Best Customer Service Solution

Recognizes the best tool, platform, or service that helps businesses enhance their customer service and support. Includes help-desk services, live chat, social media tools, technology enabled service providers, etc. Note that it is helpful to provide solution access to the judges during the review period for this category.

WorkBlaze - HCL Technologies

Challenges that IT faces today in End User Computing: • No monitoring of End User Devices from performance and UX perspective • IT support for end users are usually reactive than proactive • Customer Satisfaction Index [CSAT] often fails to capture the true representation of end user perception of IT • Difficulty in identifying adoption of specific services within a specific community • Inability to accurately measure utilization of technology & Inability to directly measure the user experience on Cloud on a real time basis HCL Workblaze breaks the vicious cycle in which the IT teams are trapped by providing the real-time analytics, contextual employee feedback and automated remediation that organization needs to progress from reactive problem solving to continuous, proactive improvement. HCL WorkBlaze is an digital experience management solution that measures, manages & improves the digital employee experience in real-time. It continuously monitors business activity metrics, key performance metrics, configurations and run-time attributes across a broad spectrum of devices in the workplace landscape from the end user perspective These metrics that are collected in real-time, are centrally stored & retained, and powerful analytics solutions are used to mine actionable insights. By correlating technical performance & employee sentiment, organizations can see the true experience of their estate. It becomes the central experience hub with real-time,actionable insights into every employee – across devices, applications, operating systems, locations and organizational units that help organizations. HCL Workblaze binds the technical capability with tightly knitted processes and setup a dedicated “User Experiecne Office”(UEO) for every customer to transform their workplace from Reactive to Proactive. Advantges: • Quantify Digital Experience Score : By uniquely combining technical metrics with employee sentiment data, the Digital Experience Score gives organizations contextual visibility over the key drivers of employees’croutine digital experiences. • Proactively digital experience: By applying powerful correlations & analytics to detailed event data, Workblaze helps you pinpoint the issue, the root cause, who it’s affecting & how to solve it. It has out of the box automation scripts that remediate issues before they gets widespread in the the environment. • Enhanced Engagement : With hyper-targeted employee engagement, workblaze can efficiently gather and correlate sentiment with technical data to discover unreported issues & measure overall experience. Workblaze also makes it easy to broadcast messages quickly to large groups & guide employees to solve issues themselves.

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  • Service Hub - Hubspot

    Eighty-eight percent of customer service professionals agree that customers have higher expectations than in the past, leaving already understaffed customer service teams under pressure. Because acquiring new customers is between 5 and 25 times more expensive than retaining existing ones, this can result in lost revenue and profitability for companies.  


    Service Hub, a customer service software, recognizes this risk and solves for it by helping drive team efficiency, connecting to the front office, and deepening customer relationships by prioritizing the customer experience with an easy and connected platform that delivers authentic service when customers need it most.

    Service Hub helps customer service teams track and transform feedback insights into actionable customer journey improvements, while customizable tools and views help drive team efficiency. Too often, customers are met with generic service experiences that take too long and fail to directly solve their unique problem. With features such as mobile inboxing, service level agreements, customer portal, custom surveys, channel switching and more, Service Hub helps companies find a better way to handle all requests and build customer trust. Those once generic customer service experiences that leave customers feeling unhappy and unheard are replaced with authentic, customer-first experiences that address each customer’s distinct needs through customized service solutions that directly resolve the issue. 


    Because Service Hub is part of HubSpot’s CRM platform, all of an organization’s customer service data and channels is stored together in one place, so teams can efficiently onboard, support, retain, and grow their customer base. The result is better customer service management and happier customers at every stage of their journey.

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  • LivePerson's Conversational Cloud - LivePerson, Inc.

    LivePerson’s Conversational Cloud makes it easy for consumers to ask questions and make purchases in the messaging channels they use every day. In 2021, the platform was significantly upgraded with AI-powered enhancements for customer care, marketing, and sales, as well as key integrations and partnerships that reinvent what brand-to-consumer messaging can do for people on both sides of the conversation. The Conversational Cloud empowers brands to leverage both Conversational AI and human experts to instantly respond to messages, answer questions, sell products, and route as needed. It provides the personalized, high-touch experiences consumers demand on the channels they love using, like SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and iMessage, plus brand websites and apps. The platform is powered by over 20 years of conversation data accumulated helping the world’s largest brands message with consumers at scale. The system adds nearly one billion conversational interactions to its data set every single month. Unlike generalized AI data sets, LivePerson’s data is specifically made up of billions of conversations between brands and consumers. Additional major 2021 enhancements and integrations making the platform more powerful than ever included: - AI Annotator, a new tool automating conversations faster than ever before by empowering contact center agents to flag areas for improvement and suggest solutions in seconds. This crowdsourced feedback reduces time and effort to make fully functional bots to a fraction of what they were before. AI Annotator removes the need for time-consuming transcript analysis to identify false positives by enabling agents to flag bot misunderstanding for quick review and action to improve bot performance. - Meaningful Automated Conversation Score, the only way to measure conversations with bots from the customer's point of view. MACS produces a score for every conversation with an automation to measure the customer's response and level of effort they have to put in. In pinpointing which interactions fail, MACS makes it clear what bot-builders should do to improve conversations. - Conversational Marketplaces, integrating AI-powered messaging into marketplaces to make it easy for merchants to connect 1:1 with shoppers at scale. Conversational Marketplaces enhance brands’ digital experience, driving more revenue for the website and underlying businesses while satisfying more customers and resolving more inquiries, by enabling instant B2C connections over messaging, scaled with Conversational AI. - Integrations with Google, Medallia, Infosys and Adobe to use Conversational AI to help agents work more efficiently, bring surveys to Conversational AI, operationalize AI at huge enterprises, and further personalize AI experiences, respectively.

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