Best Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Recognizes the Best CDP marketer-managed system that offers a persistent, unified customer database that is accessible to other systems. The winning CDP should create a comprehensive view of each customer by capturing data from multiple systems, linking information related to the same customer, and storing the information to track behavior over time. The CDP contains personal identifiers used to target marketing messages and track individual-level marketing results, offering marketing teams relevant insights needed to run marketing campaigns.

BlueConic Customer Data Platform - BlueConic

BlueConic is the leading pure-play customer data platform that liberates companies’ first-party data from disparate systems and makes it accessible wherever and whenever it is required to transform customer relationships and drive business growth.

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  • Omeda's Customer Data Platform (CDP) - Omeda

    Omeda’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) provides an all-in-one data and marketing technology solution, strategically built for professional content creators. Omeda's CDP combines disparate data from online and offline sources to provide a 360 degree, single view of the customer in a fully managed and governed database. By combining contact, product, demographic, behavioral, and contextual data points into a single record, Omeda's clients create actionable segments that connect to a variety of activation channels including email, social, display, and on-site targeting. Omeda's CDP uses a unique, persistent customer ID that combines products and behaviors as well as multiple email addresses, mailing addresses, and browser cookies into a single ID. As the third-party cookie landscape evolves and companies embrace owning their first-party data, these rich behavioral profiles connected to various activation channels is a unique and powerful asset. While other CDPs are designed to provide a simple point solution strategy, Omeda’s CDP demonstrates the overarching audience orchestration. Omeda understands that audiences engage with brands and content on multiple channels whether that be print, email, web, mobile, or events. Omeda’s CDP helps to increase audience insights and drive revenue through 3 key strategies: • Providing marketing activation channels to convert unknown visitors to known visitors, drive new name efforts, cross-promote other products, and re-engage lost users. Omeda provides a sophisticated canvas to build multi-channel efforts through email, content metering, and on-site targeting as well as through third-party integrations including Facebook, AdRoll, and Google Ad Manager. • Capturing website behavior using the taxonomy of your CMS—includes page visits, IP information, any other behaviors or attributes you wish to track. •.Integrating rich behavioral data in real-time. The rich behavioral data is automatically integrated with your audience database, enhancing their profile and giving you a true 360-degree, multi-channel view of your customer. A truly effective CDP must be both robust and flexible to handle the multitude of data entering the platform in order to have a real impact. Omeda’s CDP has both, and provides a powerful, all-in-one solution built to drive audience engagement, convert subscriptions, and convert known website users. By simplifying the MarTech stack, Omeda's clients are best equipped to grow, activate, and monetize their audience.

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  • Treasure Data Enterprise CDP for Marketing, Sales, and Service - Treasure Data

    Treasure Data connects all of a company's customer-related data into one AI-enabled platform, busting down data silos to create unified customer profiles of each and every customer. This data allows the marketing, sales, service, and even product design and supply-chain teams deliver profitable, purposeful customer engagements that make every customer feel like a company's most valued customer, all while protecting and administering privacy controls that can be different for every country or region. Treasure Data is trusted by leading companies around the world, including consumer products companies such as AB InBev and Lion Corp.; auto companies such as Subaru Suzuki, and Isuzu; game giants such as Survios; retailers such as Muji and PARCO; and financial firms such as Credit Saison. Treasure Data customers span the Fortune 500 and Global 2000 enterprises. As a result, we've won numerous awards and accolades, including a 2020 CODiE for Best Marketing Solution. Treasure Data CDP was originally designed for marketers who want to acquire new customers, orchestrate stellar customer experiences, target advertising more effectively, and gain insights about customer behavior. But with the release of special-feature offerings for support, service, and sales, Treasure Data Enterprise CDP is now fulfilling its mission of helping companies "run on customer data." Our customers are using our SaaS-based offerings for everything from quick-reorder to provide what customers want, when they want it, to product design that better meets customer needs, to contact centers that can offer better recommendations and service, to sales departments that can use better customer understanding to match the right offerings to the right customers, every time. We have many customers who share this data silo-busting vision, and who are using our platform as a company-wide digital transformation tool that is easy to use for people in many departments and functions, enabling better cross-departmental collaboration in their efforts to give customers what exactly what they want, increasing customer lifetime value and engendering, in many cases, fanatical customer loyalty.

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