Best Artificial Intelligence Driven Technology Solution

Recognizes the best native artificial intelligence, machine or deep learning solution, platform or product that learns, performs and excels at specific automated tasks.

ActionIQ Customer Experience Hub - ActionIQ

The ActionIQ Customer Experience Hub (CX Hub) is an extensible hub powered by a customer data platform (CDP) upon which an open ecosystem of packaged use-case-oriented applications built for business users to operationalize timely, consistent, and personalized customer experiences across every touchpoint. The AIQ CX Hub leverages all known and anonymous customer and account data to analyze and make AI-based decisions on the 360-degree customer view to power highly personalized, impactful customer experiences. Customer data is the foundation of CX. Most organizations are adopting piecemeal marketing and data-driven technologies to power and optimize the customer experience, but these technologies remain disconnected, resulting in disjointed experiences across sales, marketing, customer success and product teams. Data is hidden across teams and inaccessible to the business users who need it most. For instance, for Pandora, for which intelligent customized listening suggestions are a key value proposition, the marketing team is now able to self-serve with the ActionIQ AI to compose the right audiences for highly targeted and personalized campaigns. The ActionIQ AI allowed Pandora analysts to focus on other value-add activities, while Pandora marketers can be agile and creative. The AIQ CX Hub is built around the customer - powered by our CDP and enabling brands to unify their customer data and build a comprehensive view of all customer profiles. With this foundation companies can plug in any of their existing applications and data sources or layer on ActionIQ applications, such as next best action, offer decisioning, testing and measurement, journey orchestration plus much more. The AIQ CX Hub allows companies to Bring together known and unknown customer data to accurately identify and understand their customers. Access all customer intelligence and generate accurate customer insights in real-time with a click of a button - and without IT support. Go beyond just insights to action by orchestrating personalized experiences across all of a brand’s touchpoints and all stages of the customer journey. The AIQ CX Hub runs on InfiniteCompute, a proprietary data infrastructure that is able to scale machine-learning workloads on unlimited customer data - a point of differentiation, especially for large enterprises that activate billions of experiences across 10s of millions of customers every day.

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    Aera Decision Cloud™ - Aera Technology

    Aera Technology (pronounced “era”) provides the first cloud platform that integrates with existing systems and external information sources to make business decisions in real time, automatically. Through the Aera Decision Cloud™, the company is driving a new era of decision making. 

    Through the Aera Decision Cloud™ platform, companies can make every business-critical decision that needs to be made and operate at the speed their customers expect. As a comprehensive, composable, trusted, and scalable platform, Aera Decision Cloud provides the technology and capabilities to orchestrate complex decision-making processes at scale  — across systems, data sources, and people. 

    Designed to be enterprise architecture-friendly, it works with existing cloud and on-premise enterprise solutions with minimal impact. Always-on and connected, it  understands how a business works, predicts outcomes, makes real-time recommendations, and takes action autonomously. It learns from the outcome of decisions to constantly improve the accuracy of the decisions, and retains a permanent memory of the actions taken and the rationale. 


    Purpose-built to deliver Decision Intelligence, the Aera Decision Cloud delivers and executes recommendations for actions that optimize business, financial, and operational performance. Companies can transform their decision making in a matter of weeks, not years.    


    The Aera Decision Cloud is powered by Aera’s Cognitive Operating System and supported by a comprehensive set of capabilities that enables users to develop, deploy, manage, and scale applications — called Cognitive Skills — across the enterprise.   The Cognitive Skills are designed to address specific business areas, such as planning, inventory, ordering, procurement, and marketing. These skills are centered around augmenting (human-led) and automating (machine-led) how decisions are made.  They bring together the data, the analytics, and recommendations in one place to execute the decisions.  



    ?          Purpose-built for decision intelligence

    ?          Complements existing business planning and transactional systems

    ?          Open platform — run analytics, data science, what-if-scenario modeling, and access or build decision-making tools

    ?          IT and business developer-friendly

    ?          All-in-one, comprehensive capabilities

    ?          Closed loop — not only surface data and analytics, but executes decisions and learns from them

    ?          Explainable AI (“glass box”) — users see the supporting math and can understand and adjust the logic and scenarios

    ?          Permanent memory of decisions — logs the decision, context and expected impact ?          Fully extensible, constantly evolving as new data becomes available


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    Aidentified: Prospecting & Relationship Intelligence Platform - Aidentified

    Aidentified is the industry’s most robust AI-powered prospecting and relationship intelligence platform that revolutionizes how businesses find and engage high-quality prospects. The platform is widely leveraged by users across several industries and sectors, including financial services, real estate, enterprise, higher education, nonprofits, insurance and more. Uniquely, Aidentified combines over 200 million consumer and professional U.S. profiles (including where people live and work, personal interests and company investments) to give customers a 360° view of prospects. Aidentified’s technology has mapped over 100 billion first- and second-degree connections, empowering customers to discover new and optimal engagement paths with the right information at the right time through the right channels. Since all of the information is located within a singular platform, Aidentified reduces prospecting and research time by 75% each week (about two hours per day, on average). Aidentified’s platform includes: • Aidentified Sidecar: This Chrome extension gives users access to robust profiles at the click of a button, without ever having to leave LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, corporate pages or the other websites they’re using for preliminary research. By leveraging the extension, users can overlay the full 360° profile while viewing how many mutual connections they have with a prospect or within a target company along with contact details, location, similar interests or financial events. • Real-time alerts: Aidentified’s platform keeps customers apprised of information such as wealth events like investments or stock sales, and employment status, like promotions. Additionally, if a company goes public, Aidentified triggers an alert and brings users to the filing information about the event, giving them real-time information to determine the next steps for engaging prospects. As the only platform currently offering these capabilities in one solution, Aidentified helps companies build better corporate social networks to engage prospects based on deep insights and move business forward.

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    Engati - Engati

    INTRODUCTION Engati is a customer experience platform powered by conversational automation and AI to reimagine the customer journey across acquisition, engagement, and retention. With customers in 186 countries and support for 50+ languages, Engati augments engagement and retention across 15 communication channels with its no-code conversation builder, one-view inbox, easily extensible integrations, language-agnostic NLP, and video calling. Engati supports conversations over 15 communication channels including Email, FB Messenger, WhatsApp, MS Teams, Slack, etc. Its powerful integration hub includes ready support for cloud apps like Shopify, Salesforce, Google Apps, Zendesk, Zapier, etc., as well as enterprise systems with JSON REST APIs. ENGAGE WITH AUTOMATION Engati’s interactive conversation builder, multilingual NLP engine with entity and intent recognition, context retention, and disambiguation helps the customer to engage meaningfully. Engati’s proprietary DocuSense technology allows the bot to respond to queries by referencing input documents provided for training. Engati’s API triggers enable triggering the bot through external intents. ENGAGE WITH AGENTS Engati’s omnichannel one-view inbox allows for agents and supervisors to manage multilingual conversations effortlessly. Seamless handover between bot and agent along with configurable routing, group chat, video calling, real-time administration, and analytics allow for faster resolution, improved agent productivity, 24/7 availability.

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  • Talent Experience Management (TXM) - Phenom

    Phenom is a global HR technology company with a purpose to help a billion people find the right job. With an expertise in building AI-powered, scalable solutions, Phenom Talent Experience Management (TXM) personalizes and automates the talent journey for candidates, recruiters, employees and managers with its Career Site, Chatbot, CRM, CMS, SMS and Email Campaigns, University Recruiting, Internal Mobility, Career Pathing, Diversity & Inclusion, Talent Marketplace, Gigs, Referrals, Hiring Manager and Analytics.

    As a result, employers improve their talent acquisition and talent management efforts by helping candidates find the right job, employees grow and evolve, recruiters discover top talent, and managers build teams faster.

    Phenom is a two-time winner (2021 and 2022) of the Business Intelligence Group's Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards program for its sophisticated machine learning capabilities and was ranked among the fastest-growing private companies in the 2021 Inc. 5000. Headquartered in Greater Philadelphia, Phenom also has offices in India, Israel, the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom.

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    Replicant - Replicant AI

    Replicant has developed the most robust conversational artificial intelligence (AI) for contact center automation. With a central AI brain, Replicant’s Thinking Machine can have life-like conversations via the phone, SMS and chat, and is the first of its kind to power human-to-machine conversations at scale to resolve customer issues. This technology has achieved phenomenal results for customers already, including >96% accuracy to understand? customer issues, 90% resolution rates to resolve? customer issues faster and 55% higher satisfaction to? drive customer loyalty - all at 50% of the cost. Just as impressively, the Thinking Machine can be implemented fast and scale quickly within weeks.


    This couldn’t come at a more crucial time. As contact centers are struggling with agent shortages (due to the “Great Resignation,” pandemic-related illness and workers’ widespread desire for more meaningful work), companies are also being hit with wage inflation and customers are suffering from even worse customer service as a result. In addition, supply chain problems, weather catastrophes and more have further contributed to the labor shortage, leaving brands in truly dire straits. 


    Replicant offers a way out from these challenges by providing always-on support to resolve customer issues quickly and naturally across channels using conversational AI. Like agents, Replicant can speak with customers in a natural tone, answer questions without delay and resolve customer issues. All of this helps to eliminate wait times, manage unpredictable call volumes and give agents time back to resolve high empathy cases.


    The Replicant Thinking Machine is incredibly advanced, unlike any other solution on the market. First, it understands complex and colloquial speech patterns like slang, accents and technical terms, giving it the ability to resolve “tier one” customer issues quickly no matter who is contacting customer support. It scales with customers and can handle millions of customer interactions within weeks.


    Second, the AI is sophisticated enough to recognize when additional creativity or empathy is needed, escalating those calls and automatically creating CRM tickets. By giving agents detailed call summaries, customers never have to repeat themselves or waste time. Thanks to this technology, Replicant customers have experienced, on average, a 50% reduction in handling times, 70% reduction in hold times, 50% reduction in call escalations for common calls and doubled call center capacity. 


    Replicant has invested heavily in product development, shaping its AI to meet consumers’ ever-evolving needs. As an example, self-service is incredibly important to consumers, but most providers offer this online, via knowledge base articles or FAQs. With Replicant, customers can get to the information they want quickly, without waiting on hold, while still receiving empathetic responses and tailored messages that create a better overall experience.


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