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Honors the solution that best stores, organizes, and distributes digital assets and rich media files in a central location. Assets may include photos, creative files, video, audio, presentations, documents, data and more.

Acquia DAM (formerly the Widen Collective®) - Acquia

To excel globally, brands must win locally. Customers want and expect relevant, personalized experiences across channels. Trying to meet these expectations often reveals an inconvenient truth: isolated technologies and content can’t support the digital interactions that drive business today. Acquia provides a flexible, agile, and best-in-class cloud DAM solution. It helps marketers, developers, and sellers simplify how content is created, organized, and delivered across channels and touchpoints. Acquia DAM empowers teams to find what they need, when they need it. Unlimited metadata schemas, categories, and custom user roles provide admins with tools to create effective search experiences. Users can save complex, multi-faceted searches to run again. Plus, AI makes images instantly searchable upon upload by auto tagging assets with keywords and supporting a visually similar search. Portals can be used to share a curated subset of assets with partners, sales channels, and teams. Each portal is a customizable, branded experience - with navigation, stylized headers, and columns - that doesn't require coding. Portals typically house templates, guidelines, color schemes, and key brand assets. Dynamic galleries within a portal automatically pull in assets from the DAM system based on criteria the user sets. Acquia DAM scales with growth across teams, brands, and content operations. The global infrastructure, load balancers, and microservices allow the product to scale automatically as burst usage occurs for uploads and downloads. The most assets stored in one site is currently 8.2M and the highest active user count is 78,548. The product quickly and easily integrates with other data sources via pre-built connectors and the API. Customers commonly integrate the DAM system with their CMS, PIM, and creative tools. The API enables users to “pick content” from the DAM system while working in the UI of another application. In the last quarter, the Acquia DAM API served up 75.2B API calls. There are multiple rights management capabilities, including EULA sign-offs, custom watermarks, and expiration dates that trigger an asset to be unavailable to download, share, or view. There are release, unreleased, expired, and archived settings that limit access by role; and region, channel, date, and licensing can be managed as metadata. Acquia DAM accelerates time to value for brands. Capable of completing the implementation in under three months, with most averaging 3-4. Plus, the system is easy to use for rapid adoption. Acquia DAM is the G2 Enterprise leader based on 400+ user reviews. Acquia offers the most complete DAM solution in the market, available standalone or as a part of the Acquia Digital Experience Platform (DXP). We don't force customers to choose between marketing usability and system interoperability. It’s a proven solution with 95% logo retention, an NPS of 45, and a 72% win rate when buyers try a proof of concept site.

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  • Imagen Pro - Imagen

    As global online content consumption doubled in 2020, the need for robust content management moves from low priority to mission-critical. ( The pandemic hasn�t only changed the way we use and consume content, it�s changed the way we work. Now we wake up in the morning, sit in our home office and rely on our personal internet connection to get a good day�s work done. Logging onto a server to find and download content can be a cumbersome task. Never has the need to store, access, and repurpose content to meet the changings requirements of both internal stakeholders, and consumers been more prevalent. Imagen is the solution for this, offering the most intuitive media management platform that empowers organizations to easily store, manage and activate assets. Turning previously manual and time-consuming tasks like access rights and distribution workflows into seamless automation. Imagen�s customizable platform is tailored to customer�s unique needs, allowing for quick, secure, and controlled access to content. Imagen�s customers include sports organizations, media companies and enterprises � who store large volumes of rich-media content in the cloud enabling their library to flex as needs grow. Using powerful search and meta-tagging features allow users to locate content more quickly than traditional media platforms. Imagen connects all stakeholders with the content they need through easy downloads, live streaming, and social and link sharing capabilities. All while gathering analytics so users can efficiently plan and optimize their content strategies. Imagen enables organizations to realize and leverage the full potential of their rich-media assets, increasing audience engagement and ensuring maximum return on investment.

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