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Best Artificial Intelligence Driven Technology Solution

INTRODUCTION Engati is a customer experience platform powered by conversational automation and AI to reimagine the customer journey across acquisition, engagement and retention. With customers in 186 countries and support for 50+ languages, Engati augments engagement and retention across 15 communication channels with its no-code conversation builder, one-view inbox, easy extensible integrations, language agnostic NLP and video calling. Engati supports conversations over 15 communication channels including Email, FB Messenger, WhatsApp, MS Teams, Slack etc. Its powerful integration hub includes ready support for cloud apps like Shopify, Salesforce, Google apps, Zendesk, Zapier etc., as well as enterprise systems with JSON REST APIs. ENGAGE WITH AUTOMATION Engatiís interactive conversation builder, multilingual NLP engine with entity, intent recognition, context retention and disambiguation helps the customer to engage meaningfully. Engatiís proprietary DocuSense technology allows the bot to respond to queries by referencing input documents provided for training. Engatiís API triggers enable triggering the bot through external intents. ENGAGE WITH AGENTS Engatiís omni-channel one-view inbox allows for agents and supervisors to manage multilingual conversations effortlessly. Seamless handover between bot and agent along with configurable routing, group chat, video calling, real-time administration and analytics allow for faster resolution, improved agent productivity, 24/7 availability.

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