Best Emerging Technology

Recognizes the best emerging technology product, tool or solution that is solving a big problem, changing the status quo and opening up new opportunities. Products must be less than three years old or have put out a new version that includes new technology that is disruptive and/ or relatively underdeveloped in potential.

CO2 AI by BCG - Boston Consulting Group

CO2 AI by BCG is an end-to-end, AI-powered disruptive solution that corporations from all industries can deploy immediately to quantify emissions—and find solutions to reduce them at scale. The solution enables exhaustive, accurate, and frequent quantification of emissions, including CO2e, water usage, waste, air pollution and other factors along a company’s full value chain. CO2 AI provides transparency and actionable recommendations to reduce a company’s environmental footprint. It covers all three scopes of emissions and is compliant with emission and accounting standards including GHG Protocol.

Built on the world’s smartest and most comprehensive sustainability database—enriched with proprietary algorithms and machine-learning models, — CO2 AI is not just a scalable web app for the sustainability team. It empowers strategic and operational decision making across an entire business, from product design to procurement to production to distribution.

CO2 AI has been successfully deployed in companies from multiple industries, including Customer Packaged Goods, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Industrial Goods, among others. By helping companies accurately measure emissions, develop and perform multiple emission-reduction simulations, and optimize operations throughout the supply chain, CO2 AI quickly enabled significant CO2 reductions—and unlocked massive value:


  • Up to 30-40% CO2 emissions reduction
  • 30-50% baselining adjustment verses traditional methods
  • 50% Gap-to-target reduction through initiatives
  • Significant costs savings, for example, a 1% cost reduction with a 10% direct cut in carbon emissions was achieved by a steelmaker through process optimization
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    ComPaaS - Corent Technology, Inc.

    ComPaaS delivers an application-aware, cloud-agnostic management and continuous optimization experience for MSPs and corporate IT departments. ComPaaS enables admins to manage and optimize cloud-deployed applications at scale, continuously. ComPaaS delivers an application-aware, cloud-agnostic management and continuous optimization experience for MSPs and corporate IT departments that saves an average of 30% of monthly cloud spend. Optimize Cloud Resources A full repertoire of Cloud capabilities to advise and materialize infrastructure optimization for your customers. Utilize Cloud resources effectively for your customers and reduce their Cloud footprint by reclaiming unused resources and avoid unnecessary costs. Multidimensional Visualization of Cloud For the first time in the industry, debug the Cloud for your customers using multidimensional Cloud resources visualization. Visualize how the resources are maintained on Cloud for better understanding and take necessary decisions Continuous Modernization of Application Infrastructure Advise your customers on latest modernization techniques (PaaS, Containers, etc.). Provide your customers with an opportunity to modernize their application workloads by replacing them with PaaS services and Containers which offer greater flexibility and scalability to their applications while reducing maintenance cost and effort. Detailed Analysis of Your Application's DNA Use our Automatic Blueprint creation to identify the DNA of your customer applications. Re-architect and redeploy your customer application based on the performance trends. Identify similar instances of your customers' application workloads and consolidate them to save cost. Unified Dashboard for effective Cloud monitoring ComPaaS provides a collective dashboard for all your customers and statistics about their usage of your services.

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  • Dasera - Dasera

    Winner of over 13 awards, Dasera helps organizations operationalize their data governance programs. Dasera continually monitors context and policy among all Data Governance stakeholders in an organization, including Security, Compliance, Privacy, and Data Owners, automating the integration of security and compliance at every phase of the data lifecycle. Named among the 10 Hottest Cloud Security Startups of 2021 by CRN, Dasera was co-founded by serial entrepreneurs and security veterans Ani Chaudhuri, Noah Johnson, and David McCaw and is backed by Sierra Ventures, One Way Ventures, Saama Capital, Sand Hill Angels, and others.


    Dasera is pioneering the DataGovOps category. The Dasera platform continually monitors context from the infrastructure, the data, the users, and every interaction with data and automatically enforces data preservation, security, compliance, privacy, and data management policies across the data lifecycle. Dasera identifies risks at the earliest stage possible, integrates the feedback into the workflows you use today, and improves collaboration across Security, Compliance, Privacy, and Data teams. Unlike time-consuming and sporadic audits, Dasera is “always-on”, saves time, mitigates risk, and ensures security and compliance continuously. If you want to govern data continuously, automatically, and at cloud-scale, you need a DataGovOps solution. You need Dasera.

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    Honeywell Forge - Honeywell

    Honeywell Forge accelerates digital transformation in complex, capital intensive industries. Forge connects assets, people, and processes to deliver a system of record that is revolutionizing operations and supply chains. It is helping to improve product quality and save patient lives in life sciences. It is connecting buildings, ensuring greater efficiencies, and enhancing the occupant experience in commercial real estate. It is better managing resources, introducing new efficiencies, and reducing waste in warehouses and the supply chain. It is improving workplace safety, decarbonizing operations, and increasing profit in industrial operations. It is modernizing the passenger experience, revolutionizing flight operations, and delivering on sustainability goals in aerospace. It is also helping to manage new risk, such as ensuring vaccine compliance. Honeywell’s flagship digital transformation product, Forge is enabling a new era of intelligent operations. Forge includes a mix of software and enabling services that help companies use operational data to drive insights that improve processes, enhance productivity, support sustainability, and empower workers. It is helping to better connect, automate, measure, analyze, simplify, and transform complex operations and supply chains, often for the first time. Forge allows the operational technology side of the business to overcome the challenges of digital transformation and deliver business value. Through its shared SaaS architecture and purpose-built software that leverages advancements in AI, Machine Learning and IoT, Forge puts the power of reliable data in the hands of the people who need it by connecting disparate systems, eliminating data siloes and automating manual processes. The results include greater workforce productivity, improved decision making, lowered costs, enhanced performance, an ability to meet rising expectations for safety, compliance, and ESG, and ultimately, a better user experience. Forge is the first industrial-grade software system that mimics real-world behaviors and relationships across assets and acts as a foundation for Honeywell’s AI/ML algorithms to intelligently automate end-to-end processes. Its SaaS architecture allows for accelerated deployments at scale. A business-grade, plug-and-play tool leverages cloud technologies to auto-detect assets and improve the reliability of the data without the need for capital investment. A flexible system of record enables visibility into data silos and critical downstream applications. A horizontal suite of applications solve for common business problems, like process control, energy optimization and asset performance. Analytics give 360-degree views of operations and a framework companies can customize without the need for software development. A scalable software architecture allows for easy enhancements to meet specific business needs and allows for seamless integration with other industry-standard platforms.

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  • MobyMax - Best Emerging Technology - MobyMax

    MobyMax offers the only complete and comprehensive K-8 curriculum for 27 subjects, including math, reading, phonics, language, vocabulary, spelling, writing, science, social studies, and state test prep. MobyMax saves teachers precious hours by finding and fixing students� missing skills from prior grades. MobyMax�s full suite of integrated and automated classroom tools include comprehensive assessments, grading and markup tools for writing, accurate diagnostics, IEP reporting, messaging, and real-time progress monitoring. Teachers are seeing unprecedented student growth, thanks to MobyMax�s built-in incentives, such as badges and contests, which encourage students to use the program at home. The interactive curriculum personalizes learning, allowing educators to combine face-to-face education with online learning and resulting in remarkable gains. MobyMax encompasses 27 subjects, assessments, and practice modules, along with the most motivating classroom rewards program on the market. In 2019, MobyMax launched Fluency Team Games and Fluency Board Games, taking the Moby experience to a new level. Fluency Games allow students to practice and learn in a hyper competitive, fast-paced environment as they rack up coins, points, and bragging rights. This unique offering makes MobyMax the most motivating education solution available. MobyMax also makes administrators� lives a breeze, enabling them to view diagnostic results, data from ongoing practice, and continuous assessments for all subjects, all in one place. The Suite continues to evolve, releasing new components and features that administrators need but can�t get anywhere else. MobyMax's assessment package streamlines and improves day-to-day teaching by pinpointing missing skills with quick formative assessments, deep summative assessments, and diagnostic placement tests. Moby Assessments allow teachers to quickly check for understanding and minimizes the time it takes to create and grade tests and quizzes. Moby Assessments modules works as the perfect complement to Moby�s flagship Learning system. As teachers pinpoint student learning gaps, they can assign remediation in those areas using the MobyMax curriculum. With the touch of a button, students are in a constant cycle of assessment and targeted learning. Built-in incentives, such as badges and contests, encourage students to use the program at home, which helps make MobyMax�s language arts solution a win-win for students and teachers alike. MobyMax was the most awarded EdTech company in 2021, racking up 57 industry awards including the 2020 SIIA CODiE awards for Best Cross-Curricular Tool, Best Foundational Science Instructional Solution, and Best Enterprise Learning Solution. In 2020, MobyMax earned the CODiE award for Best Use of Emerging Technology for Learning in Education. MobyMax is used in more than 82% of all K-8 schools in the United States, with over 28 million students registered by teachers.

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    Planful Predict - Planful

    TestHaving accurate financial data – and the ability to quickly consume it – is key to keeping companies, and specifically financial planning & analysis (FP&A) teams, prepared for unforeseen change. The obstacles that come with financial data include manual human error and budget padding, which can cause massive problems in credibility and stock performance, and misrepresenting the company’s financial health. Planful Predict, launched in June 2021, is a suite of AI-driven solutions intended to solve those challenges. Planful Predict currently offers two solutions in its portfolio, Planful Predict: Signals and Planful Predict: Projections. Both tools modernize traditional workflows, reshaping the current methods finance and accounting professionals use in three significant ways: ~ It operates as a high-powered digital assistant that works 24/7 to detect anomalies in data, identifying numbers that need further investigation by FP&A teams with speed and at a scale that humans cannot match. ~ It complements the work of skilled planners and analysts, enhancing their capabilities and freeing them from manual review duties so they can tackle higher-value work to drive better decision-making across the organization. ~ It doesn’t require third-party AI since AI/ML functionality is embedded in the application, which speeds operation, significantly enhances the user experience and eliminates security concerns. Planful Predict: Signals, made available in June 2021, helps solve common FP&A pain points by giving users the ability to detect anomalies in their financial data automatically and at a granular level. The solution gives users the ability to derive insights quickly and efficiently, and validate scenarios more accurately than ever. Predict: Signals, is one of the first solutions of its kind that leverages AI/ML technology to dramatically improve the accuracy of financial reports and plans thus, eliminating the need for detailed and lengthy manual reviews. Predict: Projections, launched in Predict: Signals in September 2021 as the second application in the Planful Predict portfolio, enables the rapid consumption of data, facilitating quicker and more informed judgment calls. It accurately identifies and processes millions of data points, making it suitable for even the most complex planning scenarios. Users, from novice to expert, will be able to auto-generate scenarios or values with confidence, removing up to thousands of hours of manual planning time per year. Predict: Projections learns from each planning cycle, sharpening its recommendations over time to give users confidence that they are building accurate financial plans and forecasts quickly. At its core, Planful Predict checks for errors, identifies patterns, and augments efforts with intelligent forecast recommendations using a native artificial intelligence engine.

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  • CARA - StrikeReady

    StrikeReady offers a SaaS product that empowers security analyst(s) with real-time institutional knowledge and worldwide experiences of security analyst for better decision-making and response as they combat threats and transforms their SOC to be leaner, efficient and mature. 1. Cybersecurity Skill Gap: Majority of the security teams struggle with the deep understanding of every cybersecurity vendor's product’s granular capabilities, its strengths and its weaknesses. The excessive tools and massively overlapping features further compound the problem. In addition, the adversary always finds a new way to attack and only post-attack the new technique, tactic or methodology is discovered. 2. Cyber Fatigue – Security practitioners continue to experience burnout as they are bombarded with alerts. They get fatigued over time and occasionally run the risk of missing out on the most critical alerts. The majority of the security leaders struggle to fill open cybersecurity positions, and even if they do, they tend to experience a massive churn due to analyst burnout. 3. Collaboration and Remote Work – Organization tend to have various teams within the cybersecurity department such as SOC team, DFIR team, and others. These are often siloed and there is a lack of free flow of information among themselves, forget about best practices and other information between institutions.

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