Best Solution for English as a Second Language

Recognizes the best instructional solution for English as a Second Language (ESL)  or English Language Learners (ELL) for non native english speakers in the PK-12 or higher education market. Includes course-based language learning curricula and content or online supplemental instruction, and digital assessment and reporting tools that enable teachers to easily monitor progress and guide instruction.

The Alef Platform - Alef Education

Alef Education is a leading K-12 education technology company that produces digital content to be used as a primary learning resource, and has developed a successful classroom model. Alef Education aims to revolutionize the education sector by providing an adaptive platform for personalized learning to support teachers, school leaders, parents, and most importantly students. The Alef Platform supports the needs of different students by processing data about where they are in their mastery, and the scaffolding of content to help students advance on their learning path. Alef Education designs two types of lessons: skill-based lessons and experiential lessons. We use a variety of elements to create multiple learning resources such as interactives, simulations, games, and videos. We use formative and summative assessments that provide students with hints and feedback on their performance, and that orient students towards either further mastery practice on target skills and their prerequisites or towards the next set of task challenges associated with the learning objective. The Alef Platform provides unique features such as data analytics that help teachers differentiate instruction and intervention, experiential learning that enables students to apply and transfer their newly-acquired skills, practice lessons for further skill mastery, keyword games and vocabulary supports within the lessons, and metacognitive scaffolds that create an effective instructional and classroom model.
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    Raz-Plus ELL Edition - Learning A-Z

    Raz-Plus ELL Edition features differentiated, research-based resources designed specifically to help ESL/ELL students develop proficiency in social and academic English. Reading, listening, speaking, and writing materials, with integrated grammar and vocabulary support, are organized in content-area topics at multiple grade ranges and proficiency levels. Combined with assessment and reporting tools and an engaging student portal, Raz-Plus ELL Edition helps teachers maximize learning for every student. Specialized ESL/ELL resources include: ? ELL Leveled Reader Packs, companions to Raz-Plus leveled books, build listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills ? ELL Grammar Resources provide grammar instruction and practice specifically designed to build strong foundations in grammar form, meaning, and usage ? ELL Content Picture Packs help develop skills in language arts, math, science, social and instructional language, and social studies ? ELL Vocabulary Power Packs engage students in thinking critically about vocabulary in context ? ELL Comic Conversations frame common social and academic situations in the comic strip genre ? ELL Assessments include tools for monitoring studentsí reading, writing, speaking, and listening progress ? ELL Language Skill Packs provide lesson plans and activities that strengthen content area and grade level language skills ? World Languages Books offer leveled books translated into Spanish, French, Polish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese to encourage native language literacy
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  • Rosetta Stone English, Lexia Learning Systems, Inc. - Lexia Learning

    Rosetta Stone English for grades K-6 is an adaptive blended learning program that supports students' English language development through academic conversations. The program is designed to help Emergent Bilingual students also known as English language learners acquire higher language proficiency levels of English. Part of Lexia Learning's language and literacy product suite, the program blends language learning with subject knowledge to support academic achievement. With embedded alignment with multiple state and national language proficiency standards, Rosetta Stone English focuses on three key areas: speaking, listening, and grammar. Students are able to practice their speaking and listening skills in a safe, non-judgmental and culturally responsive environment, applying their learning using content from math, science, social studies, and general knowledge, and biographies. Culturally and ethnically diverse characters engage and encourage students throughout their learning journeys, while interactive academic conversations empower them to build the linguistic competence and confidence needed for academic success. Assessment Without Testing technology gathers and analyzes actionable, real-time progress monitoring data and recommends additional lessons for teacher-facilitated peer-to-peer speaking and listening practice. All reports can be accessed through our easy-to-use Educator Platform, at the student, class, grade, school, and district levels.

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    MobyMax - Best Solution for English as a Second Language, MobyMax - MobyMax

    MobyMax can’t be beat for ESL learners who need skill assessments, differentiated content, and comprehensive curriculum. Using this approach, students consistently gain more than one full grade level after just 20 hours using MobyMax. Moby encompasses 16 ELA subjects, including early reading, alphabet letters, language, vocabulary, grammar, spelling, and phonics.


    Integrated classroom tools also save teachers precious hours with comprehensive assessments, grading and markup tools for writing, diagnostics, IEP reporting, and real-time progress monitoring. Moby’s proprietary Quick Checker Assessments allow teachers to drill down to discrete skills to get an instant snapshot of where ESL students are.


    Lastly, built-in incentives, such as badges and contests, encourage ESL students to use the program at home, where they can continue to “catch up” independently.


    MobyMax has tens of thousands of rave reviews. Here’s just a few:


    “I use Moby to differentiate work or skills base on students’ individual needs. I teach English learners, and MobyMax is something they can do on their own successfully—it explains concepts will and is easy to navigate, even for beginner ELs.”

    Lindsay G, New Cumberland Middle School, PA

    October 27, 2020


    “Moby lets me assign lessons specifically designed for my students, from non-English speaking students to my students who have mastered the third grade objectives. Love it!” Pat L, Woodland Elementary, SC

    March 11, 2019


    “Moby is very helpful for students who speak no English, who are put into our classroom and need to start from the basics!”

    Richard H, Gettys Middle School, SC

    September 6, 2019


    MobyMax is used in more than 82% of all K-8 schools in the U.S., with over 28.7 million students and 1.5 million teachers registered.

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