Best Social Sciences/Studies Instructional Solution

Recognizes the best instructional solution for social sciences / social studies curricula and content for students in the PK- 12 or higher education markets. Includes history, geography, government/political science, economics, etc. via managed classroom/course-based instruction, online supplemental instruction for individuals. Provides for deep and personalized learning experiences for students, supports standards alignment, and reflects current curriculum practice.

ABC-CLIO Databases and Educator Support Site - ABC-CLIO

ABC-CLIO databases give social studies teachers the tools to inspire intellectual confidence. In an era of rapid dissemination of misinformation online, educators look to ABC-CLIO’s suite of 16 databases for accurate resources, developed by scholars and vetted by master teachers.

We supercharge every student's research potential. From ancient history to the hot-button controversies of our day, ABC-CLIO databases spark students’ curiosity about the world around them and lead them to a deeper understanding of the events and issues of both past and present.

With the help of comprehensive curriculum guides and robust professional development resources embedded in the educator support sites within each database, ABC-CLIO further empowers educators in their work of building students’ foundational knowledge and vital critical thinking skills. Each support site features a collection of curriculum resources aligned with the topics in the student database, including essential questions, correlated research lists, and turnkey activities to use with students. Educators can also find skill-based lesson plans, ready-to-use lecture slides, and primary-source-focused bell ringers, keeping teachers agile and students engaged as they pivot their instructional strategies to support both in-person and distance learners.

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    Britannica LaunchPacks: Social Studies - Encyclopedia Britannica

    Britannica LaunchPacks: Social Studies transforms the way teachers deliver K–12 curriculum and the way students engage with and master core concepts. LaunchPacks: Social Studies empowers blended learning, personalized support for every learner, and student-led inquiry. LaunchPacks: Social Studies integrates SEL into curriculum-relevant lessons and allows students to build critical skills while educators effectively teach subject-area content in social studies. Britannica LaunchPacks: Social Studies provides over 2,000 expertly curated bundles of Britannica informational text and multimedia assets focused around thematic units covered in the K–12 social studies curricula. Ready-to-use content sets (Packs) allow educators to easily differentiate instruction for all students through multilevel articles, and reading support tools such as double-click dictionaries and article translations available in a variety languages. LaunchPacks: Social Studies is integrated with Kahoot!, the popular learning games and trivia quizzes platform, making learning more fun and engaging. Newly added in 2020, Britannica created Fighting for Equality: African American Experiences to support schools with diversity, equity, and inclusion. The 20 new inclusive LaunchPacks multimedia content sets provide educators with diversity and inclusive U.S. history curriculum and resources to explore under-told history. Discussion questions in each Pack help students make deeper connections to systemic issues and build empathy and awareness.

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  • National Geographic Human Geography A Spatial Perspective Advanced Placement Edition - National Geographic Learning, a part of Cengage

    National Geographic Human Geography A Spatial Perspective Advanced Placement Edition explores the relationship between humans and the natural environment in which they live around the world. Issues such as climate change, the effects of transformational economics, and sustainability are explored through the storytelling, the research and exploration, and the passion of National Geographic Explorers. This copyright 2021 program fully meets the College Board's Advanced Framework for Human Geography. The program is available on MindTap, National Geographic Learning's innovative cloud-based platform for teachers and students accessible on Macs, PCs, and iOS as well as Android tablets. The course includes a full eBook, activities and readings for the student in the Learning Path, full audio, custom-created video for this course, homework apps, quizzes, a Teacher's Guide, assessment, and study tools for the student. (Print components are available as well.) This new program with its new digital companion, MindTap for Human Geography, was recently launched and is in in use in classrooms (and, of course, through distance learning at the present time due to the pandemic) across the country. The program is a result of a collaboration with The National Geographic Society, whose mission it is to care about the planet and its peoples and to inspire curiosity and learning, and National Geographic Learning/Cengage. Human Geography A Spatial Perspective has been developed to equip students and teachers for the challenge of studying human geography and pave the way for student success. From a highly visual, rigorous yet approachable Student Edition structured around the AP® Course and Exam Description to an efficient, yet comprehensive Teacher’s Guide written to help teachers explore and expand upon core concepts and engage students of different learning styles, to a robust assessment story and easy-to-use digital tools, students and teachers will find everything needed to succeed. The program offers a wide variety of formative and summative assessments. Most formative assessments are compiled in the digital and print Student Companion Workbook. The workbook features test-taking strategies and tips and an array of formative assessments to help students master the concepts of Human Geography. Summative assessments are available in the Teacher’s Assessment Companion on MindTap. These assessments allow students to focus on the types of questions, including Free Response Questions, found on the Advanced Placement exam. The video series, The Human Journey, helps set the stage for the concepts presented in the Advanced Placement Framework. These videos illustrate key concepts and touch on ideas and themes from the course's seven units. Each unit films a visit--sometimes in person and sometimes virtual due to COVID-19--to important, and sometimes unusual, places. We hope to inspire students' passion and curiosity now and throughout their lives.

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  • National Geographic World History Voyages of Exploration - National Geographic Learning, a part of Cengage

    National Geographic World History Voyages of Exploration is digital course with print components for high school. The program empowers students through real-world content and story-telling through the lens of National Geographic Explorers and resources. The program includes probing historical thinking questions, a focus on the preservation of the human record, rigor with accessibility, and an emphasis on diversity and empathy for all cultures. The ten units of the program explore ancient worlds through today's global challenges. This program provides a rich set of online resources in MindTap, National Geographic Learning/Cengage's cloud-based teacher and student portal for learning. In addition to the full eBook, students engage with activities, videos, primary sources, unit projects, and an Interactive Map Tool created by National Geographic. Teachers are able to customize the course by adding their own videos and reading assignments. The online modified text feature provides access to the same content written at two grade-levels below the targeted grade Teachers may assign readings, quizzes, and tests (auto-graded online) with data populating the gradebook. World History Voyages of Exploration honors the mission of National Geographic Learning and National Geographic to care about the planet and all of the diverse cultures and people across the world. Our goals is to bring the world to the classroom through a compelling digital experience. This copyright 2021 program is in use in schools across the U.S. In addition to the primary student edition resources, students interact with the History Notebook in print and digital format. The History Notebook is an important part of students’ study of World History. It introduces Dr. Fred Hiebert, National Geographic’s Archaeologist-in-Residence, who becomes a virtual companion—both in print and on video—as students make their way through what can be challenging content. Many of the lessons in the Student Edition are supported by questions and activities in the History Notebook that go beyond typical comprehension questions about facts and dates. The History Notebook focuses on helping students grapple with meaningful questions about history and then to see how those historical events and ideas are relevant for them today. World History Voyages of Exploration includes assessments for measuring what the students know and are able to do and provide guidance for teachers on how to use assessments. The program provides frequent opportunities to assess and includes both formative and summative assessments. The Historical Thinking questions with each lesson assess students’ understanding of the lesson content and develop their abilities to think critically to analyze content. Guided Discussion questions and Unit Inquiry Projects in the Teacher’s Edition lesson provide additional opportunities to assess students’ content comprehension and competence in using historical thinking skills.

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  • US History Interactive / World History Interactive - Savvas Learning Company

    The new US History Interactive ©2022 and World History Interactive ©2022 series promotes a deeper investigation of the past and connects history to the present using a unique set of features. With a focus on inquiry and critical thinking, the programs’ curriculum blends print and digital multimedia with curated materials and flexible teaching tools that support both classroom and distance learning. The curriculum is built on an inquiry model consistent with the College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies State Standards.


    The high school series inspires students with primary sources and gives students a modern lens through which to view the past, helping them to see connections to today’s real-world issues. In so doing, students become critical thinkers with valuable inquiry skills for college, career, and civic responsibility.

    The series offers a new approach to learning history, making it more experiential, inclusive, and engaging with immersive, digital activities that allow students to experience history through the eyes of the people who lived it. These exciting, innovative programs engage students with a wide array of digital interactives that make history more relevant and meaningful by connecting historical topics to today’s issues and popular culture. These digital activities include:

    • HOOK & INSPIRE! CONNECTIONS TO TODAY — Teacher-facing digital resources provide links to materials from popular culture that show how an enduring issue has evolved. Discussion questions help students connect the past and present.

    • PROJECT IMAGINE — Immersives that allow students to become active participants in history as they step into the past with compelling primary sources presented in 360° virtual-reality explorations, role plays, map-timeline excursions, decision trees, museum missions, and opinion polls.

    • NBC LEARN™ MY STORY — Feature videos consisting of video field trips and historic news reports that help students form a personal connection to the topic at hand.

    • LISTENWISE® CURRENT EVENTS — Audio stories from Listenwise inform students about current events and help develop their audio comprehension skills.

    • CONNECTIONS TO TODAY: TAKE ACTION — Activities that provide opportunities for students to cultivate civic responsibility by studying ways the past informs the present, and forming plans to take action for the future.

    Through the award-winning Savvas Realize™ learning management system, teachers and students can access all the digital history materials and the Project Imagine interactive history series using a single sign-on in a few simple clicks. Teachers can search for digital content to customize lessons, assign homework, and assess student learning in multiple ways. The Realize Reader eText brings the print edition to life for students, and a built-in notebook, read-aloud audio, and leveled lesson summaries support students of all levels. Students can also easily download and complete assignments offline, providing a sustainable distance learning solution with more equitable access to instruction for students.


     When it comes to scalability and integrations, Realize is in a class of its own. Plug-and-play interoperability with top classroom tools has been a priority since its creation. Realize is the first LMS from a major publisher to become a Google for Education Partner, offering teachers seamless digital integration with Google Classroom. Realize is also IMS-certified and works with LMS partners like Canvas and Schoology. The platform also integrates with a variety of technologies schools already use including rostering and authentication systems, open educational resource libraries, and productivity tools.


     The new US History Interactive and World History Interactive series offers high-quality content and engaging digital experiences on a flexible LMS platform, so all students can maximize their learning, anytime and anywhere.


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