Best Solution for Students with Special Needs

Recognizes the best solution specifically designed to benefit students with unique educational needs, including those with physical or learning disabilities, those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), or those who are gifted and talented in the PK-12 or higher education market. Includes solutions that are 508 compliant and provide instructional materials that are accessible, with accommodations enabled, or developed under the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL).

Brightspace, D2L - D2L

D2L is helping transform the way the world learns. With over 20 years of experience, this mission has never wavered. Working with customers all over the world, D2L is supporting millions of people learning online and in person. D2L is a learning company first—building technology that paves the way, instead of getting in the way. Our more than 900 global employees are dedicated to making the best learning products to leave the world better than they found it. D2L's Brightspace platform is a cloud-based learning management system built for people who care deeply about helping all learners reach their potential. It is designed in close collaboration with our K-12, Higher Education, and Corporate customers—building innovative and pedagogically rich feature sets to improve engagement, retention, and learning outcomes in learners of all ages and abilities, helping them achieve more than they dreamed possible. Brightspace delivers worry-free technology with 99.99% reliability and world-class security and data privacy. It's an open platform offering standards-based integrations that provide the ultimate in learning flexibility. It's fully accessible, customizable, and looks beautiful on any mobile device—making it easier to reach every learner. Brightspace makes it easy to support exceptional learning experiences in person and online by providing educators and learners with tools they'll love. With Brightspace, you can set up individualized learning paths for learners, keep them on track with automated nudges, and engage them with video, game-based learning, awards, badges, and other powerful features. Brightspace also makes it easier to complete assessments and provide meaningful feedback. Learning data and analytics reports are readily available, providing up-to-date information and insights that help answer questions and inform decisions to take action and improve learning outcomes. D2L is a dedicated partner in the learning journey—genuinely committed to supporting our customers to help them leverage Brightspace to achieve, outperform, and succeed. In a rapidly changing educational landscape, partnering with D2L and taking advantage of our supportive community and broad ecosystem of partners can help our customers navigate change and differentiate their offerings. D2L's team of learning experience experts can address both strategic and tactical needs, including implementation, support, instructional design, courseware development, learning strategy, technical account management and data consulting—and this can all be done virtually today and into the future.

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    MobyMax - Best Solution for Students with Special Needs, MobyMax - MobyMax

    Students with special needs learn twice as fast with MobyMax. This suite of assistive technology innovations saves special education teachers valuable time with online assessments, grading and markup tools, easy and accurate diagnostics, IEP reporting, and real-time progress monitoring. 

    “I love Moby because it makes my job easier,” says Karen Townsend, Special Education Instructional Specialist at Yerger Middle School. “Because of the built-in assessment, students are evaluated and given lessons specific to their ability, so I don’t have to create several different lesson plans. I can spend more time working with students one-on-one, building on their specific strengths, bolstering weaknesses.” MobyMax also makes it easy to create an individualized education plan for each student. 

    Moby’s newly released Assessments further assists teachers in drilling down to discrete skills to get an instant snapshot of where students are and what they need.

    MobyMax offers the only complete and comprehensive K-8 curriculum for 27 subjects, including math, reading, phonics, language, vocabulary, spelling, writing, science, social studies, and state test prep. MobyMax is used in more than 82% of all K-8 schools in the United States with over 28 million students registered.

    Take a closer look at how MobyMax is helping special needs students by watching – MobyMax Special Education Success: and MobyMax – Motivating Gifted Students:

    Supporting demo or intro video link

    MobyMax Spotlight: Arkansas School Uses MobyMax to Integrate Special and General Education: 

    MobyMax Overcoming Boundaries:

    MobyMax Special Education Success:

    MobyMax – Motivating Gifted Students: 

    MobyMax Student-Driven Learning (4 min video):

    Supporting Articles and Awards

    o   Company Also Honored as Finalist for Best Special Needs/Assistive Technology Solution

    Research: In the first quarter of 2018, MobyMax conducted a large-scale experimental study with 4,000 students in 230 U.S. classrooms. The study showed that students who spent just 20 hours using MobyMax increased a full grade level more than students in the same classroom who did not use MobyMax.  

    Link to studies:

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  • Unique Learning System - n2y

    Built on n2y’s vision that everyone can learn, Unique Learning System was developed using a UDL framework. With point-of-use standards alignment, teachers use the customizable Monthly Plan to ensure students are meeting state standards and generalizing skills and concepts. Students have multiple means of engaging and expressing their knowledge. Differentiated lessons and activities with immediate corrective feedback empower students to learn at an appropriate level to build knowledge and skills. Addressing all the content areas—ELA, math, science, social studies, and transition—age-appropriate lessons are customizable to meet students’ needs. Accessibility features ensure equitable access to meaningful learning: language and symbol supports, assistive technology, accommodations like closed captioning and text to speech, interactive manipulatives, conversion for screen readers and braille. All of n2y’s products are certified for compliance with Section 508 2.0 and WCAG 2.0 Level AA accessibility guidelines. VPATs are available to our customers upon request. Instruction is data driven, with student daily performance metrics and profiles to identify present levels of performance. Automated data and reporting enable teachers to target individual student needs and easily adjust instruction. Optimized for multiple platforms and devices, the solution’s individualized interactive lessons can be accessed remotely and across school settings through a customizable Student View.

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    Otsimo Special Education, Otsimo - Otsimo

    Otsimo is democratizing access to special education & speech therapy through its leading game-based learning apps

    In the US alone, the CDC identifies one in 68 children as diagnosed on the autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Otsimo is democratizing access to special education & speech therapy through its leading game-based learning apps, teaching children core skills vital to cognitive and behavioral development. Its direct-to- family model makes it affordable, accessible and easy-to-use.


    Democratizing the special education

    "We believe that education is a basic human right and are determined to improve our work until proper special education is available and accessible to each and every household in need."
    - Zafer Elcik, Co-founder of Otsimo, Ashoka Fellow, from his TEDx Talk

    Read Zafer's story:
    Zafer's Brother Alper
    Meeting With Autism
    My brother was diagnosed with severe autism when he was 2 years old. I was 10 back then. He had been non-verbal and unable to read for a long time. I remember those days when we wanted him to speak a word.

    Alper & Zafer
    Discovering the potential
    He was having a hard time focusing and learning. But when I bought my first smartphone, I realized my brother has a special interest in smart devices, about 10 times longer than his usual attention to his surroundings. After that, I bought him an iPad as a gift.

    Lack of a proper solution
    Then I noticed a problem. There weren’t suitably designed applications for children with disabilities like his. Some apps were too expensive, and the games were very difficult for him. Because of that, he could play only a few apps, some of which included ads that can be harmful to him.

    Zafer & Sercan(cofounder)
    ...and taking the initiative
    So with my close friend, we decided to build a basic color game to teach colors to my brother. In a relatively short period of time, he became able to distinguish the colors. His interest and success inspired us to build games for every child who can benefit from them, and we created Otsimo, a mobile education platform for children with disabilities.

    Our App:

     Otsimo Special Education is uniquely democratizing access to special education internationally with a direct-to-family approach that is affordable, accessible, efficient and, best of all, simple. Designed to empower and engage children with developmental disabilities—such as autism, down syndrome and other cognitive learning disorders—Otsimo enables any mobile device to become a platform for learning. The app allows children with special needs to develop core cognitive, social and speech skills through gamification.

    Created under the guidance of parents, psychologists and special education teachers; assistive games in Otsimo aim to teach fundamental education about core skills such as words, alphabet, numbers, emotions, colors, animals and vehicles through assistive matching, drawing, choosing, ordering and sound games. For individuals or children having speech problem, Otsimo has free AAC which often is used in speech therapy, autism communication or special education schools. If you want your nonverbal relative/student with autism speaks, free AAC (Alternative and Augmentative Communication) is a proven effective learning tool to have a better speech and to communicate better.

    Download for iOS | Download for Android

    Academy Review

    The range of content within these apps is fantastic and clearly helps autistic children to feel comfortable with their learning and helps to target specific concerns that they have or particular skills that need focussing on.

    - Academy Member
    The potential for impact and scalability is significant. The possibility to have an inclusive app that can be adopted by schools and families adds scalability potential.
    - HundrED Academy Member
    The potential for impact and scalability is significant. The possibility to have an inclusive app that can be adopted by schools and families adds scalability potential.
    - Academy Member
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