the two minutes of gameplay prior to and after the keystroke to ensure that the entire bullying incident is captured. Built-in timers allow coaches to set mandatory breaks for their players to prevent unhealthy and long gaming sessions. The platform also provides useful and organized reports to the coach including cyber bully incidents, real-time student activity and wellbeing summaries, and games played.

Coaches and educators can have peace of mind about academic esports with Healthy Player One.

To learn more about Healthy Player One and the issues it addresses, please read: 

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District Administration Article: Toxicity in Esports is a Potential Title IX Issue for Schools

NY Post Article: “Female Esports Players Face Routine Sexism”

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    NASEF - North America Scholastic Esports Federation - Worldwide Scholastic Esports Foundation

    NASEF, the North America Scholastic Esports Federation, is a nonprofit philanthropically developed free competition and learning platform utilizing state-approved high school, CTE and middle school curricula using esports to help students connect their play with purpose.

    Read the press release that outlines how NASEF meets CODiE criteria for the Best Scholastic Esports Solution here: 

    Here's an overview of the program: NASEF develops 21st Century Skills in communication, collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving, all while creating articulated career pathways in STEAM and other careers. Its STEAM-based and skills development curricula are tied to not only NGSS, ISTE, CTE, and Common Core standards, but also to the CASEL's social and emotional learning standards.

    NASEF provides its research-based platform, professional development, and competitions to create a holistic approach to gaming at no charge to increase access and equity to STEAM-based careers that fit within and transcend the field of esports for the most disenfranchised, underserved students. NASEF's success is directly attributable to connecting students' interest in play/gaming with learning the surrounding ecosystem, thereby allowing them to apply skills that are relevant to a broad range of careers.

    NASEF has created a global community that fosters social connections, innovation and entrepreneurial activity, meaningfully engaging youth to find their pathway to thrive. NASEF supports teams in over 1,000 schools across all 50 states with over 10,000 participants, while NASEF's international partnerships expand opportunities for building global competencies and opportunities as well. To learn more please visit

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