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Recognizes the platform that best enables organizations in developing, deploying, operating and managing a big data infrastructure/environment including deep analytics, AI and machine learning.

Explorium External Data Platform - Explorium

As analytics mature, machine learning and business intelligence are becoming commoditized, access to the right data is the biggest differentiating factor. Enterprises struggle with finding the right data, sometimes not knowing what to look for. Negotiating and procuring data is complex and time-consuming and once they procure data, preparation, matching and integration slows time-to-value. Explorium is the first SaaS solution that both connects organizations with all relevant external (third-party) data within the same platform, and guides them to the data they need to make better predictions. It validates data, checks it for regulatory compliance and distills into thousands of signals in categories including company data (e.g. financials), people data (e.g.interests), geospatial data (e.g. demographics) and real-time data (e.g. weather indicators). Explorium data enables businesses to create hyper customized audiences by combining the industry’s richest business and person data. Businesses can search Explorium’s data by industry, business type and geography to generate a customized list to reach a desired audience. Access to external data has become increasingly important and challenging, but it’s also a differentiator for businesses. Organizations typically sort through hundreds of datasets, without knowing their relevance and value until the models are in production. This months-long process is costly and disconnected from analytical programs. Enterprises looking to enter a new market or territory, find suppliers or competitors, can now quickly identify their audiences. Data science teams that constantly need to refresh or build new models can now intake data assets without the pain of procurement from multiple data providers or marketplaces. Explorium also helps companies to easily discover thousands of external data signals for enriching and expanding their internal data to better understand and target customers. Companies can refine their segmentation and define what they’re ideally looking for to increase the purchase of their products and services, while simultaneously meeting business needs. Next, the Explorium platform helps build predictions using an integrated machine learning engine. The end-to-end platform with external data signal augmentation through automated feature generation and selection allows for model building and its deployment reduces time to insight. Customers can use sophisticated ML capabilities to, for example, identify and direct high propensity leads to the sales for immediate processing. For customers, this means no more manual trial and error or wondering whether they have the best data for the job. With faster access to external data, organizations across fintech, insurance, consumer goods, retail and Hi-tech can increase revenue, streamline operations and reduce risks.

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  • Hazelcast Platform (v5.0) - Hazelcast

    Data is most valuable when it enables organizations to be smarter and faster in responding to customers’ needs and wants in real time. To do so, new technology is needed as companies cannot harness the amount of data being generated with legacy technologies. Sending data to a database for later analysis, or batch processing, is often too slow and too late. The new frontier for data processing is about harnessing the value of data in the moment that matters, often in real-time, and delivering an opportunity to a customer. Hazelcast, the real-time intelligent applications platform, is delivering on the next generation of real-time data insights with the Hazelcast Platform. The Hazelcast Platform, announced for general availability in August 2021, combines the capabilities of a real-time stream processing engine with in-memory computing to deliver a simplified architecture that is highly performant, scalable and reliable. Hazelcast is not merely about making things run faster, it’s about creating a competitive advantage and responding to all available business opportunities to “capture every value moment.” This innovative solution enables enterprises to unify event streams with the context of traditional data sources, such as databases and data lakes, to accelerate revenue growth, lower risk and drive cost efficiencies. The performance and reliability of the Hazelcast Platform provides: Ease of use: The Hazelcast Platform simplifies application development and maintenance. By executing transactional, analytical and operational workloads, it can act as a single data layer and access point for applications to call upon. Speed: Hazelcast achieved stream processing performance milestone of one billion events per second with 26-millisecond latency on 720 virtual CPUs (vCPUs) in a public cloud deployment. Scalability: As data explodes with applications moving to the cloud and the edge, the Hazelcast platform, along with partners like IBM and Intel, enable customers to count on their applications to process and compute data in real-time. Enhanced AI and ML Support: The performance benchmarking is particularly valuable for improved ML training and the decision making of an (AI) powered application. Advanced SQL Support: The platform’s SQL engine supports basic data manipulation language (DML) functionality and adds sorting, aggregations and new SQL expressions. Persistence: Hazelcast adds a disk-based persistence capability to enable greater uptime for any individual cluster member. Security: Fine-grain security controls manage and monitor streaming and data store jobs while receiving an upgraded user interface for simplified management of Hazelcast clusters.

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  • Data Navigation System (DNS) - Promethium

    Big News: Patent for Natural Language Processing based automation. Free edition for data engineers and analysts to build datasets and pipelines for analytics faster. Plus build and run dbt models directly from Promethium. With Promethium the analytics workflow is cut from months to minutes. The data analytics workflow is broken. Today’s workflow requires many handoffs and the use of complex tools that are manual and slow. The broken workflow results in missed opportunities because data driven decisions are delayed. It’s unsustainable and can’t scale to keep up with fast growing volumes of data distributed across technologies and locations. With more consumers demanding data, but for every 1,000 data consumers, there is only one person with the necessary data skills to support them. Promethium's Data Navigation System™ (DNS) solves the problem with an all-in-one no-code data analytics workflow automation and collaboration solution that boosts productivity for data engineers, data analysts and the people who need to get answers from data to make decisions and drive outcomes. With patented Natural Language Processing (NLP) based automation, getting answers from data is as simple as asking a question in natural language. Intelligent automation discovers the data, auto-generates the query and automatically creates visualizations and a written summary of the answer (Natural Language Generation). Unlike other solutions that claim the same capability, with Promethium data does not need to be moved to a proprietary central repository, data doesn’t need to be pre-prepared or pre-modeled, and queries don’t need to be written first. This is the first truly ad-hoc NLP solution that makes it fast and easy for anyone to get answers from data in real time - no matter the skill level. Summary for Data Engineers and Data Analysts: -Easy data integration - data is queried where it lives and doesn’t need to be moved or copied. 200+ system connections -Fast data discovery - search enterprise wide data from one location. Includes business semantic layer to make data meaningful (tags, annotations) -Automated data prep - Patented technology, plus intelligent recommendations -No manual coding - Build, test, publish in browser without writing code or SQL -No-code data pipelines - Build and schedule data pipelines that either run virtually or against a database, data warehouse or data lake -Secure share - Share datasets, reports and dashboards with security to ensure data is only seen by the people who should see it (Role Based Access Control, Attribute Based Access Control, Privacy Controls) -Analytics Automation - Natural Language Generation to automatically interpret results in writing. Automatic report and dashboard generation. Summary for Non-Technical Users: -Enterprise search -Self Service Analytics -Collaboration, including peer review, request tracking, comments and chat -BI tool embedding and integration

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