Best Business Technology Pivot

Honors the company that best adapted to the changing business environment throughout 2020, by creating new value, exceeding customer and employee support, and evolving with the rapid shift in environment.

athenaTelehealth, athenahealth, Inc. - athenahealth, Inc.

When COVID-19 began, athenahealth built and launched a telehealth solution that is fully integrated with the athenaClinicals EHR to enable practitioners to easily conduct telemedicine visits that comply with HIPAA in just 8 weeks and as a no-cost service through February 2021. By leveraging a world-class development team and nimble, SaaS-based platform, athenahealth quickly developed an integrated telehealth workflow for providers and an easy-to-use platform for patients.

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  • Degree Analytics - Degree Analytics

    At the beginning of March 2020, Degree Analytics began to implement four key pivots to provide additional support to institutions as they were forced to implement alternative engagement models by the Covid-19 Pandemic. By retooling our Engauge Platform to support real time access, analysis and reporting of behavioral data on campus (versus daily batch processing), colleges and universities were better positioned to understand and manage student behaviors on a minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day basis. This enabled campus leaders to better support all students, faculty, and staff and not let anyone fall through the cracks in this tumultuous time. Institutions were positioned with real time data to manage their safety and security measures, physical distancing guidelines, health care, and other essential support services to the entire campus community. 

    Pivot 1: Reporting Campus Presence: As the pandemic began to take hold, colleges and universities were moving to online instruction. Degree Analytics recognized that not all students would be able to vacate campus. There were some that were unable to relocate due to a variety of individual circumstances. Quickly reaching out to college and university partners, bespoke campus monitoring plans were created to quickly identify who, when and where individuals were still utilizing campus facilities and resources.

    Pivot 2: Supporting the Return to Campus with Contact Tracing and Social Density Modules

    As campuses began to re-populate, the Degree Analytics team took action – creating new algorithms to quickly identify and report anyone with whom a Covid-19 positive person had been in close physical contact and in what locations those contacts occurred. These additions allowed leaders to take immediate action following a positive Covid test within their community. As an additional proactive measure, Degree Analytics also developed and deployed a heat map module informing campus leaders as to where and when groups were gathering in real time. Through new email and SMS messaging, campus leaders received notifications when locations were reaching or nearing capacity allowing them to take corrective action to promote safety and security.

    PIVOT 3:  Supporting K-12 Schools

    Initially focusing on Higher Ed, during the pandemic Degree Analytics understood that K-12 institutions were also struggling with many of the same challenges. Unlike our Higher Education clients, where Degree Analytics relies on student WiFi connected devices (Smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc.) for raw data collection, K-12 environments required a different approach since younger students might not have consistent access to their own personal WiFi enable device while in the school environment. To address this reality, Degree Analytics worked closely with other partners to create a bluetooth enabled ID card system.

    PIVOT 4 (in progress):  Supporting Hybrid Learning Environments

    Degree Analytics is working to add modules for both K-12 and Higher Education institutions to quickly derive and deliver insights and leading indicators from hybrid and flexible instructional models, including data streams from online learning as well as from LMS participation.

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    LivePerson's AI-powered Conversational Cloud transforms brand-consumer engagement with real-time intent detection, responses, and analytics - LivePerson, Inc.

    In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic challenged the connection between brands and their customers like never before. In an instant, contact centers employing millions of people around the world went totally offline. Still operating like old-school factories, the model that has been used worldwide for decades — agents jammed into tight spaces sitting shoulder-to-shoulder — was no longer safe for employees. This inability for many companies to respond to customers, sometimes at all, brought business operations to a halt and stranded consumers when they needed to get help the most.


    LivePerson made it possible for many of the world’s largest companies to stay connected with their customers throughout the pandemic by introducing new technologies that work from anywhere — meaning enterprises could help customers when they needed them the most while keeping employees on the frontlines out of crowded call centers. These Conversational AI technologies provide safer experiences for employees and customers, getting the job done more efficiently and with higher levels of satisfaction than traditional voice calls, difficult-to-navigate websites, or unsafe store locations.


    The company also made it easy for brands to automate curbside and contactless experiences, making it more convenient to get the goods and services they need while social distancing. These messaging connections are fronted by AI-powered bots that greet customers, collect data such as name and vehicle license number, and confirm orders so that associates can efficiently fulfill and deliver them curbside to customers. Unlike phone or web-based solutions, messaging conversations persist throughout order fulfillment and live on in conversation threads, creating opportunities to further engage customers with automations for feedback surveys, follow-up offers, and customer service inquiries. Store associates can even use LivePerson's iOS and Android apps to participate in these conversations from phones or tablets.


    The tremendous variety of use cases for AI-powered messaging — deployed across all industries at an incredible rate — proved that the COVID-19 pandemic has forever transformed how brands and consumers do business. Like the new normal of Zoom for corporate work, a new normal of AI-powered messaging emerged for brand-consumer interactions, built and managed by remote agents. Brands and organizations that launched on LivePerson during the pandemic, or dramatically ramped up their messaging channels in response to the failure of traditional phone-based customer service, include:


    HSBC USA, a division of one of the world's largest banking and financial services organizations, swiftly launched its Apple Business Chat channel through LivePerson, providing customers a secure, seamless way to message directly with the company.


     - HSBC customers now have the flexibility and security to perform day-to-day banking transactions through Apple's Messages app, including moving money, managing checking and savings accounts, handling credit card transactions and receiving other digital banking assistance.

     - HSBC's deployment incorporates Apple's new Chat Suggest feature, which offers the option to start a messaging conversation when a customer taps to call HSBC.

    A U.S. state in New England deployed a messaging experience through LivePerson to quickly resolve unemployment benefits questions and provide a seamless way for constituents to sign up for benefits.

    Zurich Switzerland, a division of one of the world's largest insurers, fielded a digital assistant to immediately answer coronavirus-related questions.


     -The new assistant was created with LivePerson's Conversation Builder in less than 24 hours.

     - The assistant is multilingual, supporting customers in German, English, French, and Italian.

    Nationwide, the world's largest building society, launched on Apple Business Chat through LivePerson, giving its members a new way to securely connect with Nationwide via Apple’s Messages app. By combining the speed and efficiency of automation with the human touch of Nationwide’s colleagues, it provided a safe way for Nationwide to support its members.

    LivePerson’s Technology Helps Companies Put Safety First Amid a Global Shift to Remote Working


    LivePerson made it possible not only for brands and consumers to stay connected, but also made for millions of employees around the world to stay safe, including those who work in contact centers and those who carry out in-person customer interactions. As the world went remote, taking customer service calls from home became completely untenable due to hardware issues, bandwidth, and distractions. LivePerson’s tech empowers brands to deliver world-class service through messaging – agents can provide less stressful experiences responding on a computer than while managing crying babies or barking dogs when on the phone. 


    Some of LivePerson’s 18,000 clients who pivoted to safer experiences for their employees include:


    GM Financial, the financial services arm of General Motors, trained 700 employees on LivePerson's platform in the first week of remote working in order to maintain operations during the pandemic.

    David's Bridal, the leading bridal authority in the United States, used LivePerson AI to support retail staff on the Conversational Cloud as they pivoted to messaging from remote locations.


     -As brick and mortar stores were forced to temporarily close, David's Bridal ramped up their LivePerson-powered concierge bot Zoey to help couples faced with replanning one of the most important days of their lives.

     - In just two weeks, they also trained 300 sales store managers on LivePerson's Conversational Cloud to message with customers from their iPads and laptops.

     - Together, these innovations led to higher conversion rates and about 8x higher volume in messaging.


    “We honestly don't know how we would have survived the last couple of months without the option to message — it truly saved our business.”
    — Holly Carroll, VP of Customer Service & Contact Center Operations

    “We honestly don't know how we would have survived the last couple of months without the option to message — it truly saved our business,” said Holly Carroll, VP of Customer Service & Contact Center Operations at David's Bridal.


    Some companies will actually never reopen their traditional contact centers, changing a customer service paradigm that has existed for decades. One of the largest telcos in Australia virtualized their entire contact center staff through LivePerson and announced they will be maintaining the virtualized workforce concept even after the pandemic.

    On top of making it safer to work, LivePerson’s technology improves the careers of employees who use it for customer service and engagement, as they learn how to manage AI & automation technologies without any technical degrees needed, preparing them to succeed in a world economy that will be increasingly driven by AI, all while increasing their level of job satisfaction.


    The employees kept safe during the pandemic included LivePerson’s own staff. In 2020, the company announced it would shift to a work-from-anywhere model to keep the LivePerson community as safe as possible and respond to employee needs. Results of an internal LivePerson survey demonstrated that a strong majority of its employees preferred not to return to traditional offices due to health and safety concerns. Combined with high productivity and outstanding execution during lockdown and social distancing periods, this measure of employee sentiment helped inform the decision to embrace a new model for the workforce. 


    By reimagining the future of work for LivePerson employees, the company brought its own operations in line with the work from anywhere model it enabled for many of the world's biggest brands that needed to implement remote workforces due to COVID-19.


    LivePerson also delivered several of the best financial quarters in its history as it helped leading brands navigate one of the most challenging global events of our time. With work from home and social distancing the new normal, demand rose significantly as brands rushed to fill the void with AI-powered messaging. Financial results for the latest quarter are available online/at request.

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  • LogMeIn, LogMeIn - LogMeIn

    When COVID-19 hit, LogMeIn (LMI) was in a unique position to help customers, employees and communities because its solutions allow people to work from anywhere. LMI successfully transitioned nearly 4,000 global employees to remote work, while managing unprecedented increase in product usage. LMI offered remote work products free of charge to critical and frontline providers - hospitals/healthcare organizations, cities/governments, educational institutions and nonprofits - including solutions for virtual meetings, virtual events, IT support and management of remote employee devices and apps, and remote access to devices in multiple locations. Existing LMI customers were able to expand their agreements to include GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, GoToMyPC and other tools to cover their entire employee population at no additional cost. LMI helped over 8,000 organizations and donated over $40 million dollars' worth of software to companies and organizations around the world. Recently, LMI announced it will transition to a fully remote-centric workforce. This included a framework that factors in the legal, practical and sustainable factors that inform the company's remote work policy and transitioning offices to become locations where employees gather for 'off-site' type activities and face-to-face collaboration, versus where all employees work five days a week.

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  • Free eSign, PandaDoc - PandaDoc

    Due to the drastically changing business landscape of 2020, PandaDoc pivoted by expediting the launch of its anticipated Free eSign product as a way to help keep businesses running and people working during uncertain times. Not only did the product contribute to the greater good that the world needed, but it proved to be a market disruptor as the industry�s first unlimited, forever-free eSigning solution. Over 100,000 companies leveraged the free product to collect signatures and get more deals in the door. Growing its annual recurring revenue by 63 percent, PandaDoc continued acceleration as it delivered the third consecutive year of annual growth rates that surpassed the previous year. In 2020, PandaDoc also focused on expanding its global customer footprint, which grew to a total of 122 countries worldwide. To meet growing global customer demand, PandaDoc launched new offices for enhanced customer support and continued growth, as well as product updates for international customers. With continued customer validation, PandaDoc maintained the #1 positions within Proposal, Contract Management, and Document Generation Software categories, while quickly rising to become a leader within the eSignature space as rated by customers on G2.

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  • Pulsara, Pulsara - Pulsara

    Pulsara is a telehealth and communication platform that unites medical teams across organizations. Last year, after COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, Pulsara quickly pivoted to provide all healthcare facilities and EMS agencies full use of the platform at no charge via a new COVID-19 management package.

    The COVID-19 management package aimed to help customers mitigate patient surge, limit patient transfers to clinically appropriate cases, limit exposure to clinicians and other patients, and conserve PPE. Pulsara PATIENT was released shortly after to connect clinicians —via HIPAA-compliant live video—directly to patients in the hospital or outpatient quarantine. Finally, Pulsara released the MED OPS package, allowing emergency management centers to assist in resource allocation and load-balancing across regions.

    The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive with implementation from rural access hospitals to multi-county urban systems and even statewide initiatives. Pulsara grew its customer base by 36% in just 3 months.


    "Pulsara has been a tremendous advancement in our ability to communicate with patients during the COVID-19 pandemic." - Dr. Matt Angelidis, ER Physician - UCHealth Memorial.


    Hospital-based teams and EMS leveraged the platform's telehealth capabilities to:

    • Protect themselves by minimizing exposure to other healthcare workers and the public
    • Preserve personal protective equipment (PPE)
    • Mitigate and manage patient surge
    • Limit interfacility transfers to clinically appropriate cases, and
    • Connect directly with patients and family members in outpatient quarantine via live video consulting
    "As we speak, families are getting to see their loved ones in CCU and saying prayers with them thanks to Pulsara.”

    To accommodate the limited bandwidth of the caregivers managing the implementation of Pulsara during a pandemic, Pulsara's Customer Experience team quickly transitioned implementations to an online, remote process and built an online training experience. The efficiencies identified in this process allowed the team to reduce the implementation project from 66 hours to just 9.5 hours.

    In addition to pivoting to support the healthcare industry, Pulsara also sought ways to support its team. The company moved to a 100% remote work environment, closed the office, and halted all business travel. Leadership supported this effort by sharing resources to protect team members' mental health and where to find support. 

    Beyond the pandemic, Pulsara enables systems of care that scale across regions and organizations. Whether it’s a routine transport or a multi-region, multi-organization event — like a mass casualty incident or global pandemic — teams can leverage Pulsara’s dynamic, interconnected communication system every day for local, regional, or national patient events including STEMI, stroke, trauma, sepsis, sudden cardiac arrest, COVID-19, behavioral health, or any other condition or stress event. All care team members from all organizations can use Pulsara to start a patient case regardless of method or arrival. Pulsara’s network and platform flexibility allow it to scale from routine interactions to interactions needed during a stress event. 

    Part of Pulsara’s scalability and flexibility includes the platform’s public API infrastructure that seamlessly integrates with a health system’s existing software and medical devices. Of note, Pulsara partnered and integrated with two technologies that expand the platform’s network reach to bring HIPAA-compliant telehealth capabilities to the areas that need it most as well as partnering and integrating with ECG technology, enabling care teams to attach an ECG directly to a patient case and sharing that information with the entire team.  

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    Retail Fast Pass, SPLICE Software Inc - SPLICE Software Inc

    Splice Software is known for specializing in automated communication workflows, digital communication, and real business results. With the onset of COVID 19 and the disruption caused COVID 19, SPLICE launched a product that leverages their existing technology and meets the changing needs of their clients. SPLICE met the call for innovation and shifted focus from driving traffic for their retail customers to creating safe, personalized experiences in the �new normal� of retail. SPLICE has always been committed to helping their clients earn the loyalty of their customers, and Retail Fast Pass continues to provide that lifetime Brand value in an ever-changing environment.

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    TCS Secure Borderless Workspaces SBWS model, Tata Consultancy Services - Tata Consultancy Services

    TCS SBWS model enabled swift transition to remote working in a matter of few days during the pandemic. This new operating model enabled remote access for employees, setup cybersecurity framework, collaboration & project management practices & systems to ensure business continued as normal.

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