Best Financial & Market Data Solution

Recognizes the Best Financial & Market Data Solution designed for professionals in the financial and capital markets industries. Nominees may submit solutions that provide financial, market data and related information for market practitioners. Includes real-time data services, reference data solutions, or historical data, financial news services, market analysis & research, credit services, capital markets, commodities & energy, foreign exchange, fixed income and/or merger and acquisition information.

Application Compliance Manager - Calero-MDSL

For many financial firms, the management of market data application compliance is a time consuming, ad hoc, manual process which requires a lot of work, particularly to match application usage to the data license inventory. Application Compliance Manager (ACM) is a module in the Calero-MDSL product suite which integrates with Market Data Manager (MDM) to bring efficiency to the issuance, completion and management of market data compliance surveys. The purpose of these is to identify non-compliant market data licensing situations such as Non-Display and Derived Data misuse. Calero-MDSL have a standard set of customizable questionnaires which can be emailed out, in bulk if necessary, to nominated application owners. These questionnaires can be fully configured by the admin user through a drag and drop functionality, allowing necessary changes to be completed quickly. The owners simply follow email links to the surveys that feature questions driven by the firm’s inventory data (for example, vendor names, services, users, install locations, business lines etc.). Application owners can attach supporting files and can pass the questionnaires onto other stakeholders if needed. Once completed, submission of the questionnaire passes it to a designated Administrator for review. The usage can then be viewed with the license information in MDM. Reissuing of the questionnaires can be scheduled for annual reviews to ensure future compliance. ACM features customizable reporting models and web dashboards allowing firms to create reports to assist with compliance management and to prepare for vendor audits. Reporting on the responses allows firms to identify risks and visualise the relationships between applications and data lineage.

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  • Optimize Spend - TRG Screen

    Through a phased program we have started to integrate TRG Screen’s suite of enhanced market data management products into a single, best-of-breed platform, named Optimize. This year we released a major component of the Optimize platform – Optimize Spend (OS), that brings together our market leading market data inventory products – FITS & INFOmatch – with major functionality enhancements to provide a best-of-breed market data management solution. Many financial firms – large & small – struggle to understand and control the contracts, billing & expenses for their market data (and other information service subscriptions) – OS solves this problem.

    OS transforms the way firms manage their spend on market data, with an emphasis on cost cutting, process efficiency and compliance. OS tracks, organizes, calculates and provides advanced reporting on all vendors, contracts, products and users to maximize every dollar spent. OS provides streamlined inventory management, complete transparency and visibility of inventory and costs, easy identification of cost reduction opportunities, data integrity and consistency, improved vendor and exchange compliance and precise financial reporting and budgeting.

    The Optimize platform is a game changer for the industry. With Optimize, TRG will be the only vendor offering market data spend, usage, compliance and enquiry products from one provider as an integrated offering.

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